Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean – What We Know and Release

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Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean – What We Know and Release

Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean will be our next major event, but when will the collab come out and launch in full?

The next Fortnite event is going to be a crossover with the classic Swashbuckling franchise. This has been known about for a while thanks to the Fortnite roadmap leak. However, even more of the Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean collab has now leaked ahead of time.

In a recent update, the entire collab was accidentally enabled for a bunch of players in-game. We’re not just talking dataminers finding files, but players purchasing and unlocking the collab skins ahead of even their reveal.

Naturally, we know now quite a bit about what’s coming with the Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean collab. Including that some players have been able to access everything quite a bit early. If you want to get ahead of the curve too, this is how the Fortnite Pirates crossover is going to work.

Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean Pass

One major part of recent collabs has been the event pass. First introduced in Chapter 4, they’ve become a seasonal occurrence in the current Fortnite Chapter. We get one each season now.

These passes are essentially mini battle Pass. Just like the real one, there are some items you can unlock for free but the big prizes are on the premium track of the pass. This is where we find the Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean collab skins.

Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean Collab

The pass this time around is fully focused on the wider Fortnite game, not like our last pass which was nearly Lego-exclusive. The Fortnite Pirates collab pass has a few rewards on the free tier, but it’s the Captain Jack skin on the premium tier that will grab the most attention.

This is the full leaked pass, as shown off by ShiinaBR on Twitter.

The Captain of the Black Pearl is the main attraction of the pass. To actually get the skin though, you’ll need to progress through the pass once it’s released. This is typically done by completing special quests.

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These will be gradually unlocked daily throughout the collab. You’ll have to interact with the new items, visit spots on the map, and ply a bit more deliberately.

By the looks of leaked items, some of these could be tough. There’s always the Fortnite bot lobby strategy to get quests done quickly and easily though if you’re struggling. Of course, we don’t know the full quest lineup until the date when Pirates of the Caribbean is coming to Fortnite.

While the quests are the main way to unlock the goodies on the pass, some players have got their hands on the main attraction skin long before Epic intended.

How Can You Unlock the Jack Sparrow Skin in Fortnite Pirates Crossover Early?

In one of the more recent patch notes to come in Fortnite news, there was an accident. Epic made the event pass available seriously early.

In the grand scheme of things, the Fortnite Pirates crossover is far from our worst leak. Epic’s entire roadmap for the year including this collab leaked ages ago, and has only been confirmed by every addition since. However, thanks to this early upload we have a clear idea of the entire Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean collab.

The pass was briefly available in its normal place, a fresh tab in-game. Those who managed to buy it in this brief window are allowed to keep it though. The skin they unlocked will be sticking around. But they can’t play through the rest of the pass until the game catches up with them.

If you’re looking to get Jack early, the window has now closed! Unfortunately, this was one of those rare bugs that only applied to certain players. If you missed out then the only solution is to wait for it to come back!

Other Skins in the Crossover

Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean Collab

The Jack skin is already in-game, but what about the other characters? The bonus skin this Season is Magneto, but we’re still getting more pirates in the Item Shop too.

It looks like we’ll be getting Davy Jones, Barbossa, and Elizabeth Swann as new characters in the item store. These should help to flesh out the entire franchise included in Fortnite.

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In terms of other cosmetics, there are some fun items. Like the Jar of Dirt emote that celebrates one of the more memorable clips in the series.

There’s also a hearty spread of swords coming as harvesting tools. The Fortnite Pirates collab will have quite a few new outfits for those who prefer the skins to actual gameplay. There are some items coming for players to use on the island too though.

Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean Collab In-Game Items

Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean Collab

The game will be receiving some in-game items to celebrate this crossover. We’ve already gotten a good look at these thanks to some dataminers.  They could end up in the best Fortnite items once the collab releases.

A new key item is a mythic built around the Pirate Ships. It’s the Fortnite item this season focused on Mobility. By the looks of it, it’s a jar that you smash to bring out a big Pirate Ship. You can then sail this forward to get around and destroy builds.

It seems like a fun way to get around the map, even in a season filled with overpowered cars.  The Fortnite Pirates crossover might yield some new Melee weapons too. 

When is Pirates of the Caribbean coming to Fortnite?

Some players have it early, but when are we getting it properly? The release date of the pass was included in that early leak too. We’re expecting it to come on July 19.

As with any Fortnite release date, this could get shuffled around. Updates get delayed or moved plenty. However, July 19th is the pencilled-in date to watch. This is the most likely time it arrives. It gives us a healthy window before the FN season ends too.

Over the start of July, we’ve already got the Fortnite Summer event. Recent updates like the one that added the Fortnite Wanderer have managed to give us more to do over the month. However, it seems July 19 will be the date when we move on to the Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean collab.

We’re already getting teases in-game, like the changes to the lake in the center of the map. We’ll likely see the rest of this content arriving starting that week later in July.

Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean – What We Know and Release
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