Hilarious Dota WTF Moments To Make You Laugh – November 2022

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Hilarious Dota WTF Moments To Make You Laugh – November 2022

Take a look at these hilarious Dota WTF moments to make you laugh in November 2022. 

Dota Watafak uploads dozens of videos every month to keep the Dota 2 community entertained. It has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube and provides people with a wealth of fun and exciting clips from Dota 2 games that will have you roaring with laughter for days. You can share these videos with your friends and Dota 2 squad members to spread the joy of the game. 

Outworld Destroyer Turns The Tables On His Enemies

Outworld Destroyer is a carry hero who can tackle several enemies at once. His abilities make him capable of taking on enemy heroes head-on to deal dangerous blows to his enemies in battles. He can use his increased Intelligence to his advantage by casting his ulti, Sanity’s Eclipse, to drain the health of his opponents. 

In Dota WTF Moments 467, you can see an ardent Outworld Destroyer doing his best to tear down the tower in the mid lane. Troll Warlord and Pudge teleport to the mid tower to defend it against the Intelligence hero. 

Pudge uses Meat Hook to grab hold of Outworld Destroyer to stop his attack on the tower in the mid lane. Fortunately, Outworld Destroyer has an Aghanim’s Scepter equipped in his inventory. The Intelligence hero uses Aghanim’s Scepter to cast Astral Imprisonment to save himself from getting hit by Pudge and Troll Warlord. 

Tidehunter uses Gush to help his ally Outworld Destroyer. The Intelligence hero uses Hurricane Pike to push himself away from his enemies. Pudge mistimes a Meat Hook, providing a little bit of time to let Outworld Destroyer move away and regenerate health. 

Outworld Destroyer takes a moment to find shelter among the trees in the top lane and uses Town Portal Scroll to teleport himself to his base. Keeper of the Light approaches Outworld Destroyer and uses Cyclone to interrupt the teleportation. 

The carry hero manages to stand his ground with less than 400 HP against Troll Warlord, Pudge, and Keeper of the Light in the top lane. In an unbelievable turn of events, Outworld Destroyer uses his ulti, Sanity’s Eclipse, to kill Troll Warlord and Pudge before they can attack him. He uses a physical attack to end the life of Keeper of the Light and walks out of the dire situation with his life intact. 

Sanity’s Eclipse is a magical spell that deals 400 base damage and additional damage based on the difference between Outworld Destroyer’s mana and the enemy heroes’ mana. It has a cast range of 700 and affects all enemy units in a 600 radius. Sanity’s Eclipse has a cooldown of 130 seconds and consumes 450 mana. 

Faceless Falter 

Faceless Void is a mighty carry hero in Dota 2. Many people choose Faceless Void for his ability to enter and exit battles at will. The melee hero can push lanes, fight neutral creeps for bonus gold, take out enemy heroes in team fights, and attack Roshan to claim the Aegis of the Immortal without dying. 

In this Dota WTF video, you can watch Faceless Void as he falters at every move he makes. Faceless Void can be seen pushing the top lane in the game when he notices that his enemies are heading out to fight Roshan. 

Lina picks up an Illusion rune right before entering Roshan’s pit. Her ally, Terrorblade, moves into Roshan’s pit and helps Lina destroy Roshan. Rubick teleports to the mid tower and makes his way to Roshan’s pit. 

Faceless Void marches toward Roshan to fight Lina and Terrorblade before they get a chance to claim the Aegis of the Immortal. The Agility hero uses his ulti, Chronosphere, to trap his enemies for a few seconds to annihilate them. Rubick uses Force Staff to push Faceless Void out of Roshan’s pit, giving Lina and Terrorblade plenty of time to recuperate from the attacks. 

Before Faceless Void can make his way to safety, Ogre Magi steps into the scene and uses Ignite and Fireblast to kill the carry hero. Ogre Magi lands a multicast with his Fireblast, giving him an instant kill against Faceless Void. You should make sure you have your team backing you up before entering Roshan’s pit to have better chances of claiming the Aegis of the Immortal in Dota 2 matches. 

