Consus Wins GeoGuessr World Cup

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Consus Wins GeoGuessr World Cup

You read that correctly. The GeoGuessr World Cup is real, and Consus of the Netherlands is the first-ever champion.

If you thought studying geography in school was tough, imagine having to memorize the terrain of every location in the world!

GeoGuessr World Cup


These players at the GeoGuessrWorld Cup showed how familiar they were with the world around us by pinpointing each spot they saw from the ground within a certain time limit. By pinpointing the spot closest to the given image, players would take points from each others' bar depending on how much closer they were than their opponent. The game is popular online on streaming services like Twitch and YouTube, but popularity doesn't always translate to esports viewership. Luckily, the GeoGuessrhad satisfactory viewership for their event, averaging almost 60,000 viewers for their first live competition. It's popularity still holds, and it looks hopeful for the possibility of future events.

Congrats Consus!

Consus becomes the first GeoGuessr World Cup champion |

The Netherlands isn't a country that is mentioned frequently in esports, usually being restricted to attention only during the World Cup of any esport. This weekend, they had themselves awarded an esports championship all thanks to Consus. In the tournament format, consistency was key. With how many games he had to play in the tournament, there is more than enough data to say he's the most knowledgeable GeoGuessrplayer in the world. Being able to identify so many locations so consistently is beyond impressive. We'll have to see if any competitors in the future can show an even higher level of knowledge and skill. Congrats Consus on winning the first ever Geoguessr World Cup!

Consus Wins GeoGuessr World Cup
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