Fortnite: FNCS Season 6 Sees Record Low In Participation

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Fortnite: FNCS Season 6 Sees Record Low In Participation

FNCS Season 6 sports lower participant numbers than expected.

Fortnite’s Champion Series competition, commonly referred to as the FNCS, is the game’s current pinnacle of high-level gameplay. While the 2019 World Cup remains its most significant event to date, the FNCS offers players worldwide an opportunity to elevate their status in the scene.

Each passing season has seen record participation no matter the format. Whether it be solos, duos or trios, the competitive player base usually delivers the FNCS turnout. That was until this season.

The numbers are in, and FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6’s first of three qualifiers recorded an all-time low in participation. Some factors beyond player interest could be in play, but the statistics are alarming.

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Steep Drop in Turnout

Fortnite analyst “Somebodysgun” created a graphic, which depicts a region-by-region comparison of Season 5’s numbers to Season 6. The statistics show a nearly 50% drop in total participation across the game’s seven competitive regions. Perhaps the most alarming is the Oceania region, which saw only 696 trios compete. Considering the top 700 advanced to the second round, all OCE teams made it, even those with zero points.

Pessimists would be quick to say this is factual proof that Fortnite is indeed dying. The game’s death is a sentiment that has taken on a life of its own. These stats above add more fuel to the fire. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, and there exists a strong possibility that Epic’s pre-season period and tournament queue issues could be primarily to blame.

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Why are Numbers so Low?

Entrance into the Fortnite Champion Series requires all players in a given trio to achieve Champion Division in Arena Mode. It’s a rather time-consuming process and Epic essentially trimmed one week off the typical duration to test a competitive pre-season. Epic created this period for tournament players to test the new season’s features and provide constructive feedback.

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The caster suggested that this could have led to reduced numbers in the first of three qualifiers. There are undoubtedly reasonable explanations for the low FNCS turnout. But it would be shortsighted to assume entirely that competitive players are not losing interest. The general feel and morale in Season 6 seems lower than normal. Although there’s no evidence to support this, many of the game’s top competitors seem less engaged and instead have hyper-focused on issues like server instability.

Regardless of the numbers, it’s far too early to declare competitive Fortnite “dead.” Viewership remains consistently high and Epic Games has demonstrated a clearer understanding of what the community wants in recent seasons. Next weekend will be worth watching to see if more players enter the Fortnite Champion Series.

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