Dragon Ball Z to be next collaboration in Fortnite

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Dragon Ball Z to be next collaboration in Fortnite

Get your scouters ready, as it seems like Fortnite's Power Level will be over 9000 in the near future.

From Spider-Man and Bruno Mars to Darth Vader and Naruto, it seems virtually any collaboration is possible in the world of Fortnite. Fresh off the heels of a Thor: Love and Thunder collaboration, it looks like we know what Epic Games has planned next: a team-up with arguably the most influential anime/manga of all time. Can you say Dragon Dragon Rock the Dragon Dragon Ball Z?

Fortnite's Next Big Collaboration

Well-respected Fortnite data leaker, MidaRado recently tweeted that a Dragon Ball collaboration should come out sometime towards the end of August. Conveniently enough, the global release of Dragon Ball Super: Superhero is August 19. Coincidence?

With a franchise as big and acclaimed as Dragon Ball, there's no way one collaboration could do it justice, but I'm sure Epic Games will give their best effort. There's a lot of potential and things they can do like Goku's Power Pole or Future Trunks' Sword as harvesting tools. Or how about a Flying Nimbus as a Glider or Master Roshi's KAME Shell as Back Bling?

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What about a Majin Buu-themed game mode? An energy bar can fill up as the match progresses, and after a set number of players die, Majin Buu's cocoon cracks open. Whoever finds him first gets to play as Majin Buu.

Unsurprisingly, the Dragon Ball collab will apparently have four available skins, just like the Naruto collab. Goku and Vegeta are obvious choices, but as far as the other two skins go, it's anyone's guess.

Stay tuned for more concrete details on what is sure to be the most hype anime collaboration in Fortnite!



Dragon Ball Z to be next collaboration in Fortnite
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