HCS: OpTiC Gaming Win HCS Charlotte Major

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HCS: OpTiC Gaming Win HCS Charlotte Major

OpTiC Gaming round out an HCS threepeat with the first Major of the year.

Even after coming in as the second seed, OpTiC still manage to take it all. Is there any team that can dethrone them?

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Following a World Championship win in the 2022 season of HCS, and a victory even before that in the final Major of that year, OpTiC Gaming's win at HCS Charlotte Major makes them threepeat champs in Major events. Even after placing second in the Qualifier to FaZe Clan, OpTiC were still able to defeat them twice in this Major bracket in both Winner's Finals and Grand Finals. This roster is standing as an stonewall in the way of the HCS teams, but they've shown their cracks, and it is certainly not impossible to beat them. After this event, it is clear that FaZe Clan have the best chance at taking a tournament win from them, and if Spacestation can rally together some more fluid gameplans, they have all the talent needed to be the underdog team that could do the same.

The top three of the HCS has been clearly defined as OpTiC Gaming, FaZe Clan, and Spacestation Gaming. As of this event, those teams are lined up in that order in the power rankings. Between those three, and the rest of the teams below them, there is a big enough skill gap to assume that the top three are going to dominate, and be shoe-ins for top three in the upcoming Majors. Even so, with some time for improvement, Gamers First (G1), Native Gaming, and Complexity all look like teams that can push their way into the upper echelon and challenge the big dogs.

2022 World Champion Ring Ceremony

With this being the first Major of the 2023 season, it was here that OpTiC Gaming were awarded their Championship rings.

OpTiC Gaming 2022 World Championship Rings

The World Champions were rewarded with some Halo engraved rings with the OpTiC Gaming logo right in the center. The stunningly beautiful rings are going to look great in succession after a few World Championships where even just pictures of them all will be a collection of its own. the question the will remain this season is whether they'll be remade is year, or is a new logo going to be engraved on the next iteration?

HCS: OpTiC Gaming Win HCS Charlotte Major
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