Fortnite Teasers – 6 Showcase Fun New Content with OG Map

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Fortnite Teasers – 6 Showcase Fun New Content  with OG Map

Epic has been releasing quite a few Fortnite teasers. What can we learn about the upcoming season from the Fortnite OG teasers?

Epic Games is currently building things up for our next big new season of Fortnite. Although, things are a bit different this time. It isn’t going to be a brand-new island with fresh Pois, instead, we’re going back to where it all started. Players are getting a taste of Fortnite Chapter 1. The Fortnite teasers have already confirmed that the original map is coming back, but what about the skins and other items? The new Fortnite teasers are already showing some of the other new content.

While we’ve known about the nostalgia Chapter 1 returns for some time. Although, there are still plenty of unknowns in the days leading up to the new season. This is where all Fortnite teasers over the last few days have gotten interesting. We don’t know how long this mini-season is going to be. We also don’t know very much about the Battle Pass, if it’s also bringing back Chapter 1 content or fresh skins. The more recent Fortnite OG teasers are giving us a bit more information on the full picture of FN CH4 S5. Or, the second time around for Fortnite Chapter 1.

What are all of the Fortnite teasers so far? Epic has been handing out different over the last few days teasing the skins and even returning items coming next season. These are all of the Fortnite teasers for the new season we’ve had so far and what they’re telling us about the new season.

All Fortnite Teaser

Over the last few days, Epic has released quite a few new Fortnite teasers. Each of these is showing off something different coming next season. They vary from brand-new skins to returning items and vehicles. This is what we’ve learnt from the new Fortnite OG teasers:

Fortnite OG Teasers – Peely

Fortnite Teasers

The new Fortnite Chapter 1 teasers have all fitted a pretty familiar theme. They showcase some skins or an item that are in some ways recognisable but with some big changes to them. One of the first involves one of the most fun Fortnite characters, Peely.

In this teaser, we see Peely back on the OG map! This time he’s a cooler desert Banna with toppings on him though. If the teasers line up with those for past seasons, this might mean Peely is part of the returning Battle Pass this season! This could be our first look at Fortnite C4 S5 skins!

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Peely coming back would fit in with the Chapter 1 return. Peely originated in a Battle pass during the first season of Fortnite. He’s had multiple different variants since like a zombie and even a secret agent. A lot of players would like to grab that OG Pelly though. This seems to show that Epic isn’t quite bringing back the original skin, but they’re doing spiritual sequels to them which let players get a version of their most missed original skins.

Fortnite Teasers 2 Baller

Fortnite Teasers

One major difference between modern Fortnite and Chapter 1 is mobility. It wasn’t as high in the old days. Players would routinely be rotating simply by running. It was kind of a problem. The much more mobile Fortnite definitely has its fans and seasons with lesser mobility are usually heavily criticised. This new teaser seems to imply Epic is keeping high mobility, but keeping things Chapter 1.

Chapter 1 eventually introduced the baller vehicles. At the time, they were obnoxiously well-defended to the point they caused problems for players. However, they’ve since been nerfed and reached a more acceptable balance between protection and rotation. Now they’re just great ways to get around.

As we can see from the teaser, Epic is bringing back the Ballers with Fortnite teasers confirming this. This will help keep the map more mobile even without wacky items like the Web-slingers. They aren’t the only crazy vehicle that’s popped up in one of these teasers though. If everything is back at once, the Ballers may end up becoming the least intrusive way to rotate!

Teaser 3 – All Fortnite Teasers

Our final teaser is another showing off a new character or skin. This one seems like a take on the Knight skins we got in the past for Fortnite. Like Peely, it’s a throwback to one of the original outfits that players often regret not picking up. In this case, the Black Knight skin which some would call one of the rarer Fortnite skins. It’s a new Knight-themed skin that while wildly different would appear to share some inspirations with the much more iconic older version.

What’s maybe more interesting in this teaser though is what’s behind the skin. In the sky, we can see planes. These were a blight in their first chapter 1 season, but over time they’ve been patched to the point they’re fairly well-balanced now. By the looks of this teaser, we’ll be getting the planes back this season too. Epic is bringing back Fortnite Chapter 1, and these teasers are showing they’re doing everything, not just the parts people are nostalgic for! We might even end up with the dreaded mecha making a return.

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Each of these teasers’ backdrops are actually interesting too. We’ve seen spots of a house that’s near to some Chapter 1 POIs. While Fortnite houses aren’t the most recognisable, all of this seems to confirm Epic’s had decent attention to detail in bringing back the OG Fortnite map. Great news for anyone missing their favourite minor spot when playing the UnReal FN Creative throwback Fortnite maps.

Teaser 4 The Hoverboard

Fortnite Teasers

The last of these early Fortnite OG teasers showed off another vehicle, the Hoverboard! This single-person mobility option has been missing for a very long time. Fans will be happy to see it make a return. It’s strangely some of the chapter 1 content that basically never came back. It’s great to see it back as part of the new season completing the C1 experience.

Chapter 4 Splash Screen

Fortnite Teasers

Finally, Epic showed off the Chapter 4 Season 5 Splash Screen! This made it clear we’re getting hoverboards back, quite a few cool skins and the OG weapons! We can see the skins talked about above in the original land of Fortnite. That’s along with Ballers, Planes, Hoverboards, and some long-missed weapons. There’s the LMG that’s not been back in a very long time, the OG Pump, and more. It all essentially confirmed everything we knew about the return of Fortnite’s original map. All kicking off very soon.

Chapter 1 Map Gets Confirmed

One of the first Fortnite teasers for the newest map came when Epic Games confirmed that we’re returning to the OG map for the newer season. This teaser consisted of the Battle Bus looking familiarly like Chapter 1, making it clear that all of the Fortnite leaks were true.

That’s it for all of the Fortnite teasers so far! Epic has revealed glimpses at a few of the upcoming FN skins. However, we’ve also gotten a look at some of the key items making a comeback. Hype for the latest season is reaching a high right now and these teasers make it clear there’s a lot to look forward to.

Fortnite Teasers – 6 Showcase Fun New Content  with OG Map
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