Fun Counters for Support Heroes in 7.33C Patch

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Fun Counters for Support Heroes in 7.33C Patch

You can choose these heroes to counter nukers and support heroes in the 7.33c patch for Dota 2.

Many people like to play support heroes to make it hard to farm gold in the lane. Support heroes have a high mana pool that lets them cast multiple spells during battles to deal damage to you and your allies in Dota 2 matches. Picking heroes to counter support heroes can be pivotal to claiming victory in your games.

Playing counter heroes against enemies in support roles can be more fun than playing carry heroes in certain matches. Esports tournaments and competitions that feature Dota 2 require players to be able to counter nukers in their lanes with items and builds to resist being destroyed in team fights.

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Take a look at these fun counter picks to help you defeat support heroes with ease in the new update for the strategy game.


Anti-Mage chases Lion using Blink to counter the support hero

Anti-Mage is an unmistakable counter against support heroes in Dota 2. He can attack support heroes with physical hits to run them dry of their mana in battles. Each hit from Anti-Mage can burn up to 40 mana per hit, dealing bonus damage to support heroes. Enemies with no mana left in their mana pool will be slowed by 40% by taking damage from the Agility hero, letting Anti-Mage deliver last hits for earning bonus gold in the 7.33c patch.

He can use Blink to teleport up to a distance of 1200, making leaps towards enemy heroes to chase them down in battles. The low cooldown of Blink allows Anti-Mage to escape from enemy encounters without taking lethal amounts of damage from them in Dota 2 matches. He can quickly enter into battles against support heroes like Lion, Shadow Shaman, and Dazzle to drain their mana in his lane. He can land a few hits with his blade to burn plenty of mana from his opponents using the passive ability, Mana Break.

Once the Agility hero closes in on support heroes to fight them, you can use the ability Counterspell to reflect any incoming spells that are targeted at Anti-Mage. Counterspell lasts for up to 1.2 seconds, making Anti-Mage an amazing choice to fight support heroes in battles. He can easily dodge spells like Hex and Shackles by using Counterspell in team fights. Counterspell has a low mana cost of 45, letting Anti-Mage use it frequently to attack support heroes in his lane.

You can buy a Vanguard for Anti-Mage to increase his health by 250 and his health regeneration by 4.75. He can block a ton of damage from enemy attacks by equipping a Vanguard in his inventory. Vanguard costs 1700 gold in the game. You can upgrade a Vanguard with a Skull Basher to complete an Abyssal Blade. Anti-Mage can stun support heroes with his attacks to deal bonus damage with an Abyssal Blade in battles to increase his kill counts.

Anti-Mage can purchase a Manta Style to further distract support heroes in the 7.33c patch. Manta Style increases the attack speed of Anti-Mage, letting him decimate enemies within seconds. Anti-Mage can activate Manta Style to create 2 illusions that deal plenty of damage to support heroes. The images summoned using Manta Style can also burn the mana of enemy heroes while playing Anti-Mage in the game.

People can deal damage to multiple support heroes around Anti-Mage by purchasing a Battle Fury. The item grants up to 60 attack damage to Anti-Mage and provides Cleave to cut across enemy heroes in battles. You can pair a Battle Fury with a Manta Style to mutilate enemy heroes in the new update. Anti-Mage can strike support heroes with Battle Fury and cast his ulti, Mana Void, to deal 1.1 damage for each missing mana point. Mana Void can severely restrain the abilities of nukers in battles, limiting the use of spells from the enemy team. His ulti has a cooldown of 70 seconds that can be reduced by 50 seconds at level 25.

Night Stalker

Night Stalker uses Crippling Fear against Vengeful Spirit

Night Stalker can baffle support heroes in the latest version of the game. He can storm into lanes at night to destroy Intelligence heroes. The passive ability, Hunter in the Night, provides bonus movement speed and attack speed during the night. Night Stalker can buy early game items like a Phase Boots to annihilate support heroes in battles before the game hits the 10-minute mark.

You can nuke support heroes with Void to deal over 300 damage to your enemies with Night Stalker. Void reduces the movement speed of his opponents by 50% for 4 seconds at night, giving him plenty of time to deal damage with his physical attacks. He can cast Crippling Fear to silence enemy heroes around him for 6 seconds at night, making it easier to kill support heroes in the 7.33c patch.

The Strength hero can purchase a Diffusal Blade to gain 15 Agility and 10 Intelligence. Night Stalker can use a Diffusal Blade on support heroes to burn their mana with each hit. The bonus attack speed provided at night makes Diffusal Blade a reliable item for Night Stalker against enemy heroes. He can slow enemies for a few seconds using Diffusal Blade to get fast kills in team fights.

Night Stalker can turn the time of the match to night at any time using Dark Ascension. His ulti lets Night Stalker deal a bonus damage of 150 during the night, allowing the melee hero to squash his enemies. Support heroes like Zeus, Enchantress, and Vengeful Spirit can be countered by using Crippling Fear to prevent them from using their abilities.


Bloodseeker can be an ultimate pick against nukers in Dota 2. He can increase his attack speed using Bloodrage to gain 150 attack speed for 8 seconds. You can buy a Mage Slayer for Bloodseeker to counter multiple support heroes in the enemy team. Mage Slayer provides plenty of attack damage and attack speed to Bloodseeker to destroy Intelligence heroes in his matches. The item also causes support heroes to deal 35% less damage from their spells for 6 seconds after being hit by Bloodseeker in battles.

You can cast Blood Rite on support heroes to silence them for 6 seconds. Enemy units hit by Blood Rite take 240 Pure damage from Bloodseeker. He can use his ulti Rupture to prevent support heroes from moving out of battles. He can easily chase his enemies after they lose a significant amount of their health by
leveling up Thirst.

The carry hero can buy a Desolator to penetrate the armor of support heroes. He can reduce the armor of his enemies by 6 with his physical attacks after buying a Desolator. Bloodseeker gains 50 attack damage from the item. You can also buy a Sange and Yasha for Bloodseeker to gain 20% status resistance against spells from support heroes in the enemy team. Sange and Yasha provides plenty of movement speed to let Bloodseeker reach battles on time to get more kills in his matches.


Silencer uses Global Silence to attack the enemy team

Silencer can punish support heroes in his lanes with Arcane Curse. He can cast Arcane Curse on enemy heroes to deal loads of damage and restrain their movement. You can buy items like a Rod of Atos to root enemies for 2 seconds to land more hits with Silencer.

The Intelligence hero can level up Glaives of Wisdom to deal Pure damage per hit based on his Intelligence attributes. The Last Word ability can be used on support heroes to silence them for up to 6 seconds, dealing over 240 damage per cast.

You can prevent all the enemy heroes from casting their spells for 6 seconds using Global Silence. His ulti has a cooldown of 100 seconds and can be used to initiate team fights. Support heroes like Lion, Dark Willow, and Venomancer will be unable to harass your allies with Silencer in your team.

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