Fortnite X Destiny 2, Bungie Jump(s) Into Fortnite

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Fortnite X Destiny 2, Bungie Jump(s) Into Fortnite

Fortnite x Destiny 2 is going to be a huge collab, with special content hitting three different games.

A rumored Fortnite collab has just been confirmed, with the Fortnite X Destiny 2 event! This is going to be a big crossover. There are skins, maps, and more coming to the game. It’ll bring characters from Destiny 2 to Fortnite, but also to Fall Guys, along with some Fortnite characters actually moving into Destiny 2.

This newest crossover comes just days after Epic’s biggest collab to date hit the game. Weirdly, it’s also mid-way through teasing for another collab. Those who primarily like Fortnite for its wacky mismatched lobby screens are having a big month.

Bungie’s Destiny 2 is in a busy period right now too. The game is gearing up for the eventual release of Lightfall, the next expansion, coming in 2023. This is what’s coming to the game with the Fortnite X Destiny 2 crossover, to the Battle Royale, Fall Guys, and Destiny 2: 

Fortnite X Destiny 2 Collaboration

Fortnite X Destiny

The Fortnite X Destiny 2 crossover has just been announced. There are new skins coming to the game that bring Bungie’s character into the world of Fortnite. These will be item shop skins. There are main skins, but alongside the actual characters, they’ll be accessories like gliders that players can grab too. These are the skins.

  • Commander Zavala
  • Ikora Rey
  • Exo Stranger
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All of these skins are coming to Fortnite on August 23rd. They’ll hit the item shop, rather than being a wholesale new update to the game. There’s more Destiny content coming, though.

The collab leaked over the weekend, with fans learning of the Fortnite x Destiny collab. It’s surprising timing for the Fortnite crossover. Coming so soon after the Dragon Ball Super event. However, given the runaway success of that collaboration, it’s no surprise that epic is continuing to bring more and more worlds into Fortnite.

The announcement leaking was a crossover of its own in a weird way. A major Fortnite leaker talked about the collab roughly in line with a known Destiny dataminer. Fan spoiler accounts were thrown together in the days before the announcement, preceding the game itself throwing these communities together.

The entire Destiny X Fortnite crossover will celebrate the game hitting the Epic Games Store. The event was unveiled by Bungie along with more details for Lightfall. This is going to be the next stage for Destiny 2, continuing the game in 2023, but there is something new for Destiny first.

Destiny 2 Gets Fortnite Skins

Fortnite X Destiny

As well as Fortnite getting Destiny content, it’s going both ways. Destiny 2 will get Fortnite skins.

Players in Destiny will have access to Fortnite skins as universal ornaments. This is a peculiar case that hasn’t really happened before. Epic usually loves bringing characters into Fortnite, but it doesn’t normally go both ways with any of Epic’s characters moving over. The skins coming to Destiny are even some of the rarest and most iconic in Fortnite. It’s not Jonesy or Peely. They are more serious looks to match Destiny 2.

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Fortnite X Destiny

Fortnite X Destiny going both ways adds an extra layer to this crossover. The skins shown off so far include some of the most legendary Battle Pass skins from the first Chapter of the game.

Game Modes in Fortnite X Destiny

The crossover is going to have some Bungie and Fortnite-sponsored creative maps added in. There is going to be a map based on Javelin-4 and a mode similar to Crucible’s player-v-s-Player. These will be recreations in creative mode.

Fall Guys x Destiny

Fortnite X Destiny

The Fortnite X Destiny 2 collab isn’t the only Epic game to get the crossover treatment. The franchise will also be coming to Fall guys. This game will feature Destiny skins too. Fall Guy’s crossovers aren’t as expansive as Fortnite’s normal mash-up content, but it’s nice to see Epic taking the same approach to their two main free-to-play platforms.

Fortnite X Destiny 2, Bungie Jump(s) Into Fortnite
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