Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6 Week 1 — Complete Results

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Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6 Week 1 — Complete Results

ESTNN breaks down all regional results from week one of FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6.

Competitive Fortnite Battle Royale players across the game’s seven server regions have begun their quest toward supremacy in the latest Fortnite Champion Seres (FNCS) competition.

In its eighth iteration, the FNCS has solidified some of the world’s best players in a series of different formats and scoring systems. The year 2021 marked a significant shift in the landscape when Epic Games made trios the primary structure for all future Champion Series events.

Chapter 2 – Season 6 is the third consecutive trio FNCS. The community has seen many insanely touted players wield the in-game Axe of Champions, which only the seven regional winners collect. With $3M USD on the line and a place in Fortnite’s history books, let’s see how the first of three qualifiers played out in all server regions.

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The win card for Europe at the end of week 1 showing Solary Blastr, Vitality Nikof and Trainh Alphaa in the top spots. The word "Winners" appears above in bold white font

Veteran players Solary BlastR, Vitality Nikof and TrainH Alphaa claimed their first trio tournament victory when it mattered most after an impressive six-match marathon. Despite not earning a single Victory Royale, this entirely French team performed consistently well and compiled 35 eliminations, which led all other trios in the final round. Their average placement of 8.00 also played a significant factor in their tournament-winning showing. BlastR, Nikof and Alphaa are moving to the FNCS Season 6 Finals and have earned some welcomed rest.

AOS Nebs, Bubak and WaiZ held the lead going into the final match, but Bubak could not gather enough healing items in a challenging game-six predicament to secure the victory. Nonetheless, this trio followed up their third-place DreamHack Cash Cup Extra results with an FNCS runner-up just one week later. Nebs, Bubak and WaiZ join the French team in Grand Finals alongside third-place team VP JAMSIDE, CL Fury and Fortnite veteran Domentos.

A former Summer Skirmish winner, Latvian player Domentos seemingly vanish after Chapter 2 – Season 3 and is now back atop the leaderboard. Some notable names fellow outside of the top three, including Andilex, MrSavage and TaySon. They will rerun it next week in the second qualifier.

  • 1st. Solarу BlastR, Vitаlity Nikof, TrainH Alphaa – 178 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 2nd. AOS nebsмasteя, bubakмаsteя, Devour WaiZ – 160 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 3rd. VP JAMSIDE, CL Fury, Dоmentos – 157 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 4th. hycr1s21754A45x8, vorTexr., OVA Night – 148 points
  • 5th. MCES Andilex, Grizi Snayzy, xsweeze.mces – 146 points
  • 6th. Refsgaard 7, NVD Endretta, 100T MrSavage – 136 points
  • 7th. Adn 7, Ηardfind, AstrоSMZ – 135 points
  • 8th. Wave Joe, stompyrite, Shadow 1118 – 130 points
  • 9th. Lootboy mexe, МIСНАЕL, VEROХ – 126 points
  • 10th. Hottiе, elokratz, TRC trippernn – 124 points
  • 11th. User-4f995c0103, User-655c1bd087, User-de3cbc485d – 116 points
  • 12th. Centric Snagged7, heretics packo, wave steelix – 113 points
  • 13th. CL l1nk, CL Rotory., XIV mоshyоh – 104 points
  • 14th. Grizi 4zr, GUILD TаySon, nayte – 103 points
  • 15th. LootBoy Slender, ALOFT Voidd, wxlfiez – 96 points

NA East

The win card for NA East at the end of week 1 showing FS Degen, FS Ajerrs and Skqttles in the top spots. The word "Winners" appears above in bold white font

The NA East portion featured a spectacular finish that saw the leaderboard change hands multiple times. Eventually, game-one winners and long-time teammates FS Degen, FS Ajerss and skqttles did just enough to claim first-place. The three NA East standouts compiled 40 eliminations and one Victory Royale en route to 171 points. Despite unfortunate results in match three and four, Degen, Ajerss and skqttles rode seven eliminations in the final match to a week one win and Grand Finals qualification.

Rising stars noob teyo, Chimp and Tabnae put forth yet another exceptional performance after their ninth-place finish in FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 5. The trio managed four top-five finish in six matches and 30 total eliminations. Their rotations became a topic on the broadcast which led them to 169 points, leaving them three points from first. Chimp, Tabnae and noob teyo will join Degen’s team in the finals. LG Jamper, TRNL Threats and DT Rise crept their way into the third spot with an impressive second-place result in match six. Here are the top-15 teams from week one.

