CoD: Fan Favorite Mode Set To Return In Black Ops Cold War Season One

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CoD: Fan Favorite Mode Set To Return In Black Ops Cold War Season One

Call of Duty fans have loved this party mode since it was first introduced and will be excited to see it return in BOCW.

We hear more information about Season One for Black Ops Cold War each and every day. Some information is trustworthy and from Treyarch themselves, while some involve digging into the code and finding little secrets. This information comes from within the game, with some new voice lines being discovered which hint at the return of Prop Hunt, a fan-favorite game mode.

New Voice Lines

A YouTube video from How Are You ATVI showcases some of the new voice lines which were added in the most recent Black Ops Cold War update. These all reference Prop Hunt, and lead us to believe it will be coming in Season One.

What is Prop Hunt?

Prop Hunt is a fan-favorite mode that was first introduced in Call of Duty: World War 2. This mode sees the attacking team as hunters, searching for the opposition players who have morphed into different objects around the map. Intermittent signals will hint where the props are, and you’ll have to inflict a certain amount of damage depending on the size of the prop.

This mode is one of the favorites for Call of Duty fans around the globe as it offers a more party-like experience compared to the normal COD modes. However, Prop Hunt can also get very competitive, so you’ll want to find the best hiding places possible.

With Season One just around the corner, we have a host of new maps, modes, weapons and operators arriving in the game. This gives Call of Duty fans more to be excited for than ever before.

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