Underlord Raises An Army Of The Dead

Underlord is a support hero with a few skills that can be used to destroy waves of enemy creeps. More important than killing creeps is his ability to teleport his whole team to any location on the map. 

In this Dota WTF video, Underlord can be seen raising the dead using a neutral creep at his base. He takes his time to summon an army of skeletons to do his bidding. Once Underlord has summoned a considerable number of skeletons from the corpse of his enemies, he uses his ulti, Fiend’s Gate, to teleport them all to the towers and barracks of the enemy team. 

The soundtrack of the video makes the clip immensely entertaining. Underlord appears as a giant commander leading his army to victory in the game. His ulti, Fiend’s Gate, opens 2 portals on the map, letting an infinite number of units pass through the gate to be teleported to another location on the map. 

All units that pass through Fiend’s Gate gain 30% movement speed and 30% damage reduction, allowing them to take more damage from incoming attacks. The increase in damage reduction and movement speed lasts for 7 seconds, Fiend’s Gate has a cooldown of 100 seconds and consumes 100 mana. 

Easy Defeat For Ezalor

Ezalor is an Intelligence hero who can use his skills to kill creeps, restore mana to his allies, and weaken his enemy’s magic resistance. The support hero has to stay vigilant to ensure that his team wins a game without making any wrong moves. 

In Dota WTF Moments 466, Keeper of the Light can be seen attacking the ancient in the enemy’s base. Kotl’s team has just fought hard to destroy the towers and barracks in the top lane to advance toward the Ancient. 

The entire enemy team, composed of Rubick, Drow Ranger, Hoodwink, Ogre Magi, and Crystal Maiden, has been annihilated. They have managed to clear the mid tower and barracks of Ezalor’s team before being destroyed in the team fight. 

Ezalor’s ally, Axe, teleports to the Ancient and defends the structure from being attacked by the creeps. Keeper of the Light uses Recall to teleport Axe back to the enemy base by mistake, costing him the game. Ezalor and his team lose the Dota 2 game, despite having destroyed the top barracks and killing all 5 members of the enemy team. 

Recall is an ability that can be learned by purchasing an Aghanim’s Shard for Ezalor. An ally can be teleported to the Keeper of the Light after 3 seconds of delay using Recall. The ability has a cooldown of 15 seconds and consumes 150 mana. 

Fog Of War Saves Marci 

There are several mechanisms in Dota 2 that make the massively multiplayer game unique among other game titles available on Steam. Fog of War is an integral part of the strategy game and covers a vast region of the map from the eyes of players. 

In this Dota WTF video, you can witness Marci running for her life. She uses her increased movement speed to save herself from the magical spells of Tinker as he chases her in the forest near Roshan’s pit. 

A fully farmed Tinker uses Heat-Seeking Missiles to deal damage to Marci. The Strength hero manages to flee from Tinker with barely any health left. Marci makes Tinker roam around the forest while she is covered in Fog of War. 

Tinker misses another cast of Heat-Seeking Missiles while Marci dances around the trees. Marci takes her time to regenerate adequate health before escaping death from the clutches of Tinker. The Intelligence hero is unable to cast any spells while Marci makes her escape as he is silenced. 

Fog of War can help players plan their exit from life-threatening situations without being detected by enemy heroes in Dota 2. You can gain increased vision in the forest and around the map in Dota 2 by placing Observer Wards. Marci is among the latest heroes in Dota 2 to receive a makeover with the Diretide 2022 Collector’s Cache treasure chest. 

Anti-Mage Gets A Rampage With Counterspell

Anti-Mage is an Agility hero who can use his increased attack speed to drain the mana of his opponents. The carry hero can cast his ulti to deal massive amounts of damage to multiple enemies in battles. He can also reflect spells back to the enemy heroes to protect himself from lethal abilities. 

In this Dota WTF video, Anti-Mage rushes in to fight all of the enemies at once. The carry hero gets hooked into a team fight by Pudge. Rubick steals Mana Void from Anti-Mage and casts it on the carry hero. Anti-Mage uses Counterspell just in time to reflect the spell and blast all 5 of his enemies into smithereens, gaining a Rampage within seconds. 

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