Destiny 2 Player Needs to Pay 49K for Racial Harassment

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Destiny 2 Player Needs to Pay 49K for Racial Harassment

In the past few hours, has emerged on the net that a Destiny player has been sentenced to pay $ 490,000 in damages to Bungie for racial harassment against a community manager. The employee, last year showed the community the works of Detrick “Uhmaayyze” Houchens as part of a series of content dedicated to the community, but there are those who did not like it.

Destiny 2 racial harassment sentence

The player who will have to compensate Bungie did not like this move and, after obtaining all the personal information of the community manager, started a real campaign of “racist and stochastic terrorism” against the community manager and his family. In the court ruling, everything that happened was described in detail, complete with attached documents.

In these documents, there are horrific voicemails that were sent to the victim and her relatives, as well as insane requests made of Bungie, including to include the ability to kill only black people. In this regard, Bungie has adopted very strict practices for years to defend its employees from online harassment.

In this case, the Destiny 2 player in question was ordered to pay $380,000 in damages, plus $25,000 in statutory damages, $84,000 in attorney fees, and $200 in statutory attorney fees, for a total of nearly $490,000 to pay in total.

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Destiny 2 Player Needs to Pay 49K for Racial Harassment
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