Battle Pass 2022 – What to Expect in the Diretide 2022 Collector’s Cache

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Battle Pass 2022 – What to Expect in the Diretide 2022 Collector’s Cache

Take a look at these skins that you can unlock inside Diretide 2022 Collector’s Cache with the Battle Pass 2022.

The Diretide 2022 Collector’s Cache has just been released to the world. The latest treasure chest can be bought for $2.49 with the Battle Pass 2022. The Dota 2 community has voted for the top 18 Mythical sets that look stunning on screen. 

These sets include Mythical sets for Hoodwink, Spectre, Chen, Marci, Primal Beast, Witch Doctor, and Terrorblade. You can open a treasure chest of the Diretide 2022 Collector’s Cache to gain 2500 bonus battle points. Unlock 7 treasure chests to gain 6500 battle points and open 14 Diretide 2022 Collector’s Cache treasure chests to gain 27000 battle points. 

Hoodwink – Shadowleaf Insurgent

Hoodwink wears a futuristic skin with the Shadowleaf Insurgent set

Hoodwink gets a cutting-edge makeover with the Shadowleaf Insurgent set. The furry Agility hero looks fantastic with a futuristic crossbow. She wears a green dress to camouflage herself while hunting for heroes in the forests of Dota 2. Her ears and tails are crimson red with a beautiful pattern painted on them. Hoodwink wears a glowing green hat that makes her look ferocious in battles while the Shadowleaf Insurgent set is equipped. 

Riki – Scarlet Subversion 

Riki dresses up as a sharp ninja with the Scarlet Subversion set

The Scarlet Subversion set for Riki makes the Stealth Assassin look like a ninja who is out for revenge. He wears a metallic grey armor that covers his body and protects him from incoming attacks. Riki holds bright pink blades on both of his hands. His face is veiled by a white mask and pink horns. Riki has shurikens and a bottle of dust strapped to either side of his hips.  

Snapfire – Whippersnapper

Snapfire looks cute in the Whippersnapper set

Snapfire appears in an all-new ensemble with the Whippersnapper set. She wears a pink dress that makes her look adorable. Her weapon has boiling red barrels and she wears a groovy set of sunglasses to compliment her dress. Mortimer has been turned into a crocodile with a huge saddle that is powered by rocket fuel in the Whippersnapper set. Her mount wears a collar with a silver bone hanging from it. 

Chen – Hounds of Obsession

Chen looks scholarly in the Hounds of Obsession set

Chen looks scholarly in the Hounds of Obsession set. The Intelligence hero holds a large blue scythe that is charged with electricity. He wears a polished suit that is green, yellow, and black in color. His mount has 2 heads with shining emblems marked on their heads. The tail of his mount has the face of a serpent that is blue. The neck of these hounds is collared with large yellow spikes emerging from them in the Hounds of Obsession set. 

Clockwerk – Seadog’s Stash

Clockwerk explores the sea with the Seadog’s Stash set

Clockwerk resembles a pirate from the depths of the oceans in the Seadog’s Stash set. He wears a comfortable red and yellow pirate suit accompanied by a black and yellow pirate hat. The Strength hero has one of his eyes covered with an eye patch and the other eye is light blue. His shiny buckle has an icon of a yellow skull with pink eyes that glow.

The right hand of Clockwerk has the head of a harpoon that can extend while using his ulti. The back of his Seadog’s Stash set has the wheel of a ship connected to a gear that turns. It has a bird flying around his shoulder. The Seadog’s Stash set includes sea barrels for the Power Cogs ability. 

Dawnbreaker – Starlorn Adjudicator 

Dawnbreaker looks virtuous in the Starlorn Adjudicator set

Dawnbreaker is an upright symbol of justice in her Starlorn Adjudicator set. She wears a white and gold dress that is resplendent. Her golden wings glow in battles against her enemies. Dawnbreaker wears a red cape and a red cloth that covers her eyes. Her sacred weapon looks radiant with the Sun at the center of the hammer. The Starlorn Adjudicator set will surely turn heads while playing Dawnbreaker in Dota 2 games. 

Spectre – Spoils of the Shadowveil 

Spectre scares his enemies with the Spoils of the Shadowveil set

Spectre looks like a happy grim reaper, dressed in the Spoils of the Shadowveil set. She wears a purple and silver dress that matches her blue hair. Spectre has boney structures popping out of her shoulders that make her a terror to her enemies. She carries a large purple scythe with a glowing skull in its front. 

Faceless Void – Chines of the Inquisitor 

Faceless Void gets a vivid head piece with the Chines of the Inquisitor set

Faceless Void has the appearance of a wild warrior with the Chines of the Inquisitor set. He wears a golden armor to guard himself from his foes during battles. His face is protected with a white mask that has pink and purple tendrils emerging from it. The Chines of the Inquisitor set has the Faceless Void holding a monstrous brown hammer with golden edges and a green tentacle wrapped around it. 

