BoomTV Hosting $25K Halo Infinite Community Gauntlet

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BoomTV Hosting $25K Halo Infinite Community Gauntlet

HCS 2023 may have concluded, but Halo Esports in 2023 is far from over! BoomTV is hosting a $25K Halo event you don't want to miss.

Powered by Mountain Dew Gaming, BoomTV will host a Halo Infinite Community Gauntlet beginning November 16 at 3 PM PST and running through November 17. 

Tournament Format

A maximum of 64 teams of four can compete in the Halo Infinite Community Gauntlet, and signups are open now. At least one member of every team must be in the GAME FUEL® Community Gauntlet Discord to participate. This event is for NA teams only. 

On Day 1, the 64 teams will face off until the Community Gauntlet is down to the Top 12 teams. For applicable teams, HCS points may apply, though, for those where they do not, those teams will receive random seedings. 

On Day 2, those teams will split into Winners Bracket and Losers Bracket. The Losers Bracket will use a Best of 3 format, while the Winners Bracket and Grand Finals will be Best of 5. 

Maps, Map Modes, and Mode Order

The Halo Infinite Community Gauntlet will use three game modes:

  • Ranked:CTD 3 Capture
  • Ranked:Oddball
  • Ranked:Slayer 

These games will take place across seven maps, though not all game modes will take place on all seven maps:

  1. Banished Narrows – Capture the Flag
  2. Banished Narrow – Slayer
  3. Cliffside – Oddball
  4. Cliffside – Slayer
  5. Critical Dewpoint – Slayer
  6. Domicile – Slayer
  7. High Ground – Oddball
  8. Sylvanus – Oddball
  9. Sylvanus – Slayer
  10. The Pit – Capture the Flag
  11. The Pit – Slayer

The mode order for games will go as follows:

  1. Game 1: Objective
  2. Game 2: Slayer
  3. Game 3: Objective
  4. Game 4: Objective
  5. Game 5: Slayer

Prize Pool

With a $25K prize pool overall, the Top 4 teams will take home the green:

1st place: $12,000

2nd place: $6,000

3rd place: $4,000

4th place: $2,000

Additionally, the hosts will pick a tournament MVP from the Top 4 teams. That player will receive an additional $1,000 and an MTN DEW Game Fuel Trophy.

Expect Twitch drops and chat giveaways for the fans who tune in to the action. Details are still forthcoming.

BoomTV Hosting $25K Halo Infinite Community Gauntlet
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