All Destiny 2 Eververse Items in Season of The Wish

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All Destiny 2 Eververse Items in Season of The Wish

Here’s the complete list of Eververse Items players can find in Destiny 2’s longest season yet, Season of the Wish.

We’ve outlined all the Eververse items in the shop run by Tess Everis, for this week of (April 23 to April 30). This article contains the Armor ornaments, weapon ornaments, along with the complete list of ships, sparrows and other important items available in the Eververse shop.

The Eververse store is located Located in the courtyard of the Tower. Tess Everis of the Eververse Trading Co. allows you to purchase Silver using your real-world money, which you can then later use to purchase Bright Engrams. Bright Engrams are available in packs. “Tess is a broker of special goods delivered to the Tower from the City, and beyond” reads her description , in-game.

The availablity of the ornaments and goods available in Tess’s Eververse Store resets every Tuesday and we’ve listed all the items we have in store for you during this week.

All Destiny 2 Eververse Items

  • Sparrow Getaway Exotic emote
  • Necrosis Legendary ornament (Recluse)
  • Vitreous transmat effect
  • Gloamstrife shader
  • Meditator shader

Bright Dust Offerings

  • The Business End (Sweet Business ornament)
  • Trap-Setting Exotic emote
  • Future-Facing Helm (Titan)—old season nine Eververse set sold for Bright Dust
  • Wraith Trail Hood (Warlock)—old season nine Eververse set sold for Bright Dust
  • Virulent Mask (Hunter)—old season nine Eververse set sold for Bright Dust
  • Firebreak Shell
  • Synchrotron Advancer Exotic Ship
  • Pinballer sparrow
  • Secure projection
  • Celestial Dome shader
  • Neopop Wave shader
  • Boreal Char shader
  • Growing Gilt shader
  • Vex Invasion transmat effect
  • AI.COM/RSPN:REBOOT transmat effect
  • Ossified Entrance transmat effect

Eververse schedule: Ornaments that will be sold for Bright Dust in Destiny 2 Season of The Wish

Armor ornaments

  • Future-Facing Titan ornament set
  • Star-Crossed Titan ornament set
  • Wraith Trail Warlock ornament set
  • Symmetrist’s Warlock ornament set
  • Vanguard Dare ornament set (Hunter)
  • Virulent Hunter Bundle

Weapon ornaments

  • Essentialism Thorn ornament
  • Augmented Apotheosis Divinity ornament
  • Immaterial Messenger Wish-Keeper ornament
  • The Business End Sweet Business ornament
  • Spacetime Weft Leviathan’s Breath ornament (sold)
  • Extravagant Wishcraft One Thousand Voices ornament (sold)
  • Triumphant Heir Apparent ornament (sold)
  • Clast of its Own Vex Mythoclast ornament (sold)
  • Desert Camo MIDA Multi-Tool ornament (sold)
  • Internal Combustion Lament ornament (sold)
  • Iridescent Death Crimson ornament
  • The Vanguard Dare Ace of Spades ornament
  • Necrosis Recluse Legendary ornament
  • Itsy-Bitsy Spider Recluse Legendary ornament (sold)
  • Great White Hammerhead Legendary ornament
  • Defenseless, To Be Armed CALUS Mini-Tool Legendary ornament
  • Alone, To be Joined Drang Baroque Legendary ornament
  • Unhearing, To Be Told Imperial Decree Legendary ornament (sold)
  • Ozymandias Last Man Standing Legendary ornament (sold)
  • Unloved, To Be Cherished Beloved Legendary ornament
  • Unseeing, To Be Shown Fixed Odds Legendary ornament
  • Powerful Statement Main Ingredient Legendary ornament

Items that will not be sold for Bright Dust in Destiny 2 Season of the Wish

Armor ornaments

  • Gjallarhorn armor sets
  • The Witcher armor sets

Weapon ornaments

  • Corrupted Logic (Necrochasm)—sold during the first part of he season
  • Gilded Cage (Whisper of the Worm)
  • Skyline Constellation (Symmetry)

Ships, sparrows, and other notable items

  • Roach-VGH sparrow (The Witcher)
  • Ten-Grasp Sword sparrow
  • Winged Wolf Skimmer
  • Wolven Shell (The Witcher)

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