Fortnite: FNCS Team Reaches Week 2 Finals Without Any Eliminations

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Fortnite: FNCS Team Reaches Week 2 Finals Without Any Eliminations

The Slurpy Swamp team from last week’s Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Qualifier is back at it again.

Qrei, treciuxxx and ArmoR zelek are certainly not household names within competitive Fortnite. However, their strategies have caused quite a stir in the scene. The three players focus primarily on stockpiling healing items through fishing and using Slurp Barrels and Cozy Campfires while tanking storm damage. They also ignore elimination points entirely.

In the first of three FNCS Qualifiers, this trio managed to reach the competition’s second round but fell short of advancing. The hard work did not stop there as Qrei, treciuxxx zelek returned in week two to test their methods against the world’s best yet again.

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The Healing Trio Reaches Grand Finals

The three players continued their quest in FNCS Qualifier 2, where they found even more success. Qrei, treciuxxx and zelek made it to round three this time around. Needing a top-33 finish in the third round, the trio stuck to their all-heal and no elimination strategy.

Their first three of ten games included finishes of 10th, 5th, and 3rd. With a finals qualification on the line, the Slurpy Swamp trio completed round three with two runner-ups and two Victory Royales. In the unlikeliest of manners, Qrei, treciuxxx and zelek made Fortnite history as the only team to reach the last round of an FNCS Qualifier through only placement points.

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Can They Finish Top-Three in Finals?

It was a fascinating scene to witness and a strategy that split the competitive fan base. Some questioned how this strategy is even viable. Is this team breaking Fortnite at its core? Would Epic Games step in and render this healing method impossible? Others commend Qrei, treciuxxx and zelek for finding success without fighting a single opponent.

The question remains, how long could this last? With the week three finals looming, other finalists could certainly target this trio for easy eliminations and free Storm Surge tags. Like clockwork, Qrei and his teammates land on the outskirts of Slurpy Swamp and meticulously fish their way to victory. Surely other teams will land Slurpy and perhaps even the Flush Factory area as their spot. This factor could play heavily against the healers.

It’ll be interesting to see as Qrei, treciuxxx and zelek are likely to appear on Fortnite’s official FNCS broadcast. We will have to wait and see if their strategies can breed success in the most challenging round of the Fortnite Champion Series Qualifier.

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