Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Codes – Best 10 Prop Hunt Codes

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Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Codes – Best 10 Prop Hunt Codes

What are the best Fortnite prop hunt map codes? These are the best prop hunt Fortnite codes that are available in creative right now.

One of the most popular types of Fortnite creative map is Prop Hunt! The game mode that originated as a Gary’s Mod has gone on to be a major part of quite a few other games. Call of Duty, OW, tons of shooters have prop hunt modes. When it comes to variety though, the Fortnite prop hunt map codes are probably the best.

In the Creative side of the game, you have just about every sort of prop hunt you could imagine. There are different varieties that suit any exact type of Fortnite prop hunt you’re looking for. The best prop hunt Fortnite codes go a step beyond though, being some of the top maps in the whole of creative.

If you want to jump into some prop hunt, these are the best Fortnite prop hunt map codes in 2023.

Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Codes

1. The Shark

Best Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Codes

  • Map Code – 7818-9657-1318

The Shark Prop Hunt is a bit of a different map. This is just a perfect recreation of one of Fortnite’s most fun POIs! The Shark was a great spot on the Chapter 2 Fortnite map. Although, there was one big problem. It was so far off the main map you could barely find it. Unless you dropped there you probably didn’t see much of the Shark. Even if you did, you likely had to grab the mythic as soon as possible and start rotating. That makes it perfect for using as one of the best Fortnite prop hunt game modes.

This one of the Fortnite Prop Hunt map codes is a good excuse to explore an under-utilized POI from Fortnite’s history.

The Shark Prop Hunt mode has you hiding and seeking within the whole Shark. This was a weirdly full POI. There are tons of rooms and different decorations, even different types of rooms given all the layers and the underground segments. It’s a fun place to hide and seek.

2. Prop Hunt Modern Mall

Best Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Codes

  • Map Code – 1234-1679-1165

Prop Hunt Modern Mall is one of the most well-known Fortnite prop hunt codes. This is a map that was one of the first really breakthrough designs in the game’s creative mode and made prop hunt huge in the game. It isn’t the most modern and probably isn’t one of the best UnrealFN Fortnite maps. However, it’s still definitely worth checking into.

The map is set in a big mall. That gives loads of scope for fun and creative places for players to hide. As it’s one of the most popular prop hunt codes (by far), it’s one of the best codes for getting quick games. Having tons of players in the lobby means you’ll be able to jump into games much quicker than elsewhere.

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This map has more going on for it than just the speed of games though. The map is one of the better laid out for prop hunt. It’s basically arranged as well as a mall for prop hunt can go.

3. Tilted Prop Hunt

Best Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Codes

  • Map Code – 0730-4860-4137

If we’re looking at the best Fortnite prop hunt map codes that focus on a POI, Tilted in a perfect fit! This is maybe Fortnite’s most iconic POI. It’s the Chapter 1 locale that was the go-to place for hot-dropping into fights with the sweatiest Fortnite players. If you remember this POI well enough to really dig deep into it, then is a great prop hunt map code for you.

The tilted Prop Hunt lets players hide and seek as different props within Tilted Towers. Given how iconic this POI is, you’ll need sharp skills to handle yourself properly here. It’s a fun game to jump into, especially if you played a lot of Chapter 1.

4. Aquapark Prop Hunt

Best Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Codes

  • Map Code – 5210-5636-5318

The Aquapark prop hunt is a perfect Fortnite map code if you want a more summer-themed game mode. It’s a prop hunt Fortnite map set within a waterpark. This is one of the bigger maps you’ll find in this genre! It’s a surprisingly large and well-designed waterpark. Players will find a lot of fun secrets hidden around here.

As a waterpark, there are tons of different props you can turn into. Aquapark gives you the chance to hide around water slides, dance areas, everything you’d expect from a park and more.

5. The Fortnite Museum Prop Hunt Fortnite Code

Best Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Codes

  • Map Code – 6620-4887-6659

The Fortnite Museum Prop Hunt Map Code is a really fun take on prop hunt. The core game mode is the standard prop hunt action. Players come into the map, as either seekers or hiders. The Hiders turn into a prop and the seekers track them down. What’s special about the Museum Fortnite Prop Hunt map code though is the environment.

This is a museum dedicated to the early parts of Fortnite Battle Royale. Even if you weren’t playing Prop Hunt, it would be fun to walk around the exhibitions and explore the items that tell the story of Fortnite. If you’re curious about the early days of the game and who made Fortnite this map is perfect for you.

6. Toy Store Prop Hunt

Best Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Codes

  • Map Code 8760-1807-7616

The Toy Store Prop Hunt mode is a surprisingly popular spot on the creative islands. This is a map which is mainly set within a toy store. Although, it’s a surprisingly large and elaborate toy store! There are even backrooms, a parking lot, and plenty of places where there’s more variety than just store shelves full of toys.  It’s more like F.A Schwarts or the store from Big than a regular shop.

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This is a more contained map out of the best Fortnite prop hunt map codes, but it’s pretty nicely arranged. It’s got a surprising number of areas and there’s a lot more depth to it than just a shop.

7. Five Nights at Freddy’s Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Code

Best Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Codes

  • Map Code – 8146-6583-9505

This Fortnite map code is definitely a creative use of the UnrealFN Editor tools. It’s a map that recreates the Pizza Parlor from Five Nights at Freddy’s! Then players can take it in turns turning into props, hiding, and then seeking each other. It’s a great example of how weird the creative tools in Fortnite can get. If you’re a fan of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, then this is definitely the best Fortnite prop hunt map code at the moment.

8. Prop Hunt the Simpsons

Best Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Codes

  • Map Code – 8871-0352-3843

Fortnite recently got a Futurama crossover, but what about the Simpsons? They’re yet to cross over with the Battle Royale. However, that hasn’t stopped creative map designers from trying! This is a prop hunt mode which recreates some of the most iconic areas from the Simpsons. You can hide as props in some of the most recognisable Simpsons locations on this one of the Fortnite prop hunt map codes. It’s a pretty fun recreation of one of the more iconic areas in pop fiction.

9. Fun Fair Prop Hunt

Best Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Codes

  • Map Code – 2611-6851-3253

This is another Fortnite prop hunt map code that gets really creative with a fairly standard idea for a locale in the game. It’s a fun fair. That’s a pretty normal area to go and hide in. This is a map that the creators have had a lot of fun with though, it’s one of the more colorful and exciting places to explore. Luckily, you’re actually looking for small props! There are tons of really creative hiding spots on this map.

10. Indoor Water Park Prop Hunt

Best Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Codes

  • 0139-3586-5803

The Indoor Water Park Prop Hunt Fortnite map code is another that’s going for a summery water park feel! In this map though, it’s an indoor variety. Just like the aqua park, the water slides and other areas have some great little hiding spots for players.

What are Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Codes?

Those are some of the best Fortnite prop hunt map codes. How exactly do these maps work though? It isn’t too complicated. Players each take turns into a hide-and-seek style of game, with a twist. Those hiding aren’t just finding places to conceal themselves. They’re actually transforming themselves into props! Then they find spots around the map where these can be easily stashed away. The seekers have to decide which of these props don’t belong before the time elapses.

That’s how the Fortnite prop hunt map codes work. These are some of the most fun Fortnite creative experiences out there, jump in and check things you next time you’re at a loss for what to do in Creative.

Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Codes – Best 10 Prop Hunt Codes
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