Fortnite: Benjyfishy & Others Rally Behind Qrei In FNCS Week 2 Finals

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Fortnite: Benjyfishy & Others Rally Behind Qrei In FNCS Week 2 Finals

The entire competitive Fortnite rallied behind Qrei, a player whose team gained notoriety from an odd game plan.

Before today, you may not have heard the names Qrei, treciux and ArmoR zelek. In fact, these competitive Fortnite players were virtually unknown until last week's Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Qualifier. Thousands of teams are vying for a piece of $3M USD and the elusive Axe of Champions in the game’s flagship event. However, none gained more steam and impressions than Qrei this past weekend.

In the scene, many players and coaches began talking about Qrei, treciux and zelek in week one, mainly because they reached round two of the FNCS Qualifier without a single elimination. That trend continued in week two but to an even greater degree. With an unconventional yet effective strategy, the three European players made it to the week two finals. Twitter eventually exploded with support as Qrei and company attempted to do the impossible; qualify for the Season 6 Finals through only placement points.

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Qrei’s Strategy & FNCS Week Two Run

The trio’s game plan is simple. They land in the ocean by Slurpy Swamp and fish relentlessly for healing items. Qrei, treciux and zelek stockpile Small Frys and Floppers before sitting in the storm and out healing its damage. Their route allows them to capitalize on Slurp Barrels, Campfires and other healing options to gain placement points.

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After reaching the week two finals, many players and even the official broadcast highlighted Qrei’s squad, given their outlandish methods. The question remained, could it work in high-level custom lobbies? There was only one way to find out.

Other finalists did their best to thwart the healers. Qrei, treciux and zelek made a valiant run in game one, evading the eventual week two winners by hiding in a bush and praying to go unseen. They went on to place 16th in the first of six matches.

Their first and only successful attempt occurred in game four where they took second place. Qrei, treicux and zelek managed only top-20 results otherwise and had to fight two other finalists throughout their journey. Unfortunately, they ultimately did not finish top-three but earned some much-needed series points and a barrage of support from the competitive scene.

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Support from Top Players

Top players rallied behind Qrei as he and his teammates tried to cement their place in history. NRG Esports competitor Benjy “benjyfishy” Fish jumped aboard the Qrei train as did GUILD Esports player Anas “Anas” El-Abd, who vowed to block any team that purposely targeted the healers.

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What’s more, Qrei’s Twitter following skyrocketed from 11k to over 35k followers in just a few hours. It was arguably the most intriguing storyline and one that gained several thousand mentions. Qrei, treicux and zelek will continue their journey in week three. It will be interesting to see if others start utilizing their same strategy in future competitions. Regardless, Qrei has rapidly become a household name in Fortnite.

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