Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6 Week 2 — Complete Results

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Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6 Week 2 — Complete Results

ESTNN recaps the week two FNCS qualifier and highlights all teams moving onto the Season 6 Finals.

Competitive Fortnite players across seven worldwide server regions continued their quest toward the Axe of Champions in the Season 6 Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS). Week one produced some shocking results, but more importantly, 21 teams in total guaranteed themselves a spot in the Season 6 Finals. The massive $3M USD prize pool comes into play at that time, making the qualifier performances all the more critical than in past seasons.

Week two featured compelling storylines and intense matches, as expected. Teams put forth their best efforts to accumulate the ultra-important series points, flex dominance over a particular point of interest (POI) and hopefully finish inside the top three. At this stage, time is ticking down, and thousands of teams are vying for the same achievement. Let’s take a look at how all seven regions played out.

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The European region produced an exciting finish and an astounding amount of points. Not a single team sat comfortably atop the leaderboard during the three-hour window. While LootBoy Queasy, Glorious TruleX and Wave Jurk3y established dominance early, the Russian trio of Kiryache32, Stormyrite and Gambit Toose stole the show in a decisive game six.

This team started strong and finished even stronger with a Victory Royale and second-place finish to close out the day for Europe. Their six-match effort included a win, 24 eliminations and an exceptional 6.17 average placement. Clutch is the perfect word to describe Kiryache32, Stormyrite and Toose, who are moving into the Season 6 Finals.

The all-Norweigan trio of Refsgaard, NVD Endretta and 100T MrSavage finally delivered on expectations in week two. After placing sixth last week, this squad accumulated 169 points with 34 eliminations. Their fifth match proved to be the defining performance as Refsgaard, Endretta and MrSavage combined for 14 eliminations and a second-place result.

Third place went to Flames FlowiS, kejseR and NotHellfire, who snagged 166 points and finished four points clear of fourth place. This team punched their ticket to the FNCS Finals with a Victory Royale in the last match. Europe never fails to deliver on the hype.

  • 1st: kiryachelfg, stormyritelfg, Gambit Toose – 173 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 2nd: Refsgaard 7, NVD Endretta, 100T MrSavage – 169 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 3rd: Flames FlowiS, 4 kejseR dA k1nG, 4 Not Hellfire – 166 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 4rd: Solarу Floki, Homyno Clément, GO Decyptos – 162 points
  • 5th: LootBoy Queasy44, Glоrious TruleX, Wave Jur3ky – 157 points
  • 6th: BL Setty, GAMMA Kami, GXR teeq – 152 points
  • 7th: Lootboy mexe, МIСНАЕL, VEROХ – 148 points
  • 8th: Куlix, OVА x8, kaidоn – 130 points
  • 9th: Shaykoz., MCES DKS, GO graye – 122 points
  • 10th: forcezkiy 7, Voltage jamshood, aPl N1ftz7 – 110 points
  • 11th: MDS.meta, noetic skyzouw, XpeR. – 108 points
  • 12th: fnc crr 21, COOLER aqua, Frays Dog – 107 points
  • 13th: Heretics K1nzеll, apeks IDrop 7, wakie1x – 103 points
  • 14th: Hottiе, elokratz, TRC trippernn – 95 points
  • 15th: Grizi 4zr, GUILD TаySon, nayte – 91 points

NA East

It should come as no surprise that the off-spawn conflict between Bugha’s trio and tahi’s trio dominated the impressions on Twitter. However, while those two teams battled it out over an in-game beef, the Chapter 2 – Season 4 Champions reigned supreme. Representing the ENDLESS esports team, Deyy, Mero and Reverse2k did what they do best in slaying their way to victory. With 163 total points, the former Axe of Champion holders compiled 31 eliminations and four top-five finishes en route to a first-place result.

Joining them in the Season 6 Finals are TrainH Saf, Liquid STRETCH and C9 Avery, who won the opening match of the week two finals. Their qualification required a game-five solo clutch by Stretch and a fifth-place finish in game six. They secured second place overall with 153 points. Despite a narrow finish, XPRT Dom, insight dusky and Spayde OT held on to third and will move straight to the FNCS Finals as a result.

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Like Europe, NA East did not disappoint, and a total of nine teams have now locked up their place on the Battle Bass for May 29 and May 30.

