Eminem x Fortnite – New Radio Takeover Ahead of Collab

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Eminem x Fortnite – New Radio Takeover Ahead of Collab

Fortnite is in the midst of one of its most popular crossover events yet. Dragon Ball characters are currently half of every battle bus. The next collaboration is already teased, though. This week, Eminem has taken over the radio stations in-game, pointing a lot of players towards an Eminem x Fortnite collaboration coming next.

While some extra music in-game is interesting, there’s a bit more to it. The announcement seems to link Eminem to the Icons Series, where they have real-world people crossover into Fortnite. This has a lot of players wondering if Eminem is going to be a full skin. This is what it means.

Eminem Coming in Fortnite’s Radios

Fortnite’s cars in-game have long been host to a few radio stations. They play a mix of music. Sometimes it's songs from previous collaborations in Fortnite, and other times just trending or new songs. It’s not uncommon to be surprised by what you hear. Sometimes Epic even features newer music, so you’ll catch the first look at a new Arcade Fire album while trying to get to zone.

The Eminem x Fortnite tease has taken over the radio. The Icon Radio Station plays Eminem exclusively! A lot of Eminem’s tracks aren’t entirely age-appropriate, though. These might be more neutered radio-friendly versions, with the words that aren’t suitable for kids cut out. It fits Fortnite better.

The radio stations also don’t tend to play in streams. If you’re the kind of Fortnite player who prefers to watch streamers and videos of the game, you won’t be seeing any Eminem, though. The game has a mode for streamers that cuts out copyrighted music. Players who aren’t using streamer mode are going to be hearing quite a bit of the rapper in the coming days.

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Is an Eminem x Fortnite Collab Coming?

Music in Fortnite is nothing new, but the Icon Series Radio is a bit different. This is a radio station that focuses on past Icon collaborative artists. These have included Ariana Grande and Marshmello. Eminem is featured on this station exclusively points toward him becoming a future Fortnite collaboration.

This could be as simple as just a skin in the game. A lot of real-world people have their own skins, including musicians and sports stars. Or it could go further.

Some artists have gone far enough to hold their own concerts in-game, only in Fortnite. Although, the Eminem x Fortnite collab could just be a skin, too. Some artists Bruno Mars have just been a skin and licensed emotes, which might be the case for Eminem.

Fortnite leakers have pointed towards this as the first hint for an upcoming crossover. We’ll likely not see much more development for a little bit though. The game is still only just into its Dragon Ball collaboration. There are two more weeks expected for that, but more Eminem news could follow afterward.

Fortnite's many crossovers are some of the most exciting parts of the game. Not everyone is an Eminem fan, but it’s always cool to see more events coming to the game.

Eminem x Fortnite – New Radio Takeover Ahead of Collab
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