11 Best Games Like Fortnite – Titles that Capture fun of BR

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11 Best Games Like Fortnite – Titles that Capture fun of BR

Are there any games like Fortnite? While not an exact replica, there are plenty of titles similar to Fortnite which hit the spot when you don’t feel like playing the main game.

Fortnite has been one of the standout games of the last decade, possibly one of the most important in the history of gaming when you consider its broader impact. Between Battle Royale, every creative mode with UnrealFN and a ton of crossovers, it seems like there’s nothing the game can’t do. While it can feel like Fortnite is attempting to become the only game you need to play, what about the occasions when you want to jump into something else? Are there games like Fortnite which can come close to scratching that itch?

All fans of the Battle Royale have likely been here at some point. You’re not a big fan of the current meta, an event going on, you’ve ran out of quests, or just plain burnt out by winning too many games of Fortnite, or so you tell people. In those cases, titles similar to Fortnite can be a great change of pace.

We’ve rounded up some of the best games like Fortnite that are available at the moment. These each have a similarity to one element of Fortnite. There aren’t really any games that can do everything that Fortnite does, but each of these can help give you something to enjoy if you’re looking for more of a certain slice of Fortnite gameplay:

Best Games like Fortnite

11. Overwatch 2 – Top Free Games Like Fortnite

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Overwatch 2 has a lot in common with more traditional shooters, but it might have something to offer Fortnite fans. This is another free-to-play shooter which anyone can jump into. Much like Fortnite, there’s room to really drill down if you want to get into the mechanics of the game. It also has crossovers (not as polished as FN’s but it’s something) and a similar seasonal Battle Pass grind. It won’t be for everyone who’s a fan of Battle Royale but OW is worth checking out even in 2023.

10. World Boss

Best Games Like Fortnite

World Boss is a bit of a weird case in games like Fortnite as it's pretty obviously inspired by it. This was a game dreamed up by two Fortnite content creators.

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It’s designed to be a fun experience that feels similar to some of the Fortnite meme strats or more creative ways to play in Fortnite. As a smaller game, it can be a bit janky, but if you’re fond of the more carefree and fun sides of Fortnite then World Boss is worth checking out.


PUBG Esports

PUBG is strange to mention as games similar to Fortnite, since it came before. This was the first Battle Royale game to really popularise the genre. It’s since faded from view a bit but in the time since Fortnite began, it’s actually become pretty polished.

It has more realistic gunplay, but the same sense of fun and challenge to be the last man standing as Fortnite does. It’s one of the Battle Royale games like Fortnite that is still innovating on the BR formula.

8. Among Us

An ingame screen grab of the spaceship's helm in Among Us map

This one isn’t really a game like Fortnite in the traditional sense. It’s not going to be a title that has the same style of gameplay, but it is basically the same as FN’s old limited-time mode Imposters. (Which was a blatant carbon copy of Fortnite) What Among Us really has in common is the social aspects of Fortnite.

If you like the opportunities for fun collaborative gameplay you get in Fortnite, then the murder mystery Among Us will be up your street. It’s basically the plot of the Thing but applied to a game. In the time since its popularity spiked virally, it’s had a few expansions and become a much more polished game.

7. Tetris 99

Best Games Like Fortnite

Tetris 99 is a Nintendo Switch exclusive Battle Royale which is a lot more fun than its premise sounds. It’s Tetris. But against 99 other players.

As you finish lines, you’ll send junk blocks to other screens. Try to clear your junk and knock out other opponents. It turns the classic puzzle into something you can play competitively for hours and hours. Definitely one of the games like Fortnite that are the hardest to put down. This kind of ast Tetris action is something you can’t even get in the Creative mode yet.

6. 1V1 Lol

Best Games Like Fortnite

1V1 Lol is a bit of a special case in games like Fortnite. This basically is Fortnite, or Fortnite 1v1s at least.

It’s a simplistic-looking game which recreates the mechanics of Fortnite Battle Royale. It’s particularly useful as a training tool for FN, letting you duel with other players. Despite its kind of goofy appearance, this is actually a great game if you’re into the more competitive side of Fortnite.

There are all the more serious game modes like build fights and zone wars, plus a Battle Royale. Great if you specifically want Battle Royale games like Fortnite. 1V1 might look a little goofy, but it’s actually just the hardcore mechanics of Fortnite with all of the eye-catching novelties stripped out.

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5. Population: One – Best VR Games Like Fortnite

Best Games Like Fortnite

Population One is a title which is basically just Fortnite, but VR. It’s a BR game which is in first-person and virtual reality.

The gunplay is a bit more realistic than what you’d be used to in Fortnite. If you’re looking for a more immersive BR experience, then this is one of the best of the games like Fortnite for you.

4. Fall Guys – Party Games Similar to Fortnite

Fortnite X Destiny

Fall Guys is another title published by Epic Games which has an awful lot in common with Fortnite. It’s a Battle Royale which resembles wacky game shows like Takeshi’s Castle. Players are small bean people, competing in round after round of simple games to find a winner.

Much like FN, this game has tons of skins, a Battle Pass, and lengthy games where you try to be the last man standing. It’s one of the games like Fortnite that comes the closest to the overall experience, minus the actual gameplay!

3. Warzone – Best Battle Royale Games like Fortnite

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Warzone is probably the biggest competitor in Battle Royale games like Fortnite, on and off. It’s another BR with a very similar setup. Its biggest difference is that Warzone is a Call of Duty game. The title has similar gunplay and mechanics to the main CoD series. Players loot only till they grab their loadouts, and then compete to be the last man alive. It’s a fun change from what Fortnite did with the genre. 

2. Roblox – Best Sandbox Games Like Fortnite

Best Games Like Fortnite

Roblox is one of the games like Fortnite which is the most like the creative side of the game. It’s a platform where players create different game modes to play in. It’s very close to what Epic has been turning Fortnite into since the release of UnrealFN Editor maps. This isn’t one of the games similar to Fortnite that will be for everyone. If you spend more time in creative than Battle Royale though this is the only pick.

1. Apex Legends – Best BR Games Like Fortnite

Revenant Apex Legends Abilities

Apex Legends is one of the main most popular Battle Royales, along with Warzone Apex is probably the biggest competitor to FN. Apex has a few major differences though. It’s a Hero shooter for a start. Along with finding weapons around the map you’ll need to use Hero abilities throughout the game, kind of like Overwatch. Otherwise, the structure of the game is very close to Fortnite though. Apex is a great game, and it’s probably the closest overall experience to Fortnite right now.

11 Best Games Like Fortnite – Titles that Capture fun of BR
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