DreamHack Summer 2024 Esports Recap – Complexity Rebound While Esports World Cup Draws Near

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DreamHack Summer 2024 Esports Recap – Complexity Rebound While Esports World Cup Draws Near

It was a stacked DreamHack Summer 2024 Esports programme this year from regional CS2, to ESL Challenger, and a bit of Road to the Esports World Cup for good measure. DreamHack Summer had a packed esports book.

We were lucky enough to attend DreamHack Summer this year. In case you've not read it already, we really liked our time at the event.

While we know DreamHack isn't all about the esports (you can read our preview of an indie title we saw at the show if you like), but the esports is why we were invited. So, let's get into that, and look at who took home the prizes at DreamHack Summer 2024.

ESL Challenger – Complexity Take the win

While local team Alliance took a lot of the pre-event chatter, Complexity came to win, and win they did. The North American side might already be locked in for the next season of the Pro League, but that didn't stop them from ultimately dominating the event.

Complexity took the Grand Final 2-0 against Team Falcons, who, despite defeat, will still secure a spot at next season's Pro League. Complexity had a tricky road to the Grand Final, however, with Aurora almost causing a major upset as the game went the full three games. But, Complexity did get the win, and a handsome $100,000 in prize money to boot.

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Speaking to DreamHack, Complexity's Elige had this to say:

“We've been through a lot. A lot of really close matches, a lot of these crazy wins that we've had like throughout the seasons,

to be able to end it with something to show for makes me really happy”

Svenska Elitserien Counter-Strike 2

DreamHack Summer 2024 Esports
DreamHack | Rikard Fagerberg

The ESL Challenger series wasn't the only CS2 action we saw at DH Summer. The local Swedish regional league the Svenska Elitserien (Swedish Elite Series) was also hosting its final at the event. The event winners were Johnny Speed, who won 2-0 in the Grand Final against Luminx taking home an $11,615 prize.

Jonas “Lekro” Olofsson had this to say to DreamHack after the event:

It feels great winning Elitserien. I think many people will have their eyes on us now, especially after this win at DreamHack Summer.

The Road to the Esports World Cup is Paved with Football and Fighting

EAFC, Tekken 8, and Street Fighter 6 were next up on the esports agenda, as the three games prepared to take part in the Esports World Cup in August. All of the events were qualifiers for the real deal, and you can find all of those names below courtesy of DreamHack.


  • Matias Bonanno (Manchester City)

  • Abu Makkah (Team Falcons)

  • Levi de Weerd (Team Gullit)

  • GoalPoacher (1J Esports)

  • Anders Vejrgang (RB Leipzig)

  • Young (Tuzzy E-Sports)

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  • Raef “Raef” Alturkistani

  • Kane “KaneAndTrench” Heartfield

  • Georges “Jodd” Nguende

  • Bae “Knee” Jae-Min

  • Lee “EDGE” Ju-hyung

  • Kim “Kkokkoma” Mu-jong

  • Takaba “Keisuke” Keisuke

  • Oh “Meo-IL” Dae-il

Street Fighter 6

  • Big Bird (WINNER)

  • Masaki “Kawano” Kawano

  • Hiromiki “Itabashi Zangief” Kumada

  • Zeng “Xiao Hai” Zhuojun

  • Chiu “Rainpro” Chin-yat

  • Masato “Bonchan” Takahashi

  • Hikaru “Hikaru” Nakatani

  • Victor “Punk” Woodley

DreamHack Summer 2024 Esports Recap – Complexity Rebound While Esports World Cup Draws Near
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