  • 1st: EL Deyyeet, ENDLESS MER0, ENDLESS Reverse – 163 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 2nd: TrainH saffy, Liquid ЅТRETCН, C9 Avery – 153 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 3rd: XPRT Dom, insight dusky, Spayde OT – 144 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 4rd: PaMstou, wCarey, Fаtch – 140 points
  • 5th: Nobu Beef, Lupien luv croma, TNG NicFN – 137 points
  • 6th: kwаh, Elite Neeqoski, 24 PAPER – 133 points
  • 7th: Justicе., Dictate, Userz . – 127 points
  • 8th: coldfv, Chronic Shxn, рurе сryp – 124 points
  • 9th: C9 nosh, nut, babyboss chukky – 112 points
  • 10th: TNA ZUM, TMP happedvik, TNA STAQI – 110 points
  • 11th: Elite Plege, Pandushh, Pure Ganzo – 110 points
  • 12th: Avivv Yt, Zûky, leoziv – 106 points
  • 13th: TNG Dxrant, TRNL Trap, TNG Nani – 104 points
  • 14th: Speguu, OUTCAST GOKU YT, strawhat charlie – 101 points
  • 15th: MSF Cplіtt, 4LK Smite, XPRT Strafes – 97 points

NA West

XTRA kenshi, tsg favs and XTRA snacky own the record for most points accumulated in week two with 219 in total. They dominated the storylines and the competition in week two without breaking a sweat. Their six-March effort produced 41 eliminations and two Victory Royales. Game six was more of a victory lap as the three NA West talents are heading to the Season 6 Finals.

Second and third place came down to a duel between two teams. Pure Hyper, pearl and kloxic ultimately got the second-place nod with 167 points, whereas LITTLE, TEMPLE and zinqxz had 166. Several teams with high expectations fell below the crucial top three. They’ll have to rally in week three to lock up their spot in FNCS Grand Finals.

  • 1st: tsg favs, XTRA kеnshi, XTRA snacky – 219 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 2nd: Pure Hyper., реаrl, kloxic – 167 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 3rd: LIТТLE B, TEMPLE B, NC zinqxzǃ – 166 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 4rd: sneaks Zz, Sаlko, STL Parz – 150 points
  • 5th: AS Batman Bugha, Apex Walay, Devour Sake – 145 points
  • 6th: g0dku, bryan cuh, NorCal fecoy – 133 points
  • 7th: CLG symetrical, 5G KADENOX, TurtleTavern – 127 points
  • 8th: xen jagveer, Xen Mojo, ZH22 Solution – 127 points
  • 9th: Bloom Riversаn, NORCAL BLIZY, 5G nate – 123 points
  • 10th: zh22 grovr, pure natee, pure kube – 123 points
  • 11th: bluzro, 5G NigeI, Balanced Nani – 119 points
  • 12th: Insight Triggy, Assault Xayrez, StiffGoon – 118 points
  • 13th: rawrvail, JAHTER, Twitch J4CK – 115 points
  • 14th: oj, evol, RG Buzzobear8 – 100 points
  • 15th: Rek in yo box, Assault Jackal, Assault Javior – 96 points

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Brazilian players 9z H4wwk, Noble Diamondd and spitflow managed the third-highest score across all regions in week two with 199 points. They surprisingly accomplished that feat with no wins, and instead compiled 42 eliminations to cover significant ground. H4wwk, Diamondd and spitflow convincingly won week two and claimed their rightful place in the FNCS Finals along with the second and third-place teams.

  • 1st: 9z H4wwk, Noble Diamondd, spıtflow – 199 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 2nd: Bettodoroki, Æ Germán, 9z fаcu – 174 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 3rd: Zenxit ay лол, gxТ7, HiT Teuzz – 173 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 4rd: eRa cadu, VКS Seeyun, FаZe k1nG. – 165 points
  • 5th: Liquid Pulga, Suetam ., AG1RRЕ – 153 points
  • 6th: АBТ retake, C9 blackoutz, ABT Pattaty – 145 points
  • 7th: LaroKshyer, SATIS rpg, RSD Magni – 144 points
  • 8th: ABT Loraх, ndр, z7 originsZ – 142 points
  • 9th: Frаns, ktz 1, jpsk1ng – 139 points
  • 10th: TCE colletеyy, wey, TCE guneves7 – 137 points
  • 11th: Barreto ., HDL Ninja, shoks iwnl – 115 points
  • 12th: VcL pinguflex666, Pasquarellindo, Mano caki – 112 points
  • 13th: PinaTheKidd, mɑster, digаi – 112 points
  • 14th: Ветa, halkreyli, w4k blessed – 108 points
  • 15th: SATIS Gangifishy, Action Sweet, SATIS Bergfishy – 101 points

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JFT xalkerr, Goeg and Scammed narrowly escaped with a victory in the Oceanic region. With 176 points in total, only three points separated them from hvt bathan, HVT Zedox and GLM sio, who finished 173. The difference-maker proved to be about one elimination and a placement point since the first and second-place teams were nearly identical in all other categories. They will join Fortnite legends Jesse and Jordan, known as the X2Twins, who took third with Newbatoon.

