When Does the Fortnite Summer Break End for C5 S3?

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When Does the Fortnite Summer Break End for C5 S3?

When does the Fortnite Summer break end and what can we expect to come to the title once that time arrives?

The Fortnite Summer Event is currently scheduled to end in just a bit over a week. However, Epic’s summer break has some slightly different timing. Why is this difference important? Well, Epic’s break is the only time the game doesn’t get active updates.

If you’re waiting for the new additions in the next Fortnite update like fresh collabs and Fortnite skins, you’ll want to know when the Fortnite summer break ends.

Epic takes extremely few breaks a year. But often we end up with quite a few bugs by the end of the break. In the past, we’ve seen major issues and this year there’s one annoying problem so far. If you’re antsy for new items and updates, then you’ll want to be aware of when the Fortnite summer break ends.

This is how the timing for everything is going to work and when we can expect the next Fortnite update to arrive.

Fortnite Summer Event End Date

Fortnite gets updated near year-round, but there are two sessions where we see a break. The Fortnite Summer Break and holiday break. These are both two-week periods where the game isn’t actively being worked on and we don’t expect updates.

However, it’s also the time period when we see the game taken over a big new event! The event itself is a bit smaller this year, but since we’ve just seen Fortnite Reload release there’s plenty to do. It started up on July 4 and will end on July 18. A solid couple of weeks to get all of the quests done. This event also lines up with Epic taking some time off.

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When Does the Fortnite Summer Break End?

The event is when Epic takes a break, a pretty short period compared to most games. Fortnite has an absurd update schedule, especially considering we’re so many years into its release. These two-week periods are the only time we don’t see the game getting regular fixes and updates.

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The current break started along with the Fortnite Summer Event. It began on July 4 and is scheduled to run through July 18. However, there’s a couple of days difference between this and when the break runs.

Epic left for their Summer break on July 3 and is expected back July 17. That’s a day before the event ends. So, we’ll see things start to ramp back up once that ends.

Are There Updates During the Summer Break?

If you’re newer to Fortnite or don’t follow the update schedule as closely, then the patches might seem to come at random. However, the Fortnite Summer Break is normally when we see the game go without an update. It’s only a two-week period though, which is roughly how long we have between updates anyway.

That’s the big reason why players often ask when does the Fortnite Summer break end. In theory, the Summer event and this break should mean there’s still new content to be played throughout. However, there aren’t any updates that weren’t already scheduled.

When Does the Fortnite Summer Break End

That means the game’s bugs or problems will stick around even if there’s a slight update mid-way through the break. We normally have to wait until the next Fortnite update for any fixes. How’s the game holding up so far?

Are There Any Problems We’re Waiting for a Fix On?

Sometimes these breaks are where the game really brings. Fortnite gets updated all the time normally, so two weeks with one patch is often where cracks show. This time, there’s only one real issue.

Part of the event is a change to the loot pool for Ranked, bringing it in line with Fortnite Tournaments this season. However, a few items haven’t been removed which were intended. It’s especially a problem in Zero Builds (for the handful of Ranked players that mode has) until the Fortnite Summer event ends.

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Outside of this issue, the game is working perfectly fine! Especially since we’ve had so many nerfs from when the season started. It’s a fairly good meta to leave the game in, at least compared to how Chapter 5 Season 3 started.

The item problem in Ranked is annoying since this was a headline feature of the Summer. We’ve still got special rewards and quests to play through over the next week though.

When’s the Next Fortnite Update?

When Does the Fortnite Summer Break End

That’s how the Fortnite summer break is going to work but when can we expect a new update? We know when Epic’s back from their break, but it really depends on how long it takes to get a patch ready after the date when the Fortnite Summer break ends.

Sometimes we get a small patch pretty quickly after the return from the break. Within a few days, especially if there’s a major bug that needs fixing.

If the update is just to bring in new content though, it could be the week after the break ends. The game has a normal update schedule and there’s one major patch we’re still expecting to arrive soon.

Epic’s next big collaboration is Fortnite X Pirates of the Caribbean. This is expected to come pretty quickly after Epic’s Summer break and the Fortnite Summer event ends.

Possibly the week after as we move to late July, we’ll see this update arrive. It’ll be an Event Pass with skins and even in-game items. If you’re looking forward to an influx of new stuff with all the activities they bring in, that’s the date you’ll need to count down to.

In the meantime, we’ve got what’s left of the Fortnite Summer quests to play through. Plus, the new Reload game mode if you want a more traditional meta over the next few weeks.

When Does the Fortnite Summer Break End for C5 S3?
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