How To Play Duelist in Valorant (Tips + Tricks)

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How To Play Duelist in Valorant (Tips + Tricks)

How to play Duelist in Valorant is a common question among new players. So, let’s learn more about it.

Being a Duelist in Valorant is fun, and it is one of the most common positions in the game. Nevertheless, a lot of people make tons of mistakes while playing because they do not know what to focus on. Fortunately, we’ll use our experience to help you master the Duelist role in Valorant.

How To Play Duelist in Valorant 

Learning how to play Duelist in Valorant is an important step to success. Some of the best agents in the game are focusing on this role, so once you know the ins and outs, you can use them to win your games.
Duelists are usually their team’s carry, which means that they do tons of things. Agents like Jett can single-handedly kill the defense and can help their team win, granted they know how to play. So, once you are done with the Controller guide, keep reading this one to find out how to be a Duelist.

Having good mechanics is a must

Regardless of your preferred Valorant role, you need to have good mechanics to be successful. Duelists are definitely not an exception, and some people will say that they require even more mechanical skills.

When learning how to play Duelist in Valorant, you need to know how to aim properly, how to move and position, how to place your crosshair, use your abilities, and more.

Another thing that a lot of players do not focus on while playing with Duelists in Valorant is to take duels. We have a special guide showing you how to win duels in Valorant, and we suggest going for such plays all the time. Duelists are much stronger than the rest in a 1v1 fight, so use this to your advantage and try to bring down the enemy. Winning duels is no easy task and requires a lot of practice, but you will eventually learn what to do. This is where you will start to feel a big difference in your overall impact.

You always need to be creative

How To Play Duelist in Valorant
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One of the first things we need to discuss when it comes down to how to play Duelist in Valorant is that you need to be creative. In other words, you need to think of ways of having an impact on the game using your abilities, utilities, and more.  This sounds much easier than it is because you will need a lot of experience to be efficient.

When discussing your creativity as a Duelist, one thing to keep in mind is that you need to consider the risk. Usually, those types of agents are fast and can do a lot of damage. However, they can also be in a really bad position that does not allow them to do much. So, before making a move, you have to consider the risk associated with it and what could happen.

Duelists have to create space

If you’ve been gaming for many years, you’ve definitely heard of the “creating space” term. It is common in Dota 2, but people also use it in Valorant. Those wondering how to play Duelist in Valorant will quickly learn that this is one of the musts they need to get good at in order to be effective. 

Since Duelists are more mobile, their job is to get to a point, try to land kills, and allow their team to push. If this is done right, it creates a lot of space for the team because the enemies will focus on the Duelist. 

Of course, doing this is much more complicated than it sounds because Duelists need to take a lot of things into consideration. Usually, they do that in a combo because it allows them to be more successful. 

Which Duelist to focus on?

How To Play Duelist in Valorant

One of the important questions you need to answer when you start learning how to play Duelist in Valorant is related to the agent you have to pick. Regarding this role, there are several good options, and each one is good, but it depends on what you want and need.

Generally speaking, we can divide the duelists into agents that use flash or mobility. Both types are strong, but our experience shows us that the mobility Duelists are more efficient. They also offer more options to make plays, but a lot of people also consider them harder to master. 

In an ideal scenario, Vlaorant Duelists need to communicate with their team a lot in order to succeed. This sounds simple, but it is a problem when playing with random people online. A Duelist who is not communicating with his team is not as effective as one who does because the team is not using his full potential.

Learn how not ot overextend

How To Play Duelist in Valorant

Once you learn the basics of how to play Duelist in Valorant, a common mistake you need to avoid is overextending. This is an issue in every single game, and Valorant is no exception. 

As mentioned, some Duelists have abilities that grant them a lot of movement. This often gives inexperienced players too much confidence, and they start overextending themselves, thinking that they can kill everyone.

As you can imagine, things usually don’t work like that. Instead of killing a lot of opponents, players end up dying for no reason, which puts their team at risk. The easiest way to avoid this is by not overextending, so always be aware of your position and learn your agent’s limits.

Being impatient is not good in any game, and Valorant definitely falls into this category. A lot of people make the mistake of pushing too fast simply because they do not want to wait. Although they may get lucky and land a few shots, usually, it does not work like that. 

How To Play Duelist in Valorant (Tips + Tricks)
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