Fortnite Summer Escape Challenges – Get All 8 Rewards

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Fortnite Summer Escape Challenges – Get All 8 Rewards

The Summer event is here with new content and free cosmetics, if you want to get it all before it expires, you’ll need to complete all of the Fortnite Summer Escape challenges!

The Summer Fortnite event arrived this week with its normal new items and free cosmetics. Unlocking all of the back blings, pickaxes (and maybe even a free skin if Fortnite leaks are to be believed) will take a while though. Standing between you and those prizes are the Summer Escape Challenges. These quests are the challenges Epic have set out to push you to engage with all of the Fortnite content for this Summer blowout.

You won’t just get XP for completing these quests (although, that is a bonus!) You’re also going to be unlocking some free cosmetics which could potentially liven up your Fortnite wardrobe considerably. There is only 10 days to complete the Fortnite summer quests though. Like the Weekly challenges they’ll be rolled out gradually. In each stage you’re getting closer to the Summer Escape rewards and a total of 30,000 XP, great for getting up to the bonus skins of the Fortnite C4 S3 Battle Pass. You might not be getting the Summer Midas skin, but they’re fun cosmetics all the same.

The Fortnite Summer Escape challenges are a great way to get more without paying V-bucks. Want to get through those quests as quickly as possible? This is how you can do it and what all of the Summer Escape rewards are.

Fortnite Summer Escape Challenges

Fortnite Summer Escape - 2023 Summer Event

We’re getting the summer Escape quests gradually, but thanks to dataminers we already know what all of them are in-game. These are each of the quests and how to finish the tougher ones.

All Fortnite Summer Escape Challenges

  • Damage Wildlife (50)
  • Catch 3 Fish in a Single Match
  • Outlast 200 Players
  • Pet Tamed Wolves or Boars in 2 Different Matches
  • Reveal 7 Opponents with a Flare Gun
  • Eliminate 7 opponents
  • Destroy 10 trees
  • Use a Launchpads at Sunswoon Lagoon
  • Travel Distance While Gliding (100)
  • Damage Opponents While Sliding or Crouching (200 Damage)
  • Destroy 40 Objects While Driving a Vehicle
  • Gain 200 Shields
  • Collect an Apple, Banana, and Coconut
  • Talk to Purradise Meowscles
  • Mantle Within 30s of Busting Through a Door
  • Damage Opponents from Above (200)
  • Swim Within 5s After Bouncing on an Umbrella
  • Slide Distance at Sunswoon Lagoon (75)
  • Eat an Ice Cream Cone x 5
  • Break 10 Slap or Slurp Barrels
  • Eliminate an Opponent While Under the Effects of Frozen or Spicy ice Cream Cone
  • Restore Health (20)
  • Search 7 Chests
  • Ride Wildlife to Sunswoon Lagoon
  • Light a Campfire
  • Emote by a Limit Campfire
  • Fly 100 Meters in the Air in a Vehicle
  • Destroy 30 scructures
  • Collect 4 Fireflies
  • Light 3 Campfires
  • Sprint While Under the Effects of Slap (200)
  • Collect Rare of Better Weapons
Fortnite Weekly Quests - Big New Weekly Challenges for C5

How to do the Fortnite Summer Escape Challenges

Those are all of the Fortnite Summer Escape quests that we’re getting! These are actually all fairly simple. There aren’t any hugely difficult ones, but there are a few you can do in batches to make it easier to get all of the Summer Escape rewards.

If you’re trying to do the whole event at the end of the 10 days, it’s best to head to Team Rumble. Find wildlife and knock off those quests, then ride the wildlife over to Sunswoon Lagoon. Once there, you can complete a great deal of these quests that involve movement or other interactions while in the POI. On top of that, this area contains a lot of the elements that you’ll need to interact with if you want to get the Fortnite Summer Escape challenges all finished.

After these are all done, you’re essentially down to some specific tasks which won’t need you to go out of your way. For these, you can obsessively perform a single action in Team Rumble or just drop into Battle Royale with one tracked and gradually tick them all off. You might be optimally playing to win games in Fortnite, but it gets the quests done.

Compare to some past quests, it doesn’t seem like these will be too hard. If you can put some time in you’ll easily be able to finish all of the Fortnite Summer event quests for 2023! If you can get it done, you’ll find quite a few cool rewards coming.

Summer Escape Rewards

Fortnite Summer Escape Challenges

The Summer rewards might help you climb up the Battle Pass tiers but you get more than that, you’ll also manage to unlock some free Fortnite Summer Escape cosmetics. Leakers think there might even be a surprise free Fortnite skin waiting at the end, but that’s still unconfirmed so you shouldn’t bank on it. These are all of the official rewards we know about so far and how you can unlock them.

Fortnite Weekly Quests - Big New Weekly Challenges for C5

We have all of the Summer Escape quest planned, but we’re not entirely sure when Epic will release each of them. Just like with Weekly quests, Epic is dividing each of them into a few batches which will drop periodically. Completing enough of each batch will give some rewards, with separate Summer Escape rewards for completing enough of the overall event challenges! These are the rewards and when you’ll get them.

The Quench Quests

Fortnite Summer Escape Challenges

These quests are those added between July 4-7, which should cover the first few days of the event. You’ll be able to unlock XP and the Nanners Wrap for this.

Lagoon Party Quests

The next stage of quests are coming between July 8-11. These ones also give out another round of XP, but also the Treazy Back Bling.

Make an Entrance Quests

For completing all of these Fortnite Summer Escape challenges, you’ll unlock the Blossom Drop Contrail and more XP! These are coming in over July 12-16.

Overall Fortnite Summer Escape Challenges

Fortnite Summer Escape Challenges

The next batch for the Fortnite Summer Escape quests is this lot, which are simply overarching quests. These one will reward you for passing each stage of the event. If you complete all the quests each week, they’ll count towards an ongoing total. Once that total passes these milestones, you’ll unlock more of the Fortnite Summer Escape rewards.

  • Complete 14 Summer Escape Quests – Wild Fronds Back Bling
  • Complete 18 Summer Escape Quests – Bugsy Glider
  • Complete 24 Summer Escape Quests – Toasted Coconut Emote and Lagoon Escape Loading Screen

Another two quests are going to specifically reward cosmetics for some reason. These are the specific quests you’ll need to do to get the last few rewards.

  • Destroy 10 Stones – Artifact Axe Pickaxe – This quest unlocks July 11
  • Mantle Within 30 Seconds of Busting Through a Door – Starry Sea Wrap – This quest unlocks July 12

That’s the final batch of Fortnite Summer Escape challenges and rewards! Each of these prizes is going to be a worthwhile prize for such small quests. These challenges along with the Velocity Edge back bling are yet more free items. While Epic might monetize Fortnite pretty hard, there’s plenty of these free cosmetics to keep players interested! Be sure to work through all of them before we reach the end of the event to get all the Summer Escape rewards.

Fortnite Summer Escape Challenges – Get All 8 Rewards
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