Fortnite Wastelander Challenges Guide – Map and All Rewards

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Fortnite Wastelander Challenges Guide – Map and All Rewards

One of the biggest new features this season were the Fortnite Wastelander challenges, a new type of in-game challenges, where can you find them and how can you complete them?

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 has tons to offer players, but one feature a lot of player avoided for opening weeks are the Wastelander Challenges. These are a new form of challenge, needing to be activated in-game. They’re also probably the hardest we’ve ever gotten.

While the Challenges are much more difficult than things like our Weekly quests, there is some crossover. The game is trying to push players to try these challenges out. You’d have to track down the Fortnite Wastelander Challenges locations first. They’re a bit hidden on the map.

Once you get one activated it’ll run all game, with one of the hardest requirements for players activated. This will make it very tough to get the game done. With the right strategy though, you can get them completed. You’ll unlock extra XP for doing it and the exclusive Fortnite Wastelander Challenges rewards. These are how they work and how you can master them.

Fortnite Wastelander Challenges Map

The first thing to understand with the Fortnite Wastelander Challenges is that these aren’t normal quests. If you want to take them on, you’ll need to held at a specific spot on the map.

All over the island right now there’s these Falllout inspired terminals. Part of the collab like skins in the C5 S3 Battle Pass. Head to these spots and you’ll see a junky looking terminal. Here, you activate Fortnite Wastelander challengers.

Which one you get is random, but you can head to more than one terminal per game if you want to track down the exact challenge you’re looking for. Although, as you can tell from the map they’re pretty far away from each other.

These terminals aren’t at the easiest to reach spots. The Fortnite Wastelander challenges locations are typically a bit further out. If you want to track them down each game, we’ve got them listed here. Along with a Fortnite Wastelander challenges map for easier reference.

Fortnite Wastelanders Challenges Map

All Fortnite Wastelander Challenges Locations

  • Reel Roost (Marked location)
  • Slumberyard (Near Classy Courts)
  • Dumpenhausen (Below Reckless Railways)
  • Dock (South oeast of Brutal Beachhead)

As you can tell, most of the spots on the Fortnite Wastelander challenges map are un-named. You could always head to Rebel Roost if you want a named location start and the challenge. Although, it’s one of the smallest Fortnite landing spots this season.

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What Are the Challenges?

That’s where you can find them, but what challenges are actually awaiting you once it’s turned on? Each terminal will give you a different extra condition to your gameplay. These function as extra rules that only apply to you! They’re a lot harder than just winning a game.

These are the various extra challenges you’ll get when you activate one of the Fortnite Wastelander Challenges:

  • Burning Hot Items – Take damage when you pick up anything
  • Full Throttle – Take damage whenever you stop moving
  • The Ground is Lava – Take damage whenever touching the ground
  • Jammed Clips – No Reloads
  • Perma-Damage – Can’t Use any healing items
  • Unshielded – No Shields

Each of these presents its own challenge. It doesn’t matter which for the Fortnite Wastelander Challenges rewards though. There are some strategies we can use to get them done with a bit less friction though. This is how you can complete them all.

How to Start and Complete Them

Each of the Wastelander challenges presents a unique problem. There isn’t a strategy which will make winning with them simple. To complete them, you have the first challenge of winning a game along with the second of the harder rules.

Each has a few workarounds which could make things easier though. Depending on what you get when you reach the Fortnite Wastelander Challenges locations.

Fortnite Wastelanders Challenges

Before we break into individual tactics, there’s one which is borderline cheating. Use Fortnite bot lobbies if you just want the Fortnite Wastelander Challenge rewards. These lobbies won’t get you Victory crowns, but they work for these challenges.

Using a bot lobby can make it simple to get them completed, but they do kind of go against the spirit of these extra-hard challenge. These are some tactics for attempting them in any kind of lobby:

Burning Hot Items

One major thing to keep in mind with this one is that you need to turn off auto-pick up. Another simple change can be to play Zero Builds, no mats no problems.

Irritating since the spots on the Fortnite Wastelander challenges map only have random quests. You’ll just have to hope you luck out in Zero Builds.

Generally, you’ll want to prioritize picking up a healing item whenever you switch items in your loadout. Things with cooldowns are better than one time uses, like Nitro Fists over Shockwaves.

Consider sticking with your weapons unless you access to meds. You’ll only really want to pick stuff up and take damage when necessary, like being out of ammo or having the best Fortnite weapon sat right in front of you.

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Outside of that, sticking to areas with natural healing can be a big help for the Fortnite Wastelander challenges. Near the Oasis pools, the desert biome with its cacti works too. This will all allow you to keep your health topped up.

Full Throttle

For this one, you’ve just got to keep moving. It’s probably the easiest out of these. It makes some firefights a little tricky, but being evasive is good practise for most fights anyway.

Prioritize some mobility items for this quest. Nitro is useful, fists are useful. In general, close-range fights are better than long-range if you want to stay mobile. Make use of mobility to keep moving.

The final circles will be a real gauntlet here. Worth it once for the Fortnite Wastelander Challenges Rewards though.

The only option for the final portion if you’ve hit up this one of the Forntite Wastelander challenges locations is to go full juggernaut. Take fights even when it’s smarter to hide, you can’t stay mobile and hidden in this quest. Alternatively carry some medkits and play heal off tactics if you want to sit still for a minute

Ground is Lava

Fortnite Wastelanders Challenges

Taking damage on the ground is annoying, there’s two exceptions which make this one a bit easier though. Builds count as above ground, so play builds and try to keep your mats nearly full. Vehicles do too. You could do this whole challenge in a vehicle using a machine gun turret if you play smart enough.

Perma-Damage and Unshielded

If your Fortnite Wastelander Challenges locations gives you one of these two, you need toa void damage. Both have very similar conditions.

For this challenge, the bigger concern is not getting into fights. Carry mobility, carry meds, and until you’re against the last opponents you don’t need to take any fight that you can run from. Prioritize holding on to your health, not racking up elims.

 What are the Fortnite Wastelander Challenges Rewards?

Fortnite Wastelanders Challenges Rewards

Each of these is quite a challenge, so what do you actually get for completing it? There’s Fortnite Wastelander Challenge Rewards waiting for if you can get them finished up.

There’s only one at the moment, which you get for completing literally any challenge. Doesn’t matter which terminal on the Fortnite Wastelander challenges map you go it. Players will always get the Wastelander’s Mark Wrap.

These are a fun way to spice up games at the moment. If you need more excitement in the static meta during Epic’s Summer break, these could be a fun. If you’re just after rewards though, head to a bot lobby and finish one of these up the easy way to grab your wrap.

Fortnite Wastelander Challenges Guide – Map and All Rewards
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