Valorant Controller Guide – 6 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Valorant Controller Guide – 6 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid

Master the Valorant Controller role by avoiding these common mistakes in game

You have probably noticed that in the ranked lobby, the Controller agent often ends up as the last pick. Few seem keen on taking this role, and there are numerous reasons behind that reluctance. Considered among the least appreciated, the Controller role in Valorant lacks the spotlight compared to the Duelists, resulting in frequent insta-locks for Jett or Reyna rather than Brimstone or other Controller agents.

Role of a Valorant Controller

While the Controller role might not be the most sought-after, it's crucial to recognize its immense impact within a team. According to Valorant, “Controllers are experts in slicing up dangerous territory to set their team up for success.” They might not top the scoreboards, but their primary focus is setting up their teammates with utilities, ultimately contributing to securing victories rather than personal statistics.

Common Mistakes

New to Valorant and keen on becoming a Controller main? In this guide, we'll outline the common mistakes made by Controller players, provide tips to sidestep them, and offer alternative strategies. For any aspiring Valorant beginner aiming to excel in the Controller role, this guide will serve as a valuable resource.

Dying Early

Always prioritize preserving your life as a smoke agent—it's invaluable. Remaining alive until the late or, at the very least, mid-round is crucial. In Valorant, solo-controller team compositions are the norm across most maps, particularly in ranked matches, with few exceptions. Your early demise translates to your team navigating the round without smokes, significantly heightening the difficulty of winning multiple times over.

Your target as a Controller should be to stay alive as long as possible, both on the Attacking and Defending side. Even a single one of your smoke has the potential to be the difference maker in deciding the fate of a round. For example, consider clutch situations or post-plant scenarios— smoke can be pivotal for the Defending team, while the absence of defensive smoke significantly favors the Attacking side in securing the round.

Using The Smokes Incorrectly

You already understand why smokes are arguably the most important piece of utility in all of Valorant. Yet, knowing how to use smoke is equally vital alongside understanding when to deploy them. While it may seem pretty straightforward, many players, especially Valorant beginners, misuse smokes, potentially causing harm to their own team. Below are some examples of how to use your smokes correctly:

Valorant Controller Guide - 6 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid

Credit: Riot Games

This is a classic example of how to smoke off a chokepoint. In this picture of the Ascent A-site, your mistake would be to deploy the smoke in a manner that aids the enemy in peeking from various angles. Placing the smoke too shallow demands constant crosshair movement, unlike deeper smoke, like the one on the right side, which makes it more challenging for the enemies to push through. The shallow smoke on the left is only suitable when using a shotgun, allowing for an easier kill and retreat to safety.

Valorant Controller Guide - 6 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid

Credit: Riot Games

The above picture is an example of how to smoke off Windows. The general principle remains the same. You must smoke deeper to eliminate the enemy’s ability to peek from multiple angles. A shallow smoke, such as the one on the left, allows the enemy to remain concealed within the smoke, potentially catching you off guard with sudden peeks.

Using The Wrong Agent

Each smoke agent in Valorant boasts its own set of strengths and weaknesses. However, it’s important to note that not all agents excel on every map. So, if you are a dedicated Controller player, try to learn how to play all the Controller agents. This way, you can give your absolute best across all the maps. Here’s a breakdown outlining which Controller agent performs best on specific maps:

  • Ascent: Astra/ Omen
  • Haven: Astra/ Omen
  • Bind: Brimstone
  • Breeze: Viper
  • Sunset: Omen
  • Split: Omen
  • Lotus: Harbor/ Omen
  • Fracture: Brimstone
  • Icebox: Viper/Omen/Harbor

Check out our site for extensive guides on agent composition for various maps.

Lack Of Communication

We have all heard our fellow gamers complain about how their teammates’ lack of communication and the absence of callouts leads to losing a game. Valorant is a team game, and you cannot hope to win any games without proper communication. This applies to all roles, but even more so for players handling the controller agents.

No matter which smoke agent you are playing with, you must always be ready to provide comprehensive callouts. The precise timing of your smokes holds immense significance, and any communication lapse can throw off that timing, potentially leading to losing a round that could have been easily won. Notably, many top in-game leaders (IGLs) in the competitive Valorant scene often opt for the Controller role (e.g., FNS, Boaster, ANGE1). This role enables them to dictate the game's pace, and proper communication serves as the key behind it.

Being Too Inactive

While Smokes are the most essential utility of your toolkit, it’s crucial to acknowledge the array of other abilities at your disposal. From lining up the mollies to blinding the opponent, Controller agents boast a diverse range of immensely impactful abilities. Whether you’re playing Omen, Viper, Astra, or even the less commonly chosen Controller, Harbor, each has utilities capable of causing serious problems to your enemies if used correctly.

Avoid fixating solely on smokes; instead, assess the round’s dynamics and leverage your other abilities to their fullest potential. Additionally, communicating with teammates to prompt requests for your supporting abilities ensures a more strategic utilization, benefiting the team’s overall performance.

Choosing The Wrong Weapon

In Valorant, the choice of weapons often boils down to personal preference. The two weapons the community is divided on using in gun-rounds are Phantom and Vandal. Neither is objectively better than the other. It's all based on individual liking. However, if you are playing a smoke agent, it is best to use the Phantom. This is because it aligns with the frequent smoke-spamming done by Controller players. Unlike the Vandal, the Phantom lacks bullet tracers and has faster fire rate, enabling easier spam-shooting the smoke without revealing your own position.

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Valorant Controller Guide – 6 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid
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