Best Counters for Carry Heroes in 7.33C Patch

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Best Counters for Carry Heroes in 7.33C Patch

Carry heroes in Dota 2 can be countered by picking these heroes in the 7.33c patch.

Many people play Dota 2 to have fun with their friends. Playing different roles for your team can help the team win more matches online. Carry heroes can be particularly tough to beat during the later stages of the game. Picking heroes to prevent carry heroes from farming in lanes can do wonders for your team.

There are loads of items and abilities available in the strategy game to restrain carry heroes from leveling up. You can play heroes that can cast spells to reduce the attack damage of carry heroes to minimize the damage dealt by them during battles. Players can choose disablers to avoid getting killed by carry heroes early in Dota 2 matches. You can also pick nukers to deal a considerable amount of damage in lanes to carry heroes.

Take a look at the best counters for carry heroes that are available in Dota 2.


Bane counters carry hero with Fiend's Grip

Bane is a Universal hero that you can rely on to turn the tide of battles in the new update. He can put carry heroes to sleep in lanes using Nightmare to disable them for 6.5 seconds. Bane can cast Nightmare frequently in his lane to deny creeps, making it harder for carry heroes to earn gold and experience.

You can level up Enfeeble to counter carry heroes early in Dota 2 matches. Bane can use Enfeeble on heroes like Troll Warlord, Night Stalker, Arc Warden, and Bloodseeker to reduce their damage per hit. Enemy units affected by Enfeeble have their attack damage decreased by 70% for 9 seconds. Bane can use Enfeeble once every 7 seconds to prevent carry heroes from attacking your allies for easy kills.

He can cast Enfeeble on carry heroes like Faceless Void to limit his effectiveness inside a Chronosphere. Faceless Void might not be able to kill multiple enemy heroes within the duration of his ulti after having Enfeeble cast on him by Bane.

The ranged hero can absorb the health of his enemies by using Brain Sap while farming for gold in his lane. Brain Sap deals 300 damage, making him a strong nuker against carry heroes. Most of his spells, including Brain Sap, Enfeeble, and Fiend’s Grip deal Pure damage, penetrating the armor of carry heroes in the 7.33c patch. Brain Sap has a cooldown of 11 seconds and consumes 160 mana. You can reduce the cooldown of Brain Sap by 2 seconds at level 10, allowing Bane to use his ability often during his matches.

Bane can buy an Aether Lens for 2275 gold. Aether Lens provides 300 mana and 2.5 mana regeneration to Bane, increasing the total amount of spells he can use in battles. The item also increases the cast range of his abilities and items by 225.

You can disable carry heroes like Spectre and Sven by using Fiend’s Grip with Bane. His ulti can hold carry heroes in place for up to 5.8 seconds, letting his allies deal tons of damage to their enemies. Heroes like Spectre can be prevented from using spells like Spectral Dagger and Haunt during battles after having Fiend’s Grip cast on them.

Bane can use Fiend’s Grip on Sven after he uses God’s Strength to avoid having his team obliterated in team fights. Sven might use a Blink Dagger or have his ability, Storm Hammer, upgraded with an Aghanim’s Scepter to enter battles without alerting your allies. Bane can use abilities like Enfeeble and Nightmare on Sven before casting Fiend’s Grip to severely disable Sven in Dota 2.


Axe taunts carry heroes to counter them with Berserker's Call

Axe is a major Strength hero in the game. He can taunt carry heroes with his abilities to force them to attack Axe. The melee hero can return Pure damage to enemy heroes by maxing out Counter Helix in Dota 2.

You can purchase items like a Blink Dagger and a Blade Mail to destroy carry heroes within seconds. Axe can initiate team fights by blinking into position and activating Berserker’s Call to tank damage from carry heroes. Berserker’s Call provides up to 25 bonus armor, reducing the amount of damage dealt by enemy heroes. You can turn on Blade Mail after using Berserker’s Call to wipe out carry heroes with ease.

