All Missions in Destiny 2 The Final Shape: Full List

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All Missions in Destiny 2 The Final Shape: Full List

This article lists all the missions in the conclusion to Destiny’Light and Dark saga, Destiny 2: The Final Shape.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape intends to offer a breathtaking journey across lush forests and breathtaking level-design as the Guardians race to stop and defeat the Witness from causing an event that will freeze the universe in time.

The Final Shape serves as the culmination of the decade-old Light and Dark saga as Bungie shifts their live-service title into an episodic model instead of “seasons”.

There are over seven missions in the campaign for Destiny 2: The Final Shape, with each taking a significant amount of time to complete.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape All Missions list

  1. Transmigration
  2. Temptation
  3. Exegesis
  4. Requiem
  5. Ascent
  6. Dissent
  7. Iconoclasm

Fans should know that these missions can be played in Normal; or Legendary mode. Completing these missions lead the player to Salvation’s Edge, the Raid at the end where players face against the Witness.

The Salvation’s Edge Raid concludes the story, as players are given the chance to squad up and take on The Witness in the Pale Heart in order to stop it from causing annihilation.

Fans who choose to play the campaign on Legendary will be awarded with a 1960 power armor set, which can be of greater help while facing the Witness in its stronghold.

The campaign for Destiny 2: The Final Shape unlocks a lot of content as you work your way through the missions and complete them, and, however, the bulk of the content unlocks especially after completing the Salvation’s Edge Raid.

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How Long Does It Take To Complete Destiny 2: The Final Shape?

The time taken to finish Destiny 2 The Final Shape campaign entirely depends on your skill level and the difficulty mode, but it will take a moderate level player to finish all the campaign missions in around 6 hours.

The campaign isn’t a very lengthy one, but intends to offer a satisfying conclusion to the saga by introducing experimental and fun game mechanics, such as the Prismatic subclass.

The Salvation’s Edge raid that allows you to take on the main antagonist of the saga, The Witness, would be accessible as a separate unlock. The Raid will be available to play separately after the first fireteam races to beat the raid.

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