  • 1st. FS DEGEN, FS Αjerss, skqttles – 171 (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 2nd. noob teyo, Сhimpま, Tabnae – 169 (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 3rd. LG jamper 7, TRNL Threats, DT Rise – 162 (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 4th. Justicе., Dictate, Userz . – 156 points
  • 5th. cloudy -α-, Klaѕѕ, susscript Ȣƻ – 149 points
  • 6th. XPRT Dom, insight dusky , Spayde OT – 139 points
  • 7th. 9LIVES VOIL, XPRT Xccept, Snakeccept – 131 points
  • 8th. FaZe Megga., OA Rocaine, FаZe Dubs – 125 points
  • 9th. XPRT OSP, LG Joji, BBG HEAD CLICKER – 124 points
  • 10th. TNA OliverOG, rаlFN, Vanish Larson – 121 points
  • 11th. Рrеdator, AKA Squish YT, AKA Playify YT – 119 points
  • 12th. User-05a3fb9a9c, ENDLESS Legedien, 4LK spex – 119 points
  • 13th. TNG Dxrant, TRNL Trap, TNG Nani – 110 points
  • 14th. balanced hngry, adv skills, Brycх – 109 points
  • 15th. elite gabe89, 9LIVES Tahi, sprite dabdabdab – 109 points
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NA West

Competitive Fortnite fans could not have asked for a better end to week one as NA West went all-in for three straight hours. The competition boiled down to four of the region's best trios who jockeyed for leaderboard position. However, none could match TRNL Criizux, NORCAL ALITHY555 and Frapai. This trio secured back-to-back Victory Royales in games three and four which moved them to the top.

They closed out the competition with 45 eliminations and 215 total points, making them the highest point earners of week one. The team of TD Dog, Maken and wavyjacob executed a consistent game plan. They finished no lower than 15th and compiled 38 eliminations, securing the runner-up result.

NA West’s last of three guaranteed Grand Finals advancements went to 5G Nach, TRNL Hov and 5G Major after an impressive nine-elimination effort in the final match. Despite a heroic attempt, CLG symetrical fell just short of third. He’ll return next week for another shot alongside teammates KADENOX and TurtleTavern.

  • 1st. TRNL Criizux., NORCAL ALITHY555, Frapai – 215 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 2nd. makenset, td dogset, wavyjacob – 201 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 3rd. 5G BACKPACKED, 5G Nach, TRNL Hov – 191 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 4th. CLG symetrical, 5G KADENOX, TurtleTavern – 189 points
  • 5th. LIТТLE B, TEMPLE B, NC zinqxzǃ – 148 points
  • 6th. 5G Ark, ZH22 Drew, tsg nanami – 139 points
  • 7th. g0dku, bryan cuh, NorCal fecoy – 119 points
  • 8th. Timbers Dementiа, Savceh, Nerzlah – 117 points
  • 9th. Rvn Batman Bugha, Apex Walay, Devour Sake – 109 points
  • 10th. Xen Jagveer, Xen Mojo, ZH22 Solution – 109 points
  • 11th. Phoba the Pooh, Divine Δ Zilla, Friend Vehhl – 109 points
  • 12th. zh22 grovr, pure natee, pure kube – 105 points
  • 13th. 100T Falconer, XTRA Reeteyy, pure chriѕ – 102 points
  • 14th. Glacе, domо., pure unsightly – 102 points
  • 15th. ZD MrChris, Pure Meltor, Pure Moter – 95 points


Top South American player SNG KING found himself a new trio despite winning FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 5 in an exciting fashion. Strangely enough, the team change didn’t matter as KING and new teammates redlee and kurtz outclassed all of their opponents in the first FNCS Qualifier. The Brazilian trifecta earned an impressive 49 eliminations in six matches, amounting to 189 points. KING, redlee and kurtz have comfortably moved into the Grand Finals alongside second and third-place.

  • 1st. kurtzv2_, TCE redlee, SNG kıng – 189 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 2nd. FURY sнeco, FURY histtory, ABT bаgu – 166 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 3rd. DEMONTALLS, Æ DEMONRIQUE, Æ DEMONFRANQUI – 166 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 4th. TRIBE OPai, PEEEEEEHZIN, gsxheeeeesh – 159 points
  • 5th. Frаns, ktz 1, jpsk1ng – 155 points
  • 6th. kytsur 75, Tecne, Æ fazer200 – 151 points
  • 7th. TCE collet, wey ay лол, TCE guneves7 – 144 points
  • 8th. Liquid Pulga, Suetam ., AG1RRЕ – 143 points
  • 9th. dott1 lv, xeat, scarpa trembala – 142 points
  • 10th. thz1n46, Gabrielh99 L2 L2, technoviking46 – 134 points
  • 11th. 7e unsual yaeger, opticalrrrrr, 7e juan flip – 124 points
  • 12th. DETONA Kayky, NEW Insano, NEW Lørd – 109 points
  • 13th. LUISRABBǃTCH 767, LOUD lelеo, TRIBE caduzin200 – 108 points
  • 14th. eRa KBR -ɢ-, 9z Barella1x, TRNL bedin – 107 points
  • 15th. Freecss Dio, RomeroPDF, 9z Randu – 94 points
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The Oceania region produced a horserace between four teams, all of which broke the 160-point threshold. Ultimately, VR 2Faulty, m1.pdf and saqo.rar triumphed by only one point. The Aussie trio managed 30 eliminations and an average placement of 7.33. They are moving onto the OCE Grand Finals alongside the second and third-place teams listed below.

