Fortnite: Furious Wins NA East October DreamHack Online Open

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Fortnite: Furious Wins NA East October DreamHack Online Open

ESTNN details the results from DreamHack’s fourth consecutive NA East competition.

Four months have passed in DreamHack’s Online Open Fortnite tournament series, which offers hundreds of thousands of dollars per month to the top players. In July, DreamHack committed to six months of solo competitions spread out across competitive Fortnite’s three most popular regions – NA East, NA West and Europe. With a prize pool of $250K USD per month and $1.75 million in total, players worldwide had the opportunity to earn themselves a ton of money and a spot in the DreamHack Hall of Fame. It was also a chance for previously unknown competitors to emerge into the spotlight with its open format.

Some of the world’s best players have claimed victory since the tournament kicked off in July. However, NA East players currently hold the highest win percentage across the entire series. Two NA East players Alliege and SEN Aspect  competed and won the previous two NA West events. Marzz_OW and FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 3 winner G2 Coop won the last two NA East events, respectively.

The month of October saw several top NA East pros reach the Grand Finals after the open session and semi-finals. Scoped, Khanada, Riversan, Whofishy and several others reached the final session. The clock is quickly winding down with just a few months remaining. Let’s see which player triumphed in the fourth NA East DreamHack Open event.

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Furious Becomes the Fourth NA East Winner

The leaderboard in the NA East Grand Finals changed multiple times across the closing six matches. It was quite the battle until the final game, where Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Invitational Champion Furious sealed the deal. With two Victory Royales, the controller player pulled away on the leaderboard.  He earned just enough points in the final match. Despite the efforts of leaderboard lurkers skqttles, Reet and Degen, 309 points and 19 eliminations proved too much to overcome. Furious grabbed himself $10K USD as a result of his spectacular win. He joins G2 Coop and 100T Arkhram as the third player to win both an FNCS and DreamHack tournament.

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Familiar Names Fill the Leaderboard

NA East player skqttles came closer than any other player to stealing first place. He fell seven points short, finishing with 300 overall and earning $5K USD. FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 3 Finalist Degen completes a Victory Royale en route to 299 points and a third-place finish. The logjam atop this leaderboard could not have come any closer.

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Some notable names finished inside the top 20, including OA Whofishy in 9th, paper in 10th, Jelty in 12th, TSM MackWood in 16th, TSM Zexrow in 17th, Gamma Th0masHD in 19th. NA West phenom Reet struggled down the stretch after fighting multiple players at Stark Industries – he landed in 22nd place. Zayt cracked the top 50 and FaZe Bizzle settles for 76th place. Refer to the leaderboard below for all final placements.

The top 100 players on the leaderboard at the end of the NA East DreamHack Online Open

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That concludes another DreamHack Online Open event for the NA East region. Individual players continue to perform consistently and will look to do so as the tournament series continues. Europe will close out the month of October, with $16K USD going to the winner. Who will add themselves to the DreamHack Hall of Fame next? Tune in on Monday to find out who makes it out of heats!

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