How to Play Florynn, The Healer- Mobile Legends Hero Guide

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How to Play Florynn, The Healer- Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Here’s our guide on how to play Floryn, the Budding Hope, a support hero that can keep her team alive with her unparalleled healing abilities

Mobile Legends Bang Bang can be a pretty intimidating game for newcomers. Sure, the in-game tutorial gives you a rough idea of the basic concepts. But this being a MOBA, you learn most of the things that are important in the game through trial and error. 

In this game, there are more than a hundred heroes available for you to unlock and play. Each of these heroes is completely unique, with different playstyles, skill sets, and item requirements. Needless to say, it can quickly get overwhelming if you haven’t been playing the game for a while.

Floryn, the Budding Hope, is one such hero from the game’s roster that can be a bit difficult to learn. But with our in-depth guide on the hero discussing her abilities and items that she needs, things should certainly feel slightly easier.

With that said, let’s take a look at what Floryn is all about and how you can get the most out of her abilities. Here we go!

Floryn, The Budding Hope – Overview 

How to Play Florynn, The Healer- Mobile Legends Hero Guide
Credit: One Esports

Floryn is an A-tier Roamer hero in Mobile Legends Bang Bang who can offer amazing support in the game with her excellent healing and CC abilities. She is the 112th hero to join the roster and is played strictly in the Gold lane as a helping hand for the Marksmen. 

Her 2401 base HP at level 1 gives her decent health to trade hits with the enemy team, and with her high base HP regen and built-in healing abilities, she can always keep her Marksmen topped off. She also has a decent bit of CC abilities to punish the enemy if they go out of position or overextend during the laning phase.

Floryn has a pretty decent Mana pool. That, combined with an impressive base Mana regen, allows her to keep using her spells in the lane to harass and protect her laning partner. While she might feel a bit complicated to play at the start because of her unique abilities, she is pretty easy to master once you get the hang of it.

Your main goal as Floryn is not to deal damage but instead offer sustain and healing to your allies. With Floryn, it gets very hard for the team to feed kills since she will keep everyone at max health, even during intense team fights.

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As long as you build your emblems that give you some early gold and boost up your heal, you’re not going to have any climbing the rank tiers with this hero.

However, since she is a slow hero, with a base move speed of only 240 and no built-in escape ability, you need positional awareness while playing. Moving into odd positions will result in a certain death. 

Floryn has four skins so far in the game.

How to Play Floryn – Hero Guide

Floryn is a pretty straightforward hero to play. Here’s all you need to know to master her.

Passive – Dew

How to Play Floryn, The Healer- Mobile Legends Hero Guide
Credit: Mobile-Legends Wiki

Floryn’s passive ability, Dew, is her bread and butter. However, this is the ability that confuses most players.

Floryn gains a buff when she starts the game that keeps stacking the longer the game goes on. You can speed up the stacking by hitting enemies or using your spells. As the stack goes up, Floryn will start getting different attributes buff. Her spells also get buffed as the stack increases.

In addition to the Passive, she also gets a special ability, Share. When you start the game, you’ll have the option to choose one of your allied heroes. The ally that you choose will get the special item, “Flower of Hope,” that boosts different attributes without consuming any item slot. This item also gets buffed, offering better boosts based on the Dew stacks.

Basic Ability 1 – Sow

How to Play Floryn, The Healer- Mobile Legends Hero Guide
Credit: Mobile-Legends Wiki

Sow is a spammable ability that has a low cooldown and consumes little mana. It’s Floryn’s primary spell for all stages of the game.

Floryn fires a blob of energy at an enemy that deals magic damage. Upon hitting the enemy, healing blobs spawn that travel to Floryn and any other ally in range, regenerating their health. 

In the laning phase of the game, this ability lets Floryn and her ally trade hits with her enemy without worrying about their health dropping too low. The low cooldown of the spell and the regeneration it provides can boost lane sustain significantly. During team fights later on, a well-timed Sow can help your allies clutch the victory. 

Basic Ability 2 – Sprout

How to Play Floryn, The Healer- Mobile Legends Hero Guide
Credit: Mobile-Legends Wiki


Floryn’s second ability, Sprout, is a powerful crowd control tool that lets her dictate the team fight from the outskirts of the battlefield.

When cast in the designated direction, Floryn fires a projectile that travels until it hits an enemy or goes out of range. As soon as it connects to an enemy or travels to the maximum range, the blob explodes, stunning all enemies in a small AOE.

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This spell not only serves as a fantastic control tool, but it’s also Floryn’s primary damage source. Sprout has excellent scaling and, in a chaotic team fight, can be the decider between victory and defeat.

Ultimate Ability – Bloom

How to Play Floryn, The Healer- Mobile Legends Hero Guide
Credit: Mobile-Legends Wiki

Floryn’s ultimate ability, Bloom, is a global spell that heals all allies on the map regardless of her distance from them. Think – Chen from Dota 2 or Soroka from League of Legends. 

But what makes Floryn even more powerful is that Bloom also damages enemy heroes near your allies globally and slows them for a short duration. On top of that, Bloom has two separate instances of healing and damage. 

That means your allies get healed twice, enemies take damage twice, and they also get slowed two times. 

Play Style

How to Play Floryn, The Healer- Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Despite her amazing healing abilities, Floryn is not really a versatile hero. She is only good for a single role which is to serve as a healing/roaming support.

As for her spell combos, it’s always best to start with Sprout to stun multiple enemies in the team fight. Follow it up with Sow to heal yourself and all your allies nearby making it easier for them to chase them down.

You should also keep an eye on the map and communicate with your teammates so that they can let you know when you should cast your ultimate. Her strong global healing is one of her best traits, so make sure you utilize it properly.

Item Builds

How to Play Floryn, The Healer- Mobile Legends Hero Guide

As a support hero, Florynn doesn’t really need any item to come online. That being said, items that reduce spell cooldown are always good for a caster hero like her. 

She also lacks mobility which can make it difficult for her to get out of dangerous situations. So items that boost movement speed and increase mobility are always good on her.

For her boots, Tough Boots is the best one as it also restores her own HP. Oracle is another fantastic item for Floryn as it boosts HP and also reduces spell cooldowns.

Show them what you got, Dew!

Mobile Legends might not be the newest or oldest MOBA title of smartphone, but it’s certainly one of the more popular ones. But getting into it can feel a bit overwhelming. Of course, if you give yourself time and space to learn, you’ll slowly get the hang of it. 

With our hero guide on Floryn, you now can add a powerful support to your list of Mobile Legends heroes that you’ve mastered making that climb all the more easier. Good luck!

How to Play Florynn, The Healer- Mobile Legends Hero Guide
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