Halo Infinite March 19 Update Adds Networking Model, Anti-Cheat and More

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Halo Infinite March 19 Update Adds Networking Model, Anti-Cheat and More

Halo Infinite March 19 Update adds a networking overhaul, updates to the Forge mode, new anti-cheat that verifies in-game files, and more.

The March 19 update for Halo Infinite is a simple patch that isn’t large on content but massive on significant quality of life channels. The March update also ships a new networking update that intends to fix the networking issues in multiplayer, along with an ‘Easy Anti-Cheat’ that promises to contest a list of hackers and cheaters, especially ones that modify the games’ vanilla in-game files.

The Halo Infinite patch for March also adds a slew of changes to the game’s well-known Forge mode and changes the map playlist to the Squad Battle mode.

Most likely, the game will also feature a list of new content additions, which are slated to be revealed at a later date when the patch goes live. A plethora of bug and crash fixes have been deployed in the March 19 update thanks to advancements within the game’s telemetry and more.

Halo Infinite March 19 Update Squad Battle Refresh

Fans fell in love with the game’s Squad Battle Mode as soon as it was launched, as the mode allowed players to do 12v12 squad matches on a list of maps. With the March update, 343 industries look to refresh the Squad Battle MPA playlist and add several new maps, along with ‘returning classics’ such as Halo 4’s Perdition map. Here is the complete list of maps AKA the full map playlist in Halo Squad battle mode from the March 19 Update.

  • Perdition
  • Refuge
  • Timberland Evolved
  • Rendezvous
  • Gyre
  • Harvest
  • Behemoth

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Halo Infinite March 19 Update Weapon Adjustments

M392 Bandit and Evo now have increased reload speed, while the Heatwave has a reduced aim assist range and falloff range. On the other hand, the plasma pistol will have a very fast charge-up time and a faster overheat. The single-shot bail rate will remain largely unchanged with this update, but this will allow the players to take advantage of the charged shot and utilize it effectively. While the stalker rifle has a slower ventilation rate per second, the developers have decreased the number of shots required to overheat the weapon. On the other hand, the VK78 Commando has increased close-range friction, while the bloom on the weapon will be ‘more aggressive than earlier.

There are also a list of balance changes and weapon adjustments in the March 19 update for Halo Infinite, and the rest of them can be viewed by clicking on the full patch notes article here. There are nerfs to the Stalker rifle, as community feedback led the developer to deploy nerfs for the weapon.

Halo Infinite March 19 Update File Size

The Halo Infinite March 19 update file size for Xbox consoles would be 12.8 GB or less. Meanwhile, on the Microsoft Store app or Xbox app on PC, the update would be 5.4 GB or less. On Steam, the file size for the update is slightly less at a 5.2 GB download.

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