Fortnite Old Map Confirmed – Classic C1 Map Release Date

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Fortnite Old Map Confirmed – Classic C1 Map Release Date

When is the Fortnite old map coming back? Epic has confirmed the C1 map’s return, but when will it release and how long are we going back for?

The latest season of Fortnite has had quite a few twists and turns. It all started with heists, and now we’re fighting off Vampires with a crazy number of C4 S4 Mythics kicking around. Something even wilder is coming next season though. Epic is listening to those who want pure hits of nostalgia and bringing back the Fortnite old map plus weapons! Once we’re done with Chapter 4 Season 4, we are heading back to where it all started, the Fortnite Chapter 1 map.

The lore in Fortnite has reached a bit of a weird point during Fortnitemares 2023. On top of the normal Halloween-relate developments, the recent updates and NPC dialogue have pushed the game into a territory that’s strange even for the Fortnite story. The heists are now escalating to stealing a time machine. Nolan Chance and his crew have already tried it out, bringing back props from the Fortnite Chapter 1 map. Epic has confirmed we’re heading back there too. Kado Thorne’s time machine looks set to transport us all back to the Battle Royale’s early days.

For quite a while we had a bit of a mystery over how the half-season at the end of chapter 4 is going to go. Epic was promising “big things” for the winter, and they’ve now confirmed that’s the Fortnite old map release date. This is what we’ve learnt, what it looks like the game plan is, and when the Fortnite old map will be released.

Fortnite Chapter 1 Map Returning

Fortnite Old Map Release Date

Chapter 1 of Fortnite was a special time for a lot of players. It was when a lot of players first discovered and fell in love with the game. On top of that, it’s when we got most of the Fortnite live events and the game really established itself as more than just a Battle Royale. It goes without saying that this early map for the game is where a lot of players’ nostalgia for the title is currently located. It looks like Epic’s current plans involve mining that nostalgia.

After building hype through “leaks” (such a common tactic at this point the big leaker accounts may as well get official Epic status), Epic has finally confirmed the Fortnite old map is coming back.

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Without going into the overly convoluted (and often nonsensical) plotline of Fortnite, there is currently a time machine somewhere in the world of the Battle Royale. It’s brought parts of Chapter 1 to the present so far. Soon, we’ll see big stretches of the chapter 1 map returning. Taking over the island until we’ve got our original map back. When will we see the Fortnite original map release date though/ How will Epic handle Zero Builds? And what about those OG weapons?

Fortnite Old Map Release Date

Fortnite Old Map Coming back

The end of C4 S4 isn’t going to see the launch of Fortnite Chapter 5. We’ll instead get a short season running for just over a month. This is going to be our nostalgic filled return to Chapter 1. Epic has made it clear that the handover date this time around is November 3rd. That’s the end of the current Season and the start of the next.

We’ll then apparently move forward at a faster speed, progressing up until the end of Chapter 1. This will likely mean a few days or a week with each season for Chapter 1, giving everyone a taste of the OG Fortnite map and its many changes over its original release. Once we reach that iconic Black Hole event, the game will again go offline. It’ll come back online with Fortnite Chapter 5, a big leap forward for the game after we’ve seen the Fortnite Chapter 1 map returning.

What Season of the Fortnite Old Map Will It Be?

According to leakers at the moment, the Fortnite old map coming back will start in Season 5. However, some leakers think this will only be half of the map, with C4 and C1 having their maps combined. Different biomes and areas from across Season 1 will rift in over the course of the mini-season. While Chapter 1 Season 5 looks to be the starting point, it won’t be the endpoint.

We’ll see POIs and areas from across all seasons of Fortnite returning in this event. Players will get A short amount of time to play with each of them before seeing more of the OG Fortnite map.

When does Fortnite Chapter 5 Start?

Are the Old Weapons and Guns Returning?

Getting the old map back is definitely a nostalgia move, but what about the OG guns? According to leakers, these will also be coming back with the old map. Although, Epic has confirmed this yet. If they’re right (which isn’t much of an if, given they knew about the map coming back since Summer) we’ll get the original guns, their original names, mechanics, and even models in the game. This might be a bit weird for weapons that have been refined a lot since Chapter 1, but it’ll help make the entire throwback experience that bit more immersive.

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Will the OG Map have any Changes?

One element that wasn’t part of FN back in C1 but is now might cause problems from a throwback season. What about Zero Builds? When the Fortnite old map release date comes, some people weren’t sure about no builds. We only have to think back to the inaccessible death trap Jungle over the summer event to see how map design can ruin the experience for Zero Builds. Rather than removing the more though, it seems Epic is making minor changes.

The Zero Builds version of the map will have some very minor changes. It’ll have some extra ziplines added to help make areas accessible despite needing builds. The Battle Royale version likely won’t have any changes though. This is a nice compromise so the whole Fortnite player base can experience the old map.

Differences Between Fortnite Old Map Coming Back and Creative

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The elephant in the room with the Fortnite old map coming back might be UnrealFN. The launch of the greater editor tool for separate game modes allowed players to push things much further. One of the first really impressive UnrealFN maps released was the OG Fortnite map. It was playable as a full Battle Royale, a huge achievement for the editor tool for a game like Fortnite.

That’s been an active game mode in the time since, so what makes the Fortnite Chapter 1 map returning different? There are a few key things. The first is no memory limitation, Epic can obviously go a lot further with their main Battle Royale than content creators can. Then there’s Fortnite on different platforms getting lumped in together for creative maps. Plus, the lack of FN Ranked mode, and general lack of polish compared to Epic’s official experiences.

The fan-made recreation of the Fortnite OG map is definitely cool, but it doesn’t really compare to Epic revisiting the first Chapter for something new. The Fortnite old map coming back is bound to be a much bigger experience than what we’ve seen in creative so far.

Fortnite Old Map Confirmed – Classic C1 Map Release Date
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