Fortnite: FNCS Team Qualifies Without A Single Elimination

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Fortnite: FNCS Team Qualifies Without A Single Elimination

A European team claimed four FNCS game wins unconventionally.

Competitive Fortnite is complicated, especially at the highest level. The game's best players are equally skilled in aim, editing, building and having a general understanding of what Fortnite has to offer. Top tournament performances typically include a balance of elimination and placement points to vault teams up the leaderboard.

That notion applies to almost every team in competitive Fortnite history except for just one. Yesterday marked the first of three Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Qualifiers featuring talented players in every region. However, one team made history in Europe after a zero-elimination performance, which was surprisingly good enough for them to advance in the tournament.

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EU Team Qualifies with Zero Eliminations

Competitive Fortnite players are constantly innovating techniques and finding new ways to earn eliminations. None of those methods applied to the European trio of ArmoR żelek, treciuxxx and Qrei. The FNCompData Twitter account first acknowledged the impressive feat by three unknown players.

This magnificent cast of characters managed to place inside the top 1,500 through only placement points. Their ten-match effort saw the team earn 127 points with four Victory Royales and no eliminations. Qrei, treciuxxx and żelek sported an average placement of 12.70, which translates to the game log below:

  • First Game – 33rd place
  • Second Game – 1st place
  • Third Game – 30th place
  • Fourth Game – 32nd place
  • Fifth Game – 1st place
  • Sixth Game – 1st place
  • Seventh Game – 5th place
  • Eighth Game – 4th place
  • Ninth Game – 20th place
  • Tenth Game – 1st place
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It was a boom or bust effort out of these three Euros until the back half of their games, where they secured the second-round qualification. You may be wondering how this is even possible in highly populated lobbies in Fortnite. Well, the results may raise some eyebrows.

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How Can a Team Qualify with Zero Eliminations?

The key to success in this department comes down to Slurpy Swamp, Floppers, Small Frys, Campfires, Stink Fish, Bandages, Slurp Barrels and an infinite supply of Slurp Juice. These three players relied heavily on the heals and fishing spots around Slurpy Swamp to ultimately tank storm damage and earn those Victory Royales.

Fortnite coach Boop provided a deeper analysis of this trio's methods, revealing that they stockpile an infinite supply of healing items, including Stink Fish, Floppers and Small Frys. Standing over the Slurp Juice waters and utilizing campfires also played a significant role in their success. The EU team can withstand any level of storm damage if done correctly.

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Can Their Methods Continue to Work?

Although the three players advanced to round two, it would have been an even more impressive feat to replicate their round one success. The reason being that more players remain alive later in each competition. When Storm Surge comes into play, and the trio has no damage, that's all she wrote.

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The trio turned up in round two, where they earned 91 points across nine matches, again with no eliminations. Unfortunately, żelek, treciuxxx needed over 100 to advance to round three. While their weekend ended prematurely, the non-aggressive EU team turned heads with their exceptional display of healing in Fortnite's most challenging region. Here's hoping they can do it again.

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