Hilarious Dota WTF Moments to Make You Laugh – October 2022

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Hilarious Dota WTF Moments to Make You Laugh – October 2022

You can watch these hilarious Dota WTF videos from October 2022 that are bound to make you laugh.

Dota WTF is a robust community of Dota lovers and fans from all over the world. Every week, people who play Dota 2 send their favorite clips of gameplay from their matches to entertain the online community. 

Take a look at the most comedic videos from Dota 2 games that were uploaded to Dota WTF in October 2022. 


The mid lane is a crucial battleground for Dota 2 heroes. It can be the point of focus for many carry heroes in the game who want to win matches. Pushing the mid lane can boost your team’s confidence while defeating your enemies. 

In this Dota WTF video, you can see Faceless Void being baited to take the Barracks in the mid lane. Faceless Void gets attacked by Juggernaut, Pudge, and Vengeful Spirit within a matter of seconds. Thankfully, the disharmony between Vengeful Spirit, Pudge, and Juggernaut gives Faceless Void plenty of time to recuperate from their ambush. 

Juggernaut closes in on Faceless Void and uses his ulti, Omnislash, to decimate the carry hero. Pudge launches a Meat Hook to pull Faceless Void toward him right after his ally, Juggernaut, uses Omnislash. The Meat Hook interrupts Omnislash, preventing Faceless Void’s certain death. 

Vengeful Spirit stuns Faceless Void with a Magic Missile before Pudge uses Dismember to disable him. Faceless Void is able to regain his momentum and uses Time Walk to evade an incoming Sun Strike from Invoker. 

Timing and teamwork is everything in Dota 2. A few moments later, Faceless Void’s team is back at the Barracks in the mid lane for a final push. Rubick and Pudge unleash Meat Hooks at each other to depict a scene that resembles a moment from Pudge Wars, making it hilarious to watch. 

Chained Melody 

Lich is an Intelligence hero who can thwart enemy heroes with a high HP effortlessly. He has several spells that deal magic damage to multiple enemy units, making him a force to be feared in team fights. 

In the video How to Win on Pudge, you can see why Lich can be hard to deal with. A weary Pudge is weakened by Proximity Mines that are planted by Techies in the mid lane. Pudge tries to flee the battle when he is hit by Chain Frost. Lich’s ulti, Chain Frost, strikes Pudge and the wave of creeps around him before bouncing off to Rubick, who is taking shelter near the tower. 

In a fit of rage, Pudge pulls his ally, Rubick, toward him by using a Meat Hook. Pudge tries to run back to his base but Lich finishes him off with a Frost Blast. Rubick is caught in the Chain Frost and is annihilated with a Sticky Bomb hurled by Techies in the mid lane.   

Dire Defeat

The last few moments of a match can define your role in your team. The bravest Dota 2 players find the courage to fight their enemies, even in the face of dire defeat. It could be humiliating to go down without a fight while defending your Ancient. 

In Dota 2 WTF Moments 462, the Dire team draws closer to their defeat. Mars uses his ulti, Arena of Blood, to restrict the enemy heroes from attacking the Ancient. The Radiant team kills Mars inside the Arena of Blood. 

Morphling gets enraged and hits back at Drow Ranger to avenge the death of his ally, Mars. The Agility hero is about to land his killing blow on Drow Ranger when Earth Spirit steps in to save Traxex. Earth Spirit uses Enchant Remnant to turn Drow Ranger into stone and pushes her away from Morphling. 

Morphling uses Waveform to cover the distance between Drow Ranger and himself. Drow Ranger uses Manta Style to create illusions of herself to evade the attacks of Morphling. The Radiant hurries toward Drow Ranger to slay Morphling and end the game. It was an admirable effort from Morphling to avenge his ally but the Radiant could not be conquered. 

Long-Range Counter Attack

The heroes in Dota 2 with long-range attacks and spells can be challenging to overcome in a match. Sniper is an Agility hero who can use his ulti, Assassinate, to deal damage to opponents who are 3000 distance away from him. 

In Dota 2 WTF Moments 461, you can spot Sniper trying to lower the health of Snapfire using Assassinate from the forest. A level 22 Sniper takes a shot at annihilating a level 27 Snapfire who is taking down the tower by herself. Snapfire is stunned by Assassinate right after destroying the tower. 

