Halo Infinite December Mid-Season Update Brings Firefight PvE Mode

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Halo Infinite December Mid-Season Update Brings Firefight PvE Mode

343 Industries bring back a classic PvE mode called Firefight along with a host of other changes and updates to the Forge in Halo Infinite Season 5’s December Mid-Season update.

Halo Infinite recently surpassed Destiny 2 in terms of active users.

With the newest mid-season update, 343 have introduced a new healing item called Repair Field. Repair Field is a new kind of equipment that upon deploying, sticks to a suface and forms a zone that is capable of healing teammates, vehicles, and more.

The Repair Field is also capable of reviving downed players in modes such as Firefight: King of the Hill and Attrition. Players need to carefull place the Repair Field as it is also capable of healing enemies. The field also repairs enemy AI opponents.

The Repair Field would only be available in Halo Infinite Multiplayer games/. Th field will spawn on Equipment Pads placed on several maps, including all the maps released prior to the massive Season 5 update. The Repair Field would also be available to use in the various game modes halo Infinite has to offer, including Custom Games, Forge, and Academy's Training Mode.

New PvE Mode: Firefight King of the Hill

  • Instead, the Extraction Device itself now emits an audio cue, so players must remain nearby to hear whether enemies are converting the Extraction Device.
  • In Ranked Extraction, the game will no longer display Extraction Device's activation or conversion in the HUD. This in turn will require players to constantly check the capture zone to know whether an the opponent is activating or converting the Extraction Device.

The newest mid-season update also adds a series of new coatings that cna be used on any weapon, armor or vehicle. This also includes all the coatings released prior to the mid-season update, in the past update as well. The update adds about 94 Armor Coatings, 45 Weapon Coatings, and 24 Vehicle Coatings.

  • Aureate Midnight
  • Aureate Noon
  • Censor Link
  • Citrus Ink
  • Cordovan Thunder
  • Espressor Expedition
  • Flash Fjord
  • Grullo Orange
  • Gurkha Pines
  • Khaki Runway
  • Liberty Clad
  • Mine Shaft
  • Misty Drab
  • Mystic Shark
  • Neon Superfly
  • Noble Principle
  • Old Ironstone
  • Point Bombardment
  • Scrum Lizard

  • Snow Bird
  • Splinter Desert
  • Wheat Cedar
  • Woodland Tradewinds
  • Zodiac River

The full list of Multi-core coatings can be found in the offical mid-season update blog post. The update adds a total of 163 coatings in total.

Skull nodes

The newest update also introduces Skull nodes. What are Skulls? Skulls are basically gameplay modifiers in halo Infinite’s campaig. They can now be added in multiplyer maps with the help of Forge mode’s Node Graph menu. The full list of supported Skulls includes:

  • Bandana: This node enables the player to get unlimited weapon ammo and grenades, removing equipment cooldown.
  • Black Eye: Your shields only recharge when you melee enemies.
  • Blind: Heads-up display (HUD) and weapon do not display onscreen.
  • Boom: Explosion radius is doubled.
  • Catch: This causes enemy players throw and drop more grenades.
  • Cowbell: Increases Acceleration from explosions.
  • Famine: This node halves the ammo in weapons dropped by enemies.
  • Fog: This option turns off motion tracker.
  • Grunt Birthday Party: Grunt headshots will now turn into glorious celebrations with this specific skull node.
  • Mythic: This increases enemy health.
  • Thunderstorm:  This node upgrades the rank of most enemies.

Halo Infinite December Mid-Season Update File Size

On Xbox consoles the update has a file size of  5.3 GB. On the other hand, the mid-season Halo Infinite patch has a file size of 5.4GB on the Microsoft Store app or Xbox app. Meanwhile PC users on Steam can download the update in about 2.9 GB.

The Halo Infinite December Mid-Season update for Season 5 should be available on live servers for Xbox and PC platforms by Wednesday, December 6.

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