  • 1st: JFТ xalkerr, JFT xаlkerr, JFT xalkerr – 176 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 2nd: hvt bathan, HVT Zedox, GLM sio – 173 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 3rd: x2 ルダン, Cоde x2Twins, newbasaurus rex. – 160 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 4rd: Demon Time Cyte, Jammer Gaze, CLR Wreckless – 153 points
  • 5th: ATL Movrickz, arсtіc, VRTX Tekmarr – 151 points
  • 6th: JFT Prhzy, Vоrtexzr, sunzw1k3 – 145 points
  • 7th: repulseszn, Eshzzz, raіku – 144 points
  • 8th: GTR OAHMEDO, stеazy, Mammаl – 141 points
  • 9th: ᴛᴡɪᴛᴛᴇʀ ꜱᴘɪᴋᴇʀꜰɴ, Slixnz, Twitter BailyFN – 130 points
  • 10th: kуrо., elusive, PRDX Fhaqs – 118 points
  • 11th: Agent Munanyo, monarchy jvano, MG MrTassie – 106 points
  • 12th: GLM Results, GLM Snow, GLM Pwecks – 103 points
  • 13th: GLM oreo, bensonfn, prісе – 102 points
  • 14th: GLM danath, GLM osiris., FURY skits – 100 points
  • 15th: xconla, flews, SADLА – 99 points
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After finishing sixth last week, Asian team Rainy, NSR みや and Yusea claimed first-place in week two and punched their ticket to the finals. They did so with 205 points, including an impressive 43 eliminations and one Victory Royale. Rainy, NSR みや and Yusea finished strong with three straight third-place finishes, which put them comfortably ahead of second by 35 points. They’ll join second and third in the Season 6 Finals in late May.

  • 1st: rainyxyz, NSR みや, cr yusewimps – 205 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 2nd: RAGIS 勝, Riddle Maugraal, KUREN 王 – 170 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 3rd: しゅんしゃんだ, LCF りる, yamathy. – 153 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 4rd: OWM まいぽり, owm Pote, 皇帝ペンギン45号 – 145 points
  • 5th: CЕ 2SNgNl, CE fa1zzyy, CE Jozya – 144 points
  • 6th: ALBA totot, GW_Kurara, ALBA Mellx – 143 points
  • 7th: NorCal Kenshi, dаddy favs, cor お前でぶやん – 123 points
  • 8th: GW_Lettuce, GW Hamuppii, Fcs WildoknHawk – 122 points
  • 9th: demon x., CE Moon, ズコザコ – 119 points
  • 10th: крыса0_о, Walver., ce snusoed.exe – 115 points
  • 11th: YouTubeさーぺんとひびき, SVL 陽キャれんれん, Youtube さーぺんとりあむ – 115 points
  • 12th: ASF Łulu, ベストフレンドキラー, gyenfn – 114 points
  • 13th: Kiryаche28, rуle ay лол, The Only Pina – 111 points
  • 14th: CH.ほとけいずぶっだ 姫, LCF Debs, GW Fleder7 – 108 points
  • 15th: CE Fortik, OVA pizdun, CE leyyner – 106 points

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Middle East

With 156 points in their pocket, TI fahad, TL Mansour and SKULLY claimed the top spot in week two for the Middle East region. Their performance included 30 eliminations which led all other teams and an average placement of 10.33. Despite not winning any of their six matches, fahad, Mansour and SKULLY are comfortably through to the Season 6 Finals along with the second and third place team, who respectively earned 148 and 147 points.

  • 1st: Tl fаhаd, TL Mansour, SKULLY – 156 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 2nd: Mаps, Arrow LoFiHD, Arrow Sfa7eyy – 148 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 3rd: Xx731, SAQR Souriаnо, Falcon KiritoKun – 147 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 4rd: TU Adapter7, Sudor Raed, Snowyka – 147 points
  • 5th: LND M7MD, SAQR K9, SAQR KJS – 145 points
  • 6th: KINGS FKS, KINGS Metab, SAQR Аz2m – 144 points
  • 7th: ELC xJam, SAQR Hellon, Hawk Lucciowski – 143 points
  • 8th: Astra Linjy, Medal zxmbie, Arrow STAR. – 130 points
  • 9th: KINGS Krool, SAQR Njﱞby, Hawk Msgowski – 127 points
  • 10th: Rakan Fo, Eagle 3z, Suły – 123 points
  • 11th: AQ Khalood, murdered by ski, LND Ax3 – 121 points
  • 12th: SAQR El Patrón, SAQR Rapit, SAQR Unіt – 120 points
  • 13th: Fаlcon Spy, Falcon FHD, Falcon Yonx – 120 points
  • 14th: Arrow NMR, 500 Yo3an, CL Rainer – 114 points
  • 15th: Rаmpage., Witd Rv, А7mdo – 99 points

That concludes week two of FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6. One qualifier stands between all seven regions and the semifinals. ESTNN will continue to keep you up-to-date with all the drama and storylines this season!

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