Fortnite: Epic Removes Shockwave Bow From Season 6 Competitive Loot Pool

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Fortnite: Epic Removes Shockwave Bow From Season 6 Competitive Loot Pool

Epic Games has removed a concerning new weapon from competitive Fortnite.

Fortnite's ‘Competitive Preseason' is underway, and players have begun assessing the game to help decide what should and should not be involved in tournaments. Broken and unfair items in the past have caused significant issues in the scene. As a result, Epic Games has finally given power to the players. Yesterday, the developers unveiled their plans for a $3M USD FNCS All-Star Showdown and some critical loot pool adjustments in Season 6 that are important to understand.

Quests Won't Carry Over

In-game