Fortnite OG Skirmishes – How to Enter 28 Fun New Tournaments

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Fortnite OG Skirmishes – How to Enter 28 Fun New Tournaments

A new form of tournament this season are the Fortnite OG Skirmishes! How do they work and how can you get involved?

A brand-new season of Fortnite is here, well an old season brought back for a week! Everything in Fortnite OG is a bit different, the seasons are passing at a weekly rate and the balance with the best FN OG weapons is pretty surprising. There is one area where players are dying to jump back in though, Fortnite OG esports. What tournaments and events are we getting to celebrate the return of the original Fortnite map? One of the most exciting are the FN OG Skirmishes.

Epic’s signature tournament series, the FNCS, is done for the year. We won’t be seeing any more tournaments for this until Chapter 5’s map gets here. That hasn’t stopped a few events getting scheduled though. We’re getting regular content creator cups going by the name of Fortnite OG Skirmishes. While they have a creator’s name attached, these are actually a regular tournament event like the Cash Cups.

While the OG Season of Fortnite isn’t really focusing on esports, these tournaments will still fill that gap. If you really want to jump back into competitive play in the same build of the game that we saw for the World Cup, this is likely your only chance. There are quite a few different types of tournaments running throughout the season. Plus, there’s the loot and map changing weekly to make every event play differently. This is how Fortnite OG Skirmishes are going to work and the whole FN OG esports environment.

OG Esports – FN OG Skirmish Events and Other Cups

Fortnite OG Skirmishes

The FNCS isn’t running, but a few tournaments tied to the Fortnite Ranked Mode are going to be around. Epic will be hosting new events with cash prizes. These are the different tournaments we’re getting this season:

  • OG Skirmishes – OG events without a rank Requirements
  • Ranked Cups – Separate events depending on where you are in the ranked higherarchy.
  • Solo Victory Cash Cups – A returning format, compete for cash prizes for each Victory Royale.
  • Zero Build Victory Cash Cups – Same as above, but for Duos and only in Zero Builds.
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The biggest of these events are going to be the OG Skirmishes, happening frequently throughout the season. There’s also even more Solo Victory Cash Cups this season too. The Skirmishes are some of the more complicated schedules we’ve had though. Epic has made things a bit more muddled than they need to be by pinning a streamer’s name to each event! This is how the Fortnite OG Skirmishes are going to work.

Fortnite OG Skirmishes

FN OG Skirmish cups are a new type of competitive tournament just for the return of Chapter 1. Rather than try to continue the standard for tournaments in Chapter 4, they’re modelled after the OG esports. These events will be run every week of the new season. They’re going to be held under the names of content creators. It’s a way to play in Cash Cup style events, these aren’t tournaments with wacky rulesets like we’ve seen for past content creator tournaments.

Fortnite OG Victory Cash Cups

Epic has been promoting these as a return to the model of the OG tournaments. Although, that isn’t quite the case. We’re actually getting a crazy number of Fortnite Zero Build tournaments as part of this series. That’s not really reflective of Chapter 1, but it does help players get involved no matter which mode they’re playing. You’ll be able to engage across Builds and Zero Builds, picking whichever is better depending on which you win more Fortnite games in.

The Skirmishes have a pretty packed schedule. This is the full Fortnite OG Skirmishes schedule:

November 5

  • Lachlan’s OG Skirmish (OCE) – ZB Duos and BR Duos
  • Dohyeon’s OG Skirmish (Asia) – ZB Duos and BR Squads
  • SirSAN’s OG Skirmish (Middle East) – ZB Squads, BR Duos
  • Amar’s OG Skirmish (Eu) – ZB Duos, BR Duos
  • Jacob’s OG Skirmish (EU) – BR Duos, ZB Duos
  • Patriota’s OG Skirmish (Brazil) – ZB Duos and BR Duos
  • Ninja’s OG Skirmish (NA) – ZB Duos, BR Duos
  • ElDed’s OG Skirmish (NA) – ZB Squads

November 6

  • Lachlan’s OG Skirmish (OCE) – BR Duos
  • Dohyeon’s OG Skirmish (Asia) – ZB Duos
  • SirSAN’s OG Skirmish (Middle East) – ZB Squads
  • Amar’s OG Skirmish (Eu) – ZB Duos
  • Jacob’s OG Skirmish (EU) – ZB Duos
  • Patriota’s OG Skirmish (Brazil) – ZB Duos
  • Ninja’s OG Skirmish (NA) – ZB Duos
  • ElDed’s OG Skirmish (NA) – ZB Squads
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November 17

  • Tomoya YT’s OG Skirmish (Asia) – ZB Duos
  • YjY’s OG Skirmish (ME) – ZB Duos
  • Inoxtag’s OG Skirmish (EU) – ZB Duos
  • GrefG’s OG Skirmish (EU) – BR Duos
  • Flakes Power’s OG Skirmish (BR) – BR Duos
  • TheDonato’s OG Skirmish (NA) – ZB Duos

November 18

  • Tomoya YT’s OG Skirmish (Asia) – BR Duos
  • YjY’s OG Skirmish (ME) – BR Duos
  • Inoxtag’s OG Skirmish (EU) – BR Duos
  • Grefg’s OG Skirmish (EU) – BR Duos
  • Flakes Power’s OG Skirmish (BR) – BR Duos
  • TheDonato’s OG Skirmish (NA) – ZB Duos

Those are all of our sessions for these Fortnite OG Skirmishes! They’re kind of confusing. The bizarre naming system really just stands to make them difficult to keep track of. It is all a bit simpler than it might appear though. Players will only have one FN OG Skirmish tournaments active depending on their region. The content creator name is largely irrelevant. It’s basically just a normal tournament that you can jump into.

Prizes – Do Fortnite OG Skirmishes Have Cash Prizes?

While they’re branded differently this time, the new Skirmishes do have cash prizes! The exact numbers vary region to region. However, the Cash prize goes up to $1,000 for multiple high-ranking players depending on which event you’re in.

Streamer’s OG Skirmish

Why are the OG Skirmishes named after a streamer each time? This seems to be Epic’s way of branding things. It’s kind of like the cups they hold for the release of new icon skins. We’ll still be seeing events held regularly. Although, depending on which server you’re playing in they’ll be slightly different names for the tournaments. The loot pool and map will be different each week as we move through seasons too. The best landing spots in Fortnite OG and other factors will be altered from session to the next.

Fortnite OG Victory Cash Cups

Since these seem to just be general tournaments, we’re getting loads of different modes. Players can compete in quite a few different formats over the course of Fortnite OG esports’ run. It’ll be fun to jump into a few of these and get a go at competitive Fortnite in Chapter 1 once again, after all these years.

Fortnite OG Skirmishes – How to Enter 28 Fun New Tournaments
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