Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: Everything New This Week

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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: Everything New This Week

The weekly reset brings a new Dungeon and Raid each week thta players can partake in to receive loot. The featured Dungeon and Raid each week reward players with tons of loot and Pinnacle Gear drops, Artifice Armor.

Nightfall: Hero
Shielded Foes
You will face combatant with Arc, Solar, & Void.
Hero Modifiers
Extra shields, Maximum Effective Level 1765
Champion Foes
You will face Barrier & Unstoppable Champions.
Arc Threat
25% increase to incoming Arc damage.
When defeated, Psions spawn Void grenades at their feet.
Overcharged Weapons
Weapon overcharges from the Seasonal Activity are activity in this activity. Kinetic weapons deal increased damage when your subclass element matches an active surge.
Strand Surge
25% bonus to outgoing Strand damage.
Solar Surge
25% bonus to outgoing Solar damage.
Overcharged Machine Gun
25% bonus to Machine Damage damage.
Combatants have more health and are more difficult to stun.
Nightfall: Legend
All previous modifiers
Legend Modifiers
Locked Loadout, Extra Shields. Maximum Effective Level 1815.
Equipment Locked
You will not be able to change your equipment after the activity starts.
Nightfall: Master
All previous modifiers
Master Modifiers
Extra Champions, Locked Loadout, Extra Shields. Maximum Effective Level 1820.
Regeneration is greatly impaired. Defeating enemies may create wells of Light.
Nightfall: Grandmaster
All previous modifiers
Grandmaster Modifiers
Limited Revives, Join in Progress Disabled, Extra Champions, Locked Loadout, Extra Shields. Maximum Effective Level 1815.
Scorched Earth
Enemies throw grenades significantly more often.
If your fireteam falls in a Restricted Zone, everyone is returned to orbit.
Powerful Gear reward: Complete ritual activities (three tiers at 3, 6, and 9 activity completions)
Pinnacle Gear reward: Earn points by completing Nightfalls (200,000).

Destiny 2 Eververse Store Items for sale during this week’s Weekly Reset

The featured Bright Dust items for January 30 – February 6 are:

  • Concentrated Mattergem (200)
  • Glimmershard (250)
  • Splish Splash emote (3,250)
  • Western Front weapon ornament – Monte Carlo (1,250)
  • Warsat Arrival transmat effect (450)
  • Lucid shader (300)
  • Irradiant Charoite shader (300)

The items being sold in the Bright Dust Store for January 30 – February 6 are:

  • Cozy Campfire emote (4,250)
  • VR Exploration emote (700)
  • Firebreak Shell ghost shell (2,850)
  • Wanderer’s Wings ship (2,000)
  • Kosmos Starling sparrow (2,500
  • Chronos Exegesis weapon ornament – No Time to Explain (1,250)
  • Crow Projection ghost projection (1,500)
  • Safety First shader (300)
  • Chrome Stock shader (300)
  • Iridescent Coral shader (300)
  • Welded Brass shader (300)
  • Reef Oracle transmat effect (450)
  • Minotaur Effects transmat effect (450)
  • Swirling Leaf Entrance transmat effect (450)

Neptune Activities

This is the rotation for Neptuna and Neomuna’s weekly activities for January 30 – February 6:

Weekly Mission: No Time Left – “Stop the Darkness relay from activating and creating a link between the Witness and the Veil.”
Vex Incursion Zone: Liming Harbor – “The Vex are testing CloudArk defenses in this region. Reality fractures as the VexNet bleeds through into Neomuna.”
Partition: Hard Reset – “Chase down a Shadow Legionary wreaking havoc in the VexNet.”
Legacy Activities
This is the rotation for all Legacy locations including Throne World, Europa, Moon & Dreaming City for January 30 – February 6:

Throne World
Campaign Mission: The Ritual – “Disrupt Savathun’s ritual to steal the Traveler by revealing a lost secret from her past.”
Eclipsed Zone: Cadmus Ridge
Empire Hunt: The Technocrat: Hero – “Defeat Eramis’s technology expert, Praksis, the Technocrat.”
Exo Challenge: Simulation: Safeguard: Simulated Skill-Set Training – “Test your defensive abilities amongst a Vex onslaught.”
Campaign Mission: In the Deep
Wandering Nightmare: Nightmare of Jaxx, Claw of Xivu Arath (Hellmouth)
Trove Guardian is in Hellmouth

  • January 31: Skydock IV (EDZ) (Exotic Chest)
  • February 1: The Quarry (EDZ) (Exotic Head)
  • February 2: Aphelion’s Rest (Dreaming City) (Exotic Leg)
  • February 3: Bay of Drowned Wishes (Dreaming City) (Exotic Arms)
  • February 4: Chamber of Starlight (Dreaming City) (Exotic Chest)
  • February 5: Perdition (Europa) (Exotic Head)
  • February 6: Bunker E15 (Europa) (Exotic Legs)

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: Raid Challenges

Here’s the complete list of Raid challenges available this week in Season 23 of Destiny 2, titled Season of the Wish.

Raid Challenges

Deep Stone Crypt: Copies of Copies

Vow of the Disciple: Looping Catalyst

Vault of Glass: Wait for it…

King's Fall: Hands Off

Crota's End: Precarious Balance

Root of Nightmares: Cosmic Equilibrium

Garden of Salvation: To The Top

Last Wish: Keep Out, Summoning Ritual, Which Witch, Forever Fight

Throne World Activities

Here’s the complete list of activities in the Throne World players can partake in to earn cosmetics and various other loot and rewards, in Season of the Wish

Weekly Story Mission: The Cunning. The modifier Fire Pit is available along with Overload and Unstoppable champions.

Altars of Reflection: This is a week-long weekly activity that allows fans to take on through specifically marked icons located inside the Throne World. Majority of such missions require the player to battle hordes of enemies, and solve several simple puzzles.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Times and Schedule

The Destiny 2 Weekly Reset happens on every Tuesday at around 10 PM PT.

What changes during the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset?

The following things are reset every Tuesday in Bungie’s live-service shooter title:

  • Weekly Grandmaster Nightfall rotation
  • Crucible playlist rotation
  • Neptune & legacy Activities reset
  • Weekly bounties
  • Eververse Store
  • Ava’s stock
  • Banshee’s Foundry Focusing
  • Exotic Mission Rotator

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