Ursa – Trophies of the Hallowed Hunt

Ursa terrorizes his enemies with the Trophies of the Hallowed Hunt set

Ursa has a scary appearance in the Trophies of the Hallowed Hunt set. The carry hero is covered with the remains of his butchered enemies, turning him into a creature of endless might in Dota 2. He has sharp red claws and wears the severed heads of his foes around his hands. His face is covered with a bright red mask with long red hair extending from the top. Ursa’s back in the Trophies of the Hallowed Hunt set is guarded by a skeletal structure that has a yellow orb on it. 

Phoenix – Crimson Dawn 

Phoenix burns her enemies to ashes with the Crimson Dawn set

Phoenix is covered by dark blue ash from the volcanoes it has flown over in the Crimson Dawn set. The horns and eyes of the Strength hero are glowing red with flames that can melt its enemies. The Crimson Dawn set includes a custom model for its ulti, Supernova, that encircles its body in scorching red flames with a nascent Phoenix resting inside of it. 

Terrorblade – Forgotten Station

Terrorblade stands tall with the Forgotten Station set

Terrorblade captures the attention of Dota 2 players with the royal Forgotten Station set. The Agility hero wears a purple outfit that makes him look dashing during team fights. His blades are chained to his hands and wings. The custom model for his demon form has white veins appearing on his open chest that can be used to intimidate his enemies while the Forgotten Station set is equipped.

Undying – Dirge Amplifier 

Undying looks like a mechanical monstrosity with the Dirge Amplifier set

Inspired by Frankenstein, the Dirge Amplifier set for Undying puts the Strength hero in a purple suit. He has a metallic saw strapped to his hand and a large butcher’s knife strapped to his hips. His back have 2 metallic orbs that are lit with electric purple bolts. 

Undying has 3 syringes pecked on his shoulders. His brain is kept in a transparent glass container that makes him scarier than his regular attire. The Dirge Amplifier set has a custom model for Flesh Golem that has the head of Frankenstein and another monster on either side of his head. 

Monkey King – Champion of the Fire Lotus

Monkey King engages enemies with the Champion of the Fire Lotus set

Monkey King wears a traditional martial arts outfit in the Champion of the Fire Lotus set. His arm is wrapped by a serpent that can breathe fire from its mouth. His face is fortified by a mask that has a golden gem just on top of his forehead. Monkey King has glowing yellow and orange hair. His weapon resembles a javelin on fire in the Champion of the Fire Lotus set. 

Witch Doctor – Deathstitch Shaman

Witch Doctor kills enemies with the Deathstitch Shaman set

Witch Doctor is decorated with different kinds of material with the Deathstitch Shaman set. He has nails hammered all over his body. His face is masked with an organic cloth that looks similar to a hand-stitched doll. Witch Doctor has a blue pumpkin, a sickle, and a voodoo doll wrapped around his hips. He has a wooden cross hanging from his back that has a raven resting on it. 

The Intelligence hero holds up a scythe, attached to a lantern that has a glowing pink light in it. The Death Ward included with the Deathstitch Shaman looks similar to a scarecrow dancing on the ground. 

Marci – Blue Horizons

Marci blows people away in battles with the Blue Horizons set

The Blue Horizons set for Marci is a rare bonus reward that can be found inside the Diretide 2022 Collector’s Cache. The Strength hero wears a pretty blue and white dress that blows people away in battles. You can see blue butterflies on her head, torso, and her back. She wears a beautiful blue bow on her neck. The Blue Horizons set for Marci has a white heart stitched to the center. 

Invoker – Angel of Vex

Invoker looks eager to use his abilities in battle with the Angel of Vex set

Invoker looks like a celestial being in love with his abilities in the Angel of Vex set. It is a rare bonus reward that drapes Invoker in an angelic white robe with cute white wings at the back. He wears a pink bow at the center of his outfit. The set has an adorable pink bow hanging from his hips. He has 3 animated entities circling around him that represent Quas, Wex, and Exort. 

Primal Beast – Dark Behemoth 

Primal Beast looks like a prehistoric monster with the Dark Behemoth set

The Dark Behemoth set for Primal Beast is a very rare bonus reward. The Strength hero looks frighteningly durable with the Dark Behemoth set. His entire body is encased with a hard exterior shell that lends him the appearance of a prehistoric monster. The hands of the Primal Beast are red and have fire being released from them. 

Tiny – Astral Origins 

Tiny looks astounding with the Astral Origins set

The Astral Origins Set for Tiny is an ultra rare bonus reward included with the Diretide 2022 Collector’s Cache. Tiny looks like a sentient being guarded by the mystical forces of nature. His rock-solid body is held together with the roots of a tree. His forehead has an ember that glows. Tiny carries a ginormous weapon with a fireball at its tip. The Astral Origins set for Tiny also includes a custom model for each level of his ulti, Grow. 

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