Halo Infinite: How to Earn HCS Anaheim Twitch Drops

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Halo Infinite: How to Earn HCS Anaheim Twitch Drops

This weekend, the Halo Championship Series (HCS) heads to Anaheim, California, for the first North American regional competition.

Sixteen teams earned the right — either through HCS Raleigh or the HCS Anaheim Online Qualifier — to compete for a share of $125K USD. The tournament features Halo Infinite’s best teams, including Raleigh Champions Cloud9 and top contenders OpTic Gaming and Sentinels. 

The action kicks off on Friday, February 11, and the HCS announced today that Twitch Drops would be available to viewers. Please join ESTNN as we look at the unlockable rewards you can earn throughout the weekend. 

How to Earn HCS Anaheim Twitch Drops

The HCS generously offers five in-game rewards for viewers to unlock this weekend. Those items include a Nameplate, Celebration and three weapon skins. You can earn all four by linking your Twitch account to your Halo Waypoint profile. 

Head over to this website to see how you can accomplish this step. You must tune into a verified stream to secure all five items—we’ll explain that more below. 

Here are the rewards available during HCS Anaheim this weekend and how to unlock them:

  • Championship Chalice Nameplate & Emblem — Watch for one hour (available only on February 13 during Grand Finals)
  • HCS Celebration — Watch for one hour (must view a partnered co-stream)
  • HCS Winter Assault Rifle — Watch for one hour
  • HCS Winter Sidekick — Watch for two hours
  • HCS Winter Battle Rifle — Watch for three hours

Verified Streams to Watch

The HCS indicated that its three primary Twitch streams would offer Twitch Drops for viewers throughout the weekend. Additionally, the league allows partnered co-streamers to watch and commentate on the event on their channel. It’s unclear how this process works, and the HCS plans to explain this thoroughly later in the week. 

For now, here are the three official HCS broadcast links: 

That’s all the information you’ll need to know to gather free Twitch Drops during HCS Anaheim. Be sure to tune in throughout the weekend and proudly use the items above in Halo Infinite. 

Stay tuned for more Halo Infinite news and updates!

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