  • 1st. VR 2Faulty, m1.pdf, saqo.rar – 172 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 2nd. basil 74, HVT Forbes, Jace 75 – 171 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 3rd. ronin FA, MG rahcks, Agеnt Jake – 168 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 4th. noob jynx, wavyalecc, PWR worthy – 166 points
  • 5th. SPG repuk, Eshzzz, AGENT Raiku – 154 points
  • 6th. ATL Prhzy, VоrtexM, sunzw1k3 – 150 points
  • 7th. x2 ルダン, Cоde x2Twins, Newbatoon is FA – 145 points
  • 8th. TM bluezie, VR rip, VRTX Mania – 140 points
  • 9th. GLM danath, GLM osiris., FURY skits – 139 points
  • 10th. OAHMEDO, stеazy, Mammаl – 127 points
  • 11th. PRDX Oatley, Fresh, rеl_fn – 119 points
  • 12th. PWR radius, slаya, prісе – 118 points
  • 13th. ᴛᴡɪᴛᴛᴇʀ ꜱᴘɪᴋᴇʀꜰɴ, Slixnz, Baily. – 118 points
  • 14th. GLM Results, GLM Snow, pwecks – 108 points
  • 15th. Agent Raptah, Mako Pumpkin, Psyper – 99 points

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Asia region players ce seakloveszuko, Runamm and CREssway compiled 193 points en route to their first FNCS Qualifier victory. It was an impressive effort that included one Victory Royale and 37 eliminations. Although they matched the second-place team in eliminations, the winners finished consistently higher. All top-three teams below have secured their seat in the Season 6 Finals.

  • 1st. ce seakloveszuko, Runamm, CREssway – 193 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 2nd. ぼっととReet, ALBA ロッカとSavage, すろあとrezon – 183 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 3rd. CRノRuri, CRノRiz, Rid WildHawk ゆ機 – 183 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 4th. owm xMipoli, owm Pote, End0fTheWorld. – 160 points
  • 5th. ALBAひろ.椿, Ruiサナ, LBR ぺぽ – 156 points
  • 6th. rainyxyz, NSR みや, crayon yusea – 141 points
  • 7th. RAGIS 勝, Maufin 74, KUREN 王 – 140 points
  • 8th. NorCal Kenshi, dаddy favs, cor お前でぶやん – 113 points
  • 9th. MRE Toxxen, Frenzy Miyamizu, Standry. – 108 points
  • 10th. 絶剣 S, FA たかちゃん, CR スカっとスカスカ – 107 points
  • 11th. naetorさんの大ファン, GW_Albedo, GW_Buyuriru – 104 points
  • 12th. YouTubeさーぺんとひびき, SVL 陽キャれんれん, Youtube さーぺんとりあむ – 101 points
  • 13th. BLACK.D.ROGER, Taxson 伊藤, 伊藤 ぱー – 100 points
  • 14th. cynicalnightplan, SG4 きんぐ, k1ng.zzZ – 100 points
  • 15th. T1 SinOoh 666, T1 Envy., Asudfishy – 92 points

Middle East

The Middle East region winners – Falcon Speedy, SCYTES Heif and SAQR 7man – produced one of the highest point totals across all regions. With 207 points, the Middle Eastern trio claimed 41 eliminations one Victory Royale in their first-place rampage. The top-three teams below feature countless former Middle East FNCS Champions, and they are all moving directly to the Finals.

  • 1st. Falcon Speedy., SCYTES Heif, SAQR 7man – 207 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 2nd. Falcon Modisk., Falcon Kai, Falcon AbuFal7 – 169 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 3rd. SCYTES vagnaR, KINGS I4xPRO, TU Dexefite – 161 points (Qualified for Grand Finals)
  • 4rd. 500 FT, NMR Kinq, NMR 3BoooD – 155 points
  • 5th. YaLLa Ech0, 25 D7M, POWER JABR – 150 points
  • 6th. HWR FHD, Eagle Dem0n, Yuki Herо – 132 points
  • 7th. Eagle DRaFTell, NMR Tooke, Sudor Naif – 127 points
  • 8th. Xx731, SAQR Souriаnо, Falcon KiritoKun – 121 points
  • 9th. Arrow Beam77, DNA SBH, Arrow fqn76 – 118 points
  • 10th. SAQR El Patrón, SAQR Rapit, SAQR Unіt – 108 points
  • 11th. 20 KinG., RULS SNOOP, BoltWplays – 108 points
  • 12th. POWER Ѕаud, Monkey 3z, SAQR ОUTLAW – 107 points
  • 13th. Tl fаhаd, TL Mansour, SKULLY – 105 points
  • 14th. KINGS Krool, SAQR Njﱞby, Hawk Msgowski – 96 points
  • 15th. Mаps, Arrow LoFiHD, Arrow Sfa7Wood – 96 points

The action continues next weekend with qualifier two of three. Three more teams in each region will look to claim a seat in the Grand Finals. Stay tuned for more news and coverage!

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