Joseph Downey

Joseph Downey

Joseph is Production Director and Writer with experience in the esports field. He has coached Overwatch teams in North American and Pacific Contenders, and has been an avid esports fan for years now. Outside of esports and media, he is a Business major based out of Virginia, USA.
Profit becomes the last member of Seoul Dynasty to enter free agency

OWL: Profit Leaves Seoul Dynasty

Seoul Dynasty’s final remaining player enters free agency. 2018 Overwatch League Champion Joon-yeong “Profit” Park leaves Seoul for new opportunities. Thank you, @ProfitOW #TigerNation #SeoulDynasty — Seoul Dynasty 🐯 (@SeoulDynasty) November 30, 2022

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Review

Generation 9 begins with the newest mainline Pokémon games. A new formula rejuvenates a dominant franchise that has struggled to find its identity. Pokémon GameFreak’s Pokémon games dominated the handheld market for twenty strong

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Poko looks toward the camera during as he gets ready to play a live game in the Overwatch League

OWL: Poko Retires

Gael “Poko” Gouzerch retires after five seasons in the Overwatch League. After struggling to fit himself into the Overwatch League for two years, Poko shifts direction for his career. After six years of playing

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A shot of void from behind as he walks off stage in his Shanghai Dragons jersey. The wqords "Goodbye SHD.Void" appear beside him in white and gold

OWL: Void Retires

Jun-woo “Void” Kang ends a Hall of Fame Overwatch League career after five years. After being released from the Shanghai Dragons during the 2023 offseason, Void has decided to call it quits. We wished

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OWL: LIP Transferred to Atlanta Reign

Another Eastern player comes to the Western Division to join the Atlanta Reign. Jae-won “LIP” Lee rounds out a possible DPS duo for the 2023 Atlanta Reign alongside former Seoul Dynasty DPS player Hak-yong

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Once Contenders player Christopher "ChrisTFer" Graham awarded Overwatch League Coach of the Year.

OWL: 2022 Coach of the Year ChrisTFer

Once Contenders player Christopher “ChrisTFer” Graham awarded Overwatch League Coach of the Year. To take a 1-15 franchise to Top 6 in the next years playoffs requires a Coach with not only insane knowledge

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The Owl DPS Role Stars

Overwatch League 2022 DPS Role Stars

The top four standout DPS players have been revealed for the Role Stars Overwatch League 2022. The flashiest role in the Overwatch League has its new big four. It's all over if you're in

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OWL: 2022 Support Role Stars

The top four Support players for the Overwatch 2022 season have been chosen. Without them, your favorite players simply wouldn’t be able to perform they way they do. A little medicine goes a long

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SASIN join LA Valiant

OWL: SASIN picked Up by the LA Valiant

The ex-Hangzhou Spark Off-Tank returns to the league. After a year away from the league, Sang-hyun “SASIN” Song has been picked up by LA Valiant as the sole Tank player for the team. Here’s

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Boston Uprising ITSAL

OWL: Boston Uprising Pick up ITSAL

Boston Uprising welcomes ITSAL after promoting him from their Academy. A third Tank player is added to the Boston Uprising lineup about a month before the season begins. Welcome @OWITSAL to the #BostonUprising After

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The words "Welcome Bebe" appear alongside a profile picture of Hui-chang "BeBe" Hoon in his Shanghai Dragons jersey

OWL: Dragons Pick Up BeBe

Shanghai Dragons add BeBe to fill Molly’s position. The already stacked 2021 Overwatch League Champions bolster their roster even further. The Unsung Hero Hui-chang “BeBe” Hoon was the backline heavy lifter of the Washington

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The words "Overwatch League Update" appear alongside the League's logo

Overwatch League Community Update #1

The Overwatch League returns on May 5, 2022. In the first Community Update of 2022, the Overwatch League has announced its opening day. Overwatch League 2022 Plans May 5, 2022 will be the start

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O2 Blast Partner with San Francisco Shock

Two Championship Teams Converge Two time Overwatch League Champions take three time Contenders Korea Champions under their wing. SF SHOCK X O2 BLAST We're pleased to announce our official partnership with @O2Blast_OW! Please join

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OWL: Player Highlight Diya

Legendary Hitscan player returning to the Eastern Division. After sporting the worst season in Overwatch League history, the LA Valiant decided to get serious. Their most valuable addition to the team so far is

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The Overactive Media Logo, a blue and yellow hexagon, appears against a white background with the company name beneath

Overactive Media Partners with Luxury Brand Nobis

Overactive Media announce a new apparel partnership In Overactive Media’s newest update, they’ve announced a new apparel partnership. Luxury Canadian brand Nobis has become the official outerwear brand of Toronto Ultra and Toronto Defiant.

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The names of the New York Excelsior's 2022 roster appears beneath the teams logo in bold blue and white letters

New York Excelsior 2022 Roster Reveal

The New York Excelsior unveil their 2022 roster. New York Excelsior have released what is likely to be the final 2022 roster reveal. The five player minimum roster is so far composed of four

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Former Philadelphia Fusion Overwatch League player Gael “Poko” Gouzerch points straight at the camera.

Poko Enters Overwatch League Free Agency

Like peanut butter and jelly. Poko, Carpe, Eqo. These are three names that are synonymous with the Philadelphia Fusion. It’s difficult to imagine the team without those three guys, but it’s what we’ll have

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The Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield logos appear over the Play! Pokemon logo with an in-game location faded as the background.

Pokémon VGC To Stay In Sword & Shield

Many series are still to come in Generation 8. While we play through our first non-Dynamax format in competitive Pokémon, the future of competition has been revealed! COO of the Pokémon Company, Takato Utsunomiya,

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The Overwatch League MVP trophy sits upon the stage beneath the flood lights at a previous OWL Awards

Overwatch League: MVP Prospects

Who will be the 2021 Overwatch League MVP? As MVP voting time approaches, we have to begin thinking back on the entire season. Along with us, the Overwatch League will also be looking back

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