Fortnite: Five Changes That Would Make Season 6 Better Competitively

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Fortnite: Five Changes That Would Make Season 6 Better Competitively

ESTNN lists some changes that would polish the tournament scene in Season 6.

Fortnite’s first-ever ‘Competitive Preseason’ is coming to an end rather soon, and players have begun giving their feedback just one week into the newest season. Epic Games introduced many new features, locations and weapons in Chapter 2 – Season 6. Some have received a positive response, while others could are a little more uncertain. After playing Arena Mode and watching some competitive gameplay, we’ve composed a list of adjustments that would greatly benefit the tournament scene.

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1 – Increase Crafting Material Spawns

Two pump shotgun variants from Fortnite are pictured flanking a bow. The Fortnite logo appears in the corner with a yellow and orange gradient background.


Crafting is the shiny new feature in Season 6. By all accounts, Epic plans to make this mechanic a mainstay for all competitive events. You can refer to our guides on how to craft and all of the potential crafting combinations for more information. However, finding resources to utilize the mechanic can be problematic. It only takes a few Arena matches to realize that breaking down cars and finding animals to eliminate or bones just lying around is not easy.

These two materials are essential to crafting, and the mechanic itself could be better if more were available on the map. Adding additional cars, animals or NPCs that sell both resources could make the competitive experience less random and fairer across the board. Even allowing players to find parts and bones in chests could be a way to make crafting more straightforward. Otherwise, not everyone can build themselves an ideal loadout, making the Season 6 feature not as helpful as Epic intended.

2 – Add More Mobility Options

The bouncer platform, a steel tile with blue directional arrows

Mobility is arguably one of the most critical factors in competitive Fortnite. Without multiple rotational options, a consistent experience is nearly impossible. Epic Games brought back Shockwave Grenades in Season 6, but not in competitive playlists. The developers also have vaulted Bouncers and the new Shockwave Bow. Now, rotating is much more complicated, leaving players minimal possibilities to traverse the landscape.

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Hopefully, Epic will recognize this concern and make the necessary adjustments. Some competitive players are calling for Bouncers to return. Other potential options include Launch Pads and Shadow Bombs. Until there’s a change, competitors will rely on building materials, vehicles, Peppers and Spicy Fish to move around.

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3 – Balance Primal Shotgun/Make the Makeshift More Viable

The Spire location in Fortnite is faded in the background with pictures of shotgun variants in the foreground.

Epic introduced two Shotguns in Season 6 that have the competitive community stirring. First off, we have the Primal Shotgun that bears similarities to the Drum Shotgun from Season X. This weapon is only viable in close quarters, but it possesses the ability to erase an enemy’s entire health and shield bar in milliseconds. The Epic, Legendary and Mythic rarities take that aspect one step further. See the clip below from professional player MackWood, which shows the Primal Shotgun’s true power and why it needs a damage or fire rate reduction.

The Makeshift Shotgun is another new weapon. However, it’s on the opposite side of the spectrum compared to the Primal. The Makeshift is found seemingly more often than any other version, but it pales in comparison. It also only has two shots in a clip, making the Makeshift Shotgun a tough sell if anything else is available. Despite its crafting potential, the weapon is unreliable without a higher bullet capacity and damage output.

4 – Adjust Spawn Rate of Makeshift & Normal Weapons

The Lazy Lake location in Fortnite is faded as the background with a shotgun and loot chest in the foreground.

Unless Epic makes the Makeshift Shotgun more appealing, its spawn rate should see a reduction. There’s no more commonly found shotgun in the game. We can expect to see the Pump and Primal Shotguns take shape as the two most critical weapons in Season 6, given the uncertainty around crafting. Epic Games should increase their rates in competitive modes or produce more crafting materials on the map. If the developers change nothing, players will experience some sketchy spawn fights.

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5 – Remove Stink Bow & Cuddle Fish

The Misty Meadows location from Fortnite is blurry as the background with a yellow grenade and pink squid in the foreground.

Epic’s first loot pool change was the Shockwave Bow removal, which not many competitive players will complain about. The Primal Stink Bow is equally problematic to the Shockwave variant and should be the next weapon on its way out. It’s essentially a Stink Bomb launcher with a limitless supply of ammo. Once upgraded or crafted, the Stink Bow only requires arrows, and players can carry up to 30 at a time. The magazine capacity coupled with 68 direct hit damage and five more per second makes the Stink Bow far too powerful.

Thank you Epic for showing us why we need a preseason. from FortniteCompetitive

Cuddle Fish is a new item that Epic created for Season 6. Players can carry stacks of six and they are arguably the most broken item currently in Fortnite. After obtaining, Cuddle Fish functions like proximity mines. Throwing them on the ground and shooting them to detonate is the best way to utilize these new items. The Reddit post above shows why Cuddle Fish should not be in competitive playlists whatsoever. They can wipe an entire team in a brick structure with full health and shield.

Whether it’s a bug or not, the Cuddle Fish removal is a no-brainer, at least until there is a fix.

Fortnite’s Preseason period ends on March 23. We’ll keep you updated with any further competitive loot pool changes that come through from Epic Games.

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