Axe can use a Harpoon in the 7.33c patch to latch onto carry heroes from a distance of 1000. Once the Strength hero is closer to carry heroes using Harpoon, he can cast Battle Hunger to deal 25 damage per second (DPS) for 12 seconds. Enemy heroes have their movement speed reduced by 35% after being affected by
Battle Hunger.

Carry heroes with low health can be eliminated using Culling Blade. Axe can deal 450 Pure damage to carry heroes to instantly destroy his enemies in battles. A successful kill made with Culling Blade can permanently increase the armor of Axe with each kill.

You can increase the durability of Axe against carry heroes by purchasing a Heart of Tarrasque. Axe gains 40 Strength, 250 health, and a portion of his max health as health regeneration after buying the item. Carry heroes will definitely think twice before attacking Axe in Dota 2 matches with a Heart of Tarrasque in his inventory.


Bristleback can decimate carry heroes with his abilities. He has a base health of 604 and gains 2.5 Strength per level, providing plenty of health to Bristleback. You can buy a Magic Wand for Bristleback to nuke multiple enemy heroes in lanes. Early game items like a Headdress and Ring of Basilius can help restore health and mana to Bristleback in his matches.

He can cast Quill Spray to deal an initial damage of 85 and an additional damage of 34 per stack. Bristleback can stack Quill Sprays multiple times to drain the health of carry heroes. Quill Spray affects all enemy units around Bristleback in a radius of 700. The low cooldown of Quill Spray makes it easier to nuke carry heroes throughout the match.

Bristleback can cast Viscous Nasal Goo on carry heroes to reduce their armor. Each instance of Viscous Nasal Goo can decrease the armor of enemy heroes by 3 per stack, helping Bristleback and his teammates mitigate carry heroes in lanes. You can max out his passive ability, Bristleback, to decrease damage from incoming attacks dealt to his rear by 40%. Buying items like a Vanguard can drastically improve the survivability of Bristleback against carry heroes.


Enigma uses Black Hole to counter carry heroes

Enigma can be a resourceful hero in team fights. He can stun enemy heroes using Malefice to deal 100 damage per hit. Carry heroes can take up to 300 damage from Malefice and get stunned multiple times in lanes. He can convert allied creeps into Eidolons using Demonic Conversion to deny experience to carry heroes.

The Universal hero can cast Malefice on carry heroes like Chaos Knight and Wraith King to prevent them from landing critical hits on your allies. The Eidolons created in lanes can be controlled to hit carry heroes stunned by Enigma to deal bonus damage.

He can cast his ulti, Black Hole, on enemy units in a radius of 420. Enigma can disable carry heroes around him using Black Hole for 4 seconds, allowing his teammates to destroy the enemy team. You can use Midnight Pulse before casting Black Hole to deal loads of damage to carry heroes based on their current health.

Enigma can purchase a Refresher Orb for 5000 gold to mitigate carry heroes in his matches. Refresher Orb resets the cooldown of his abilities, letting Enigma cast abilities like Malefice and Black Hole twice in battles.


Beastmaster can hurl his axes at his enemies to deal 130 damage per axe. He can hit carry heroes like Mirana and Weaver using Wild Axes from a distance of 1500 units. Wild Axes requires 50 mana per cast, letting Beastmaster nuke his opponents in lanes with his ability.

He can summon a Wild Hawk to gain vision over an area of 900 around the map. Beastmaster can stay vigilant of enemy attacks from carry heroes by using Wild Hawks frequently throughout his matches. He can disrupt carry heroes like Phantom Assassin and Windranger by casting his ulti, Primal Roar. Beastmaster can stun carry heroes for 3.8 seconds, giving his team a chance to strike back at the enemy team during battles. Primal Roar can be used to shove enemies aside while targeting carry heroes during team fights in Dota 2.

Beastmaster can purchase a Heaven’s Halberd to disarm carry heroes. He can use the item to prevent carry heroes like Ursa and Anti-Mage from attacking your allies for 3 seconds. Heaven’s Halberd also provides 20% evasion to Beastmaster, causing attacks from carry heroes to miss in battles.

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