Mobile Legends Hero Tier List: What to Pick (From S to C)

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Mobile Legends Hero Tier List: What to Pick (From S to C)

Wondering which hero to spam to climb up to the fabled mythic rank? Take a look at our complete Mobile Legends hero tier list

With the advent of the new year 2024, we stepped into a new season in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. The game’s popularity, since its release in 2016, has been rising steadily. Now, in season 31, the player base in the game is at its peak.

Each of the heroes in Mobile Legends is unique with their own special abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. While all heroes have their own playstyle and strengths, there are some that are just better in the current meta.

Of course, team strategy and draft can often make even the weak heroes in the meta look strong. But for a solo player, relying on your team to back you up when you pick a nerfed hero isn’t really a bright idea. Chances are, you’ll end up with a loss most of the time.

If you plan on climbing the leaderboards and playing at the top level, you need to understand which heroes are dominating the meta right now. So here’s our tier list of the best heroes to pick in the meta for each lane in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Hero Tier List For Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a MOBA title that draws many inspiration from other games like Dota 2 and League of Legends. The lanes in this game can be split into five categories: EXP Lane, Gold Lane, Jungler, Mid Lane, and Roamer.

Now, each of these roles is drastically different, and the heroes that are strong for each lane depend on how well they adjust to their lane requirements. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from picking up any hero to play any role.

However, your impact over the game won’t be as much unless your hero is suited to your lane and your playstyle.

So let’s break it down into separate sections and dig deep into each of them to find out which heroes are best for each role:

Hero Tier List for EXP Lane

EXP lane in Mobile Legends, as the name suggests, offers more experience to the hero for minion kills. This lane is at the top part of the map, and one hero for each team usually comes to the lane in the EXP lane.

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Heroes that go to the EXP lane are usually beefy and tanky and can soak up any damage that the enemy throws at them. In addition, these heroes also have some form of CC abilities to control the battlefield during team fights.

Mobile Legends Hero Tier List: What to Pick (From S to C)

Terizla, Guinevere, Arlott, Balmond, and Barats are the best choices for EXP lanes in Season 31. These heroes are racking up wins quickly and should help you climb the ladder regardless of your skill level.

Hero Tier List for Gold Lane

While EXP Lane gives more experience, Gold Lane offers more gold for each minion kill. A Marksman (this game’s version of Carry), and a Roamer support from each team usually lane here. However, the Marksman is the main hero of this lane who farms the minions and tries to kill the opponent heroes.

This lane is located at the bottom part of the map. The best heroes for the Gold lane are those who can dish out a lot of damage late-game with the right items. Heroes who can convert their gold into damaged items and take objectives quickly are better for this lane.

Mobile Legends Hero Tier List: What to Pick (From S to C)

Despite having a rocky history in the game, Bruno is performing amazingly in the current meta of Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Heroes like Kimmy, Layla, and Miya are great for lower ranks since they are easy to play, but as you go higher up from Epic rank, their effectiveness takes a big hit.

Hero Tier List for the Jungle

Jungle isn’t really a lane but rather the space between the three main lanes. There are four main jungles in the map filled with neutral minions that drop different buffs when killed. The job of the Jungler in Mobile Legends is to farm these minions, get gold and experience, and gank the other lanes whenever the chance arrives.

Typically, this role is best suited for Assassin heroes who have some form of mobility and control along with a huge potential for damage. These heroes come online fast but can fall off if they don’t make good of their early-game damage potential.

Mobile Legends Hero Tier List: What to Pick (From S to C)

There are plenty of amazing Jungler heroes that are strong in the meta. And some of these heroes are also great for other lanes. For example, Fredrinn, a top Jungler in the meta, can also play in the EXP lane since he’s a tanky hero.

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Hero Tier List for Mid Lane

Mid lane is perhaps the most important lane in all MOBA games, whether you’re playing Dota 2, League of Legends, or Mobile Legends. This role is usually reserved for Mage type heroes who have a lot of ranged nuke potential and burst damage. Similar to the EXP lane, one hero from each team usually occupies the Mid lane.

As the name suggests, it’s the lane that’s drawn through the middle of the map. This lane is vulnerable to getting ganked from all sides, but a Mid lane hero can also easily navigate to other lanes to gank when he feels like it.

Mobile Legends Hero Tier List: What to Pick (From S to C)

Aurora, the one-shot wonder, had always been a popular hero for the Mid lane, at least for newer players. However, the new season hasn’t been kind to her, pushing her to the bottom of the tier list. Heroes like Novaria or Valentina simply offer a lot more to the overall match.

Hero Tier List for Roamer

The Roamer is the final role in the game, and it’s reserved for the support. Heroes in this role start in the Gold lane, helping out the Marksman and helping him farm up while keeping him safe. As the game progresses, he can rotate to mid to gank the enemy hero.

Roamers can be healers, tanks, or even offer good amounts of crowd control. Even though it’s called Roamer, not all supports can roam the map as efficiently. However, those that can’t roam usually have better lane presence and control.

Mobile Legends Hero Tier List: What to Pick (From S to C)

For Roamer heroes, the current meta is pretty open, with lots of good options to pick. On the one side, tanky Supports like Atlas are great at ganking different lanes and securing an advantage for their team. On the other hand, healing Support groups like Estus are superb at keeping the Gold lane safe for their Marksmen.

The Bottom Line

For new players, Mobile Legends Bang Bang might feel a bit unforgiving at first. As you climb higher up the rank tiers, games only get harder since you’ll be matched with stronger opponents. But when you understand the heroes and know the meta, things become a lot more exciting.

Hopefully, our complete hero tier list can help you understand which heroes are strong right now. So make sure to learn these heroes so that you can climb up the rank and earn your place on the leaderboards! Good luck!

Mobile Legends Hero Tier List: What to Pick (From S to C)
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