Hilarious Dota WTF Moments To Make You Laugh – May 2023

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Hilarious Dota WTF Moments To Make You Laugh – May 2023

Take a look at the most hilarious Dota WTF moments from April 2023 that will entertain you and your friends.

Fighting From A Vantage

Ranged heroes can be harder to kill in Dota 2. These characters can launch their spells from a considerable distance in lanes before taking damage from enemy heroes. Sniper has an attack range of 550 that lets him deal damage from a safe distance during battles.

In this Dota WTF video, you can catch a glimpse of Sniper taking control of the situation by shooting enemy heroes from a vantage point. The battle takes place in the mid lane with Sniper picking up the Illusion rune from the river. 

Snapfire notices Sniper taking the Illusion rune and approaches him at full speed. The Universal hero uses Firesnap Cookie to hop across the river and stuns Sniper for a few seconds. Riki uses Smoke Screen in the river to prevent Sniper and Rubick from casting their spells on Snapfire.

Tusk uses Snowball to increase the duration of the stun on Sniper. Earth Spirit rushes to the mid lane to save his teammates, Sniper, from getting killed by the enemy team. Tusk uses Walrus Punch! to deal bonus damage to Sniper in the battle. Earth Spirit uses Rolling Boulder to smash into Tusk. Sniper gets saved by Earth Spirit after losing a significant amount of health from the battle. Earth Spirit uses Boulder Smash to push Sniper onto a ledge. Sniper quickly unleashes a number of attacks using his weapon from the elevated platform to kill enemy heroes. Tusk has his Snowball ability on cooldown, restraining his movement while fighting the ranged hero. Sniper attacks Tusk with his illusions to destroy his enemies with less than a quarter of his health.

Berserker’s Blood Burns Bright

Huskar is a carry hero with loads of attack speed and an increased health regeneration rate. He can level up his passive ability, Berserker’s Blood, to fight enemy heroes head-on in battles. Huskar gains a massive 3.3 Strength per level.

In this Dota WTF snippet, Huskar can be seen taking down the enemy tower with his team. He gets chased by Razor, Pudge, and Lifestealer in the mid lane. Fortunately, Dazzle is standing around Huskar to help him recover his health. The Universal hero casts Shallow Grave on Huskar to save his life during the team fight. Dazzle uses several instances of Shadow Wave to restore health to his ally. His ulti, Bad Juju, is used multiple times in the battle to reduce the cooldown of Dazzle’s abilities. The reduced cooldown on Shadow Wave replenishes plenty of health to Huskar.

Dazzle and Huskar manage to destroy Lifestealer and Spirit Breaker with the help of Anti-Mage. Support heroes can play an integral role in helping your teammates survive harsh battles with the enemy team.   

A Wild Roshan Appears

Dota 2 has made leaps of progress in the last few months. The release of the New Frontiers map has attracted millions of people to get back into Dota 2 to explore new objectives in the strategy game. There are 2 new homes for Roshan in the new patch for Dota 2 that can make it harder to locate the Ancient.

In this Dota WTF clip, Io is fighting Pudge with his ally, Bristleback, in the top lane. Pudge misses his Meat Hook on Io and lets the Universal hero use Tether to move out of danger. Io and his teammate, Bristleback, are just about to use the Twin Gates to teleport to the bottom lane when a wild Roshan appears from the Twin Gates. Roshan rushes through Io and Bristleback as he makes his way to the Roshan’s Pit in the top lane, leaving both the heroes stunned.

Tempted to Troll

Troll Warlord is an Agility hero with an astounding attack speed. He can switch between melee attacks and ranged attacks to close in on enemy heroes in battles. Troll Warlord is a tough carry hero to counter in the game. Many people max out Fervor to provide bonus attack speed per stack, allowing Troll Warlord to stack his bonus attack speed up to 12 times. His ulti, Battle Trance, grants up to 80% of his attack damage as Lifesteal. Troll Warlord gains 200 bonus attack speed and 35% movement speed for 6.5 seconds.

In this Dota WTF video, Troll Warlord is jumped by Axe using a Blink Dagger in the top lane. Axe uses Berserker’s Call to taunt Troll Warlord for a few seconds, decreasing the health of the carry hero with multiple instances of Counter Helix. Troll Warlord heads toward the Lotus Pool in the top lane to collect Lotuses. Axe blinks in to prevent Troll Warlord from regaining his health. Ancient Apparition, Axe’s ally, casts his ulti, Ice Blast, to eliminate Troll Warlord.

The Agility hero casts Battle Trance right after getting hit by Ice Blast to attack Axe with his physical strikes. Troll Warlord regains a portion of his health from Battle Trance and hunts down Axe to kill him in the battle.

Magnanimous Effort

Magnus is an exceptional initiator in Dota 2. He can walk into enemy heroes in lanes and use his ability Skewer to push enemy heroes away from their teammates. Magnus can nuke his opponents with Shockwave to deal up to 300 damage to enemy heroes. Shockwave has a cast range of 1200.

In this Dota WTF compilation, Magnus fights Pudge and Zeus near his tower. His ally, Outworld Destroyer uses Astral Imprisonment to banish Pudge from the map. Pudge chases Outworld Destroyer near the Secret Shop and unleashes a Meat Hook to grab Outworld Destroyer from the woods. Magnus spots the Meat Hook emerging from Pudge and uses Skewer to block the Strength hero’s ability before it can pull Outworld Destroyer. Once the Meat Hook is intercepted, Outworld Destroyer casts his ulti, Sanity’s Eclipse, to deal bonus damage to Pudge. Outworld Destroyer and Magnus destroy Pudge together to counter the enemy hero and win the team fight. Zeus finds a way out of the dire situation without getting dragged by Magnus using Skewer. 

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