How to Play Benedetta – Mobile Legends Hero Guide

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How to Play Benedetta – Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Check out our hero guide on how to play Benedetta, the Shadow Ranger, an Assassin hero with insane damage potential

Mobile Legends Bang Bang has a massive roster of fun and exciting heroes, with more coming out each season. The unique design of each of these heroes brings new dynamics to the game. This is what keeps the game feeling fresh and appealing for players, both new and old.

Benedetta, the Shadow Ranger, is the 100th hero to join the fray with a nice set of spells and abilities to go with it. Moonton gives her a difficulty rating of 8 out of 10, and frankly, she’s a bit complicated to learn.

But once you master this hero, you’ll add a powerful tool to your arsenal to help you climb ranks and dominate the ladder. So, how do you play Benedetta?

Welcome to our in-depth guide on the hero!

Benedetta, The Shadow Ranger – Overview

Benedetta is a Fighter/Assassin class hero who usually goes on the EXP Lane. In fact, we gave her an A ranking in our Hero Tier list as an EXP lane fighter. But if needed, she can also be a pretty amazing Jungler.

How to Play Benedetta - Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Credit: Mobile-Legends Fandom

With a pretty hefty HP pool of 2569, she is quite tanky right off the bat. Her HP growth per level is 163, and at the max level, her health goes up to 4851. With an HP regen of 6.6 at LVL 1, she can survive the EXP lane solo without too much trouble.

Her base attack damage is also decent at 113, giving her enough damage to trade hits or farm minions efficiently. All of her abilities scale with her for physical damage. Combined with her high base damage, these spells can decimate the enemy laner as soon as the game starts.

While her mana pool is a bit low at the start, with level, it scales pretty well. As she starts accumulating gold and finding items to compliment her playstyle, she quickly becomes a formidable force on the battlefield.

Benedetta has five other skins so far that have been released in the game in addition to her default skin.

How to Play Benedetta – Hero Guide

Benedetta has a versatile moveset that lets her build up insane damage within a short time. Like all Mobile Legends Heroes, Benedetta has two basic skills, a passive, and an ultimate ability that she unlocks at level 5.

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Let’s take a look at her abilities first:

Basic Ability 1 – Phantom Slash

How to Play Benedetta - Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Credit: Mobile-Legends Fandom

With Phantom Slash, Benedetta backsteps quickly, leaving a shadow of the hero in her place. After a small delay, the shadow slashes forward in a cone, dealing physical damage to anyone caught in the area. Enemies in the area are also slowed for half a second.

As the shadow slashes, Benedetta also dashes forward, dealing another instance of physical damage. If the enemies in the area were hit by a shadow before Benedetta dashed forward, the damage caused by Benedetta would double.

Each level you put into this ability will increase the physical damage of both the shadow and Benedetta while lowering the cooldown.

Basic Ability 2 – An Eye for An Eye

How to Play Benedetta - Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Credit: Mobile-Legends Fandom

Benedetta switches to a defensive stance by raising her sword. At this point, she is immune to control spells and will block damage from any source for 0.8 seconds. After a short delay, she lunges in the targeted direction, stabbing anyone in her path and dealing massive physical damage.

This ability has a parry mechanic, allowing her to save herself if she is caught in a tricky situation. It also pairs nicely with her passive ability and Phantom Slash, allowing her to reposition herself quickly in the fight.

Passive – Elapsed Daytime

How to Play Benedetta - Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Credit: Mobile-Legends Fandom

When you hold down the basic attack button with Benedetta, she will enter the Swordout state and will start gaining Sword Intent. You can see the Sword Intent bar underneath the HP bar of the hero.

As the Sword Intent bar fully charges, when you release the attack button, the hero does the ability Swordout Slash, slashing and dashing toward the direction she is facing. This ability does a decent chunk of physical damage to enemy heroes and minions. The damage is halved when hitting minions.

Benedetta also gains Sword Intent with her basic attack and skills. However, she can only use the Swordout Slash skill when the bar is fully charged.

Ultimate Ability – Alecto: Final Blow

How to Play Benedetta - Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Credit: Mobile-Legends Fandom

Once you reach level 5, you can unlock Benedetta’s ultimate ability “Alecto: Final Blow.” When you cast it, Benedetta clenches her sword for a moment and then slashes forward. The area she dashes over slows the enemies caught in the area and damages them for 2.5 seconds.

During the dash, Benedetta becomes immune to all sources of damage. This is her main team fight spell that lets her zone enemies and deal massive damage to them. Sword Intent damage is also boosted massively in the area.

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Play Style

How to Play Benedetta - Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Benedetta is a pretty versatile hero, offering a lot to the game regardless of how you play her. Before you start spamming the hero in ranked, we would recommend trying her out in training games. Her skills take a bit to get used to, so try out the spells and learn the timings of her Sword intent before using her in your competitive games.

As for her item builds, some players like going tanky with the hero. Others prefer going for sustain, building lifesteal, or spell vamp items with Benedetta. But in all situations, you want to go for a couple of physical damage items to buff up her skills. Remember, all of her skills scale with her physical damage.

Finally, for the laning phase, you can either go Jungle or lane solo in the EXP lane.

If you’re playing as a Jungler, make sure you rotate to your Mid lane periodically to get kills and offer assistance. Go for some damage items after a bit of lifesteal, as it will make your trips to the base less frequent.

In the EXP lane, your goal is to farm up your big items and help push down towers fast. Tanky items work better here since Benedetta has a decent bit of CrowdControl ability, which lets her control the battlefield if she can survive the initial burst.

Item Build

How to Play Benedetta - Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Benedetta only really needs two items to come online: Bloodlust Axe and Vampire Mallet.

These two items give her everything she needs to wreak havoc on the battlefield. Bloodlust Axe buffs up Benedetta's physical damage while giving her a decent bit of Cooldown Reduction and Spell Vamp.

On the other hand, Vampire Mallet in the early game offers some much-needed physical damage and lifestyle to the hero. It makes the laning stage of the game much easier for Benedetta.

Let's dance with blades!

Benedetta is not the easiest hero to learn in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. However, if mastered properly, it unlocks a whole new way for the player to experience the game. You’ll be slashing and stabbing your way to victory whether you go to the jungle or the EXP lane.

Hopefully, our hero guide on Benedetta can make the journey a bit easier, climb the rank tiers and make your mark on the leaderboard. Good luck!

How to Play Benedetta – Mobile Legends Hero Guide
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