Snapfire has an Aghanim’s Scepter that allows her to snap back at Sniper by gobbling up a nearby creep towards the Agility hero to stun him. The Strength hero uses a Swift Blink to jump towards Sniper and uses Lil’ Shredder to mitigate Sniper. 

You wouldn’t want to fight a fully farmed Snapfire when you are under-leveled in the game. Snapfire easily kills Sniper as she has a Desolator and a Daedalus to give her the bonus attack damage she needs to slay Sniper. You’ll need a support hero with you to go up against Snapfire after she has farmed her core items in a match. 

Fear The Fiend

Shadow Fiend is a carry hero who can intimidate players with his mere presence. He has a versatile set of skills that make him an exceptional nuker, capable of dealing more than 1000 damage to nearby enemies with his abilities. 

Players can collect the souls of the enemy creeps and heroes they kill to add bonus attack damage to Shadow Fiend. His ulti, Requiem of Souls, can be used to release the souls collected to deal a massive amount of damage to multiple enemy heroes at once. Casting Requiem of Souls can also cause the affected enemy units to be feared, sending opponents running toward their base for 2.7 seconds. 

In the video, But Today Is Not His Day, you’ll be amused by the antics of Shadow Fiend. The carry hero manages to get the better of Enigma while he is channeling his ulti, Black Hole. Enigma tries to paralyze his enemies by using Black Hole but is repeatedly interrupted by Shadow Fiend, who uses Requiem of Souls to send Enigma back to his base. 

You can only imagine the frustration of Enigma as he attempts to seize the enemy team with his ulti. The Intelligence hero is unnerved by Shadow Fiend as he constantly gets affected by fear from being hit by Requiem of Souls. In such situations, it would have been better to purchase a Black King Bar for Enigma to shield him from spells while channeling Black Hole. 

Cookie Counter

There are various ways to counter spells and attacks from enemy heroes in Dota 2. The strategy game allows international players to apply advanced mechanics to defeat their enemies. Many people are tuning in to The International 2022 this weekend to see who claims the Aegis of Champions. 

Esports teams take special care while playing against other teams. In this video, you can catch a glimpse of Polaris Esports facing Wildcard Gaming in a skirmish. Polaris Esports takes control of Nyx Assassin in a fight to the death against Snapfire in the top lane. 

Nyx Assassin impales Snapfire near the Secret Shop and trails the Strength hero near the tower. Axe sees his ally, Snapfire, in danger and immediately teleports to the top tower to help. Snapfire finds safety while having low health but uses a Firesnap Cookie to send Axe flying toward Nyx Assassin. 

Nyx Assassin counters the Firesnap Cookie used by Snapfire by activating Spiked Carapace right before Axe lands on the ground. The damage from Firesnap Cookie is returned to Snapfire, who dies from the counterattack. Spiked Carapace reflects all incoming damage back to its source for up to 2 seconds. It has a cooldown of 10 seconds and consumes 40 mana. 

If you’re facing Nyx Assassin with low health, it is wiser to teleport to base to heal instead of using your skills to attack the Agility hero. Nyx Assassin can also become invisible using his ulti, Vendetta, making it hard to deal damage to him without carrying a Dust of Appearance or a Sentry Ward in your inventory.


Faceless Void is a carry hero who can enter and exit battles in a jiffy using Time Walk. A lot of people who play Faceless Void in Dota 2 matches tend to rush their ulti, causing them to miss their attacks while the enemy remains unharmed. 

Players who use Time Walk to get closer to their enemies can take a few moments before using Chronosphere. In Dota 2 WTF Moments 460, you can see why quick hands can be risky in battles against Intelligence heroes who can nuke spells. 

Bane uses his ulti, Fiend’s Grip, to hold Faceless Void in place after the Agility hero teleports to the bottom tower. Faceless Void uses Time Walk after the duration of Fiend’s Grip has elapsed. Bane senses his opponent’s next move and casts Nightmare on himself to avoid getting hit by Faceless Void. 

The carry hero uses his ulti, Chronosphere, to restrain Bane from moving. Faceless Void strikes Bane with a physical attack, only to get affected by sleep. Bane survives the one-on-one battle against Faceless Void without taking damage inside the Chronosphere. The Agility hero could have easily killed Bane if he wasn’t put to sleep by the Intelligence hero. 

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