Fortnite Memes – 10 Best Memes from Fortnite

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Fortnite Memes – 10 Best Memes from Fortnite

What are the best Fortnite memes? We’ve picked out the biggest and best memes from Fortnite that have been generated over four Chapters of the game.

Fortnite is far and away one of the most popular games out there, with a huge player base. As a title that’s had such a long history, players have built up quite a few different jokes and in references. When it comes to Fortnite memes, there are loads we could mention here. It’s an area where most games tend to generate a few memes that make it mainstream, but Fortnite has contributed more than its fair share.

Fortnite memes are an interesting look at how the game’s developed and changed over the years. There are the normal Fortnite memes gifs and image macros that we’ve seen over the years. However, Fortnite has also developed an entire ecosystem of meme strats. Essentially, players dropping into games and just doing memes in the hope it ends up in a win! There are tons of memes from Fortnite we could highlight over the last few chapters.

We’ll run you through 10 of our favorite Fortnite meme gifs along with normal memes, for a taste of some of the best memes from Fortnite that we’ve seen over the past few years.

Best Fortnite Memes

10. 90s

Best Fortnite Memes

One of Fortnite’s oldest memes is cranking 90s. Makes you picture children busting out builds at high speeds off the back of 8 hours a day in creative training maps. It’s hard to remember sometimes, but 90s were basically a meme at first. Even if they’ve now become a key part of how to build in Fortnite. 90s were one of the first really widespread Fortnite memes.

9. The Rock

The Rock in Fortnite led to quite a few different memes becoming popular. From the statue of the Rock itself to a sped-up version of a song that Fortnite content creators used pretty heavily in that season!  There’s even a good few Fortnite meme gifs of the character.

8. The Disguise Fortnite Memes Strat

Best Fortnite Memes

One of the memes from Fortnite that’s become an entire strategy has gotten a new twist in Chapter 4 Season 4, is a re-visit of an old classic. Using skins to hide in the map. Players discovered a weird bit of water where you could hide as a fishstick skin as an actual fish! One of the better Fortnite meme strats we’ve seen.

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7. The Ninja Plunger

Ninja was one of the major Fortnite streamers to rise to the top of the game when it launched. His enthusiasm for Fortnite in Chapter 1 was so strong that he was literally begging Epic to put more items in for him to buy. He even said he’d buy a plunger. In the next update, we saw a new pick axe hit the game. A Plunger with a ninja’s katana attached, a clear reference to the streamer.

6. The Tombstone

Best Fortnite Memes

One of the most famous Fortnite memes was a player who fell to their death. They tumbled off the side of the map on to a small ledge at the very start of the game. They had no resources or way to climb back up Another player staged a rescue attempt in an attempt to bring them back up, which ultimately failed. Eventually, Epic added in a little tombstone to commemorate them. The rescue attempt is still one of the more popular Fortnite meme gifs.

5. The Covered Bridge – Best Memes from Fortnite

The launch of Fortnite spawned a complete craze, especially among younger players. This led to plenty of cash in material like guidebooks or generally quickly produced, shoddily written, amazon-published books of woefully unresearched tips. One quick attempt to flog a book from a trending game ended up generating a few big memes when YouTubers discovered its ill-researched advice.

Maybe the most famous part of this advice was instructing players to build a bridge over any water they see. A wasteful and pointless exercise when you can go through water. Made worse by the “better version” of that bridge, the covered bridge. A build-gobbling construction to protect you from sniper fire by making each tile you cross take 5 x the amount of time it should. Some players have actually managed to perform well with the covered bridge though.

4. The Skybase

Best Fortnite Memes

This might be a bit high up on a list of best Fortnite memes for a meme strat. However, they can’t all be Fortnite mem gifs and the meme strats have become a major selling point of the game. Players love finding weird and fun ways to explore the game to try to win games of Fortnite. The skybase means building your way to max height and then attempting to to sit up there, unnoticed by players below, until you get your Victory Royale. There have been tons of variations and it has become a key part of Fortnite meme strats.

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3. Trap Tower

This is an in-game play which went on to become one of the most popular Fortnite memes. It all goes back to Chapter 1 of Fortnite’s history. SypherPK set up a tower of builds with a launchpad, but with some hidden traps. He dubbed it the trap tower, and then simply waited for someone to fall for it.

This is a classic Fortnite meme that’s always funny to see again. However, the original video itself is pretty good too. SypherPK has made a lot out of this meme over the years too, even using similar items to promote his Icon Series Fortnite skin.

2. Peely Dabbing (The Shame Fortnite Meme GIFs)

Best Fortnite Memes

Another of the top Fortnite Meme gifs is Peely dabbing. Peely Fortnite memes could basically fill a list of the top 100 by themselves. He just lends himself to them. Even Epic gets involved, finding a to of different ways to hurt Peely in most of the Fortnite cutscenes.

In this Fortnite meme gif, we see someone dressed in a full-sized Peely costume. They’re dabbing in front of their computer. It’s the kind of meme that plays heavily on cringe culture, which takes a step up when the door opens behind him.

What’s great about this Fortnite meme is how much of a story it seems to get across in such a short time. The central Peely cosplayer has a lot you can infer just from his surroundings and the response from those who walk in. It’s one of the best memes from Fortnite. It's fittingly now named “The Shame.”

1. Fishstick Takes Revenge


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One of the most impressive Fortnite meme gifs is this short clip, of Fishstick taking his revenge on players. This is a great meme that combines fantastic editing with a really unique idea. We see Fishstick disappear from the game bursting through the door, only for the players to turn around and see that Fishstick have made it into the real world too.

This is definitely up there in the best Fortnite meme gifs. It’s not too complicated. It makes sense for dedicated Fortnite players, but also for those who don’t know the game that well. This all makes it a great pick for the best Fortnite memes.

Fortnite Memes – 10 Best Memes from Fortnite
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