Fortnite X Futurama – 3 Cool Skins from the Year 3000!

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Fortnite X Futurama – 3 Cool Skins from the Year 3000!

The latest crossover is going to be Fortnite X Futurama! These are all of the new skins we’re getting with the latest collab.

The latest Fortnite Chapter has been in a bit of a lull. There was the lacklustre Summer Event, broken items, and a loot pool which is one of the blandest so far. We’ve ever had fewer Fortnite crossovers this season too! There’s been a few inclusions, like Optimus Prime, however it’s been a bit quiet. We are finally getting a new crossover though, Fortnite X Futurama.

Fortnite is no stranger to bringing in franchises with completely different art styles. The game has long had a cartoon or anime filter for the likes of Fortnite X Dragon Ball. However, we’re getting this filter soon used on a western cartoon, similar to the Rick and Morty crossover in Chapter 2. Although, hopefully these skins can avoid the eternal vaulting that likely awaits those outfits. These new skins will be part of a Futurama Fortnite crossover, bringing three main characters from the Matt Groening cartoon into the world of Battle Royale.

The Fortnite X Futurama crossover has been leaked, and now announced! We’ll be getting the full details with the first full update since the Summer event ended. However, we already know exactly what cosmetics we’re going to get in-game!

Fortnite X Futurama

The Fortnite X Futurama crossover is going to be the next collab to hit the game. In what’s becoming a common way of announcing these things, Epic have unveiled the collab in a short video set in Mega City. Just like Miles Morales escaping through the city for the last Fortnite X Spider-Man collab, we’ve seen the world of Futurama hit the city. This time, it’s a billboard being taken over by the popular in-show sitcom, Everybody Loves Hypnotoad. Before being crashed into by the Planet Express ship recreating the classic opening sequence.

Fortnite X Futurama

The latest crossover has already had its main contents leaked too. There aren’t too many surprises in their choice of skins, but these are the cosmetics that we’ve learnt about so far.

Fry Skin

The most obvious inclusion was likely always going to be Fry. The 20-something (or 40ish in the latest version of the show) delivery boy, frozen and transported to the year 30000. Fry is the central character of the sitcom and an obvious inclusion in any crossover. He’s getting a back bling which celebrates one of the most iconic Fry centric episodes too.

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Parasite Back Bling

As with most Fortnite colalbs, Fortnite X Futurama will see more than just skins. We’re at least getting back blings to go along with them. Fry’s associated back bling is going to be one of the worm parasites. Most well known for an original episode where they infest Fry, and generally improve his terrible life in just about every way, until he removes them by travelling inside his own body. It looks like these parasites are making a return in the latest season, so it makes sense they’re part of the Futurama Fortnite crossover.

Bender Skin

The next full skin we’re going to get is Bender, the lovable homicidal robot friend. He’ll be a full skin in-game. There’s an opportunity here for some fun styles, but for now if seems like we’re only getting the baseline version of the character. With his blocky head and thin tube arms and legs, he might have a bit of a unique model in-game. If this is handled in a particularly weird way, he could end up being one of the better sweat skins, being a block color and with a weird smaller hitbox. He’ll still be a fun inclusion in Fortnite X Futurama though, either way.

Leela Fortnite X Futurama Skin

Completing the full Fortnite skins we’re getting is Leela. The cyclops mutant pilot who rounds out the main cast. It makes sense that Epic would go for these three since they’re very much the three primary characters. Even if a lot of the humour in Futurama comes from the supporting cast, these three were much more likely than inclusions than Dr Zoidberg or Richard Nixon’s head.

Nibbler Back Bling

The Leela skin is also going to be getting a special back bling in-game. This one will be Nibbler, the small monster that is originally rescued as a mindless pet. Over the course of a few seasons, his thousands of year-old backstory is unveiled as it turns out he’s part of an ancient society. In Fortnite though, he’s likely going to be a cute pet back bling! These are always fun as they’re a neglected category of back bling for some reason.

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Futurama Fortnite Crossover

Those are all of the main cosmetics we know about for the Fortnite X Futurama Crossover. Why now though? Why is Epic choosing to celebrate a sci-fi cartoon cancelled in the early 200s? Well, Futurama is back, yet again. After its original run in the early 2000s, thr show first returned in a series of straight to video movies. That was followed by a second (arguably much lower quality) run on a more obscure cable channel.

A few years after, it’s once again back from the dead following on from its about 10th different attempt at a series finale. Futurama is back for yet another run! This time it’s a streaming exclusive franchise, joining Animaniacs and more as old animated shows resurrected with a lower budget.

Fortnite X Futurama

The series is coming back for at least a 10-episode run, although its possible more have been produced to be held over for a second series (as is common for streaming cartoons). This time around it seems to be taking a much more topical approach, a bit strange for a series that takes a year to go from the script to fully animated pipeline.

The new collab with Epic is seeing Futurama characters brought back into Fortnite! It might be a bit late for the target player base of Fortnite to really remember the show’s more beloved run. However, there will likely be plenty of older Fortnite players reaching for their V-Bucks very soon though.

When is the Fortnite X Futurama Collab?

The crossover is releasing in July, to coincide with the first episode of the revived show hitting the airwaves. We’ll likely see the skins stick around for a little bit. If the show comes back for more episodes next year, we’ll probably see these skins make a return too! So they probably won’t be Fortnite’s rarest skins, at least as long as Epic’s partnership with Disney lasts.

While the show is being revived on Hulu, it’s broadcast on Disney+ internationally. Since that company bought out Fox, franchises like Futurama are A part of Disney now. Given how often a new property from the media giant is advertised in Fortnite it’s no surprise Epic is pushing ahead with a collaboration for Fortnite X Futurama. Hopefully this is also a prelude to the Simpsons finally making it into the game! With the Groening art style now fully figured out in Fortnite, that might be coming eventually too.

Fortnite X Futurama – 3 Cool Skins from the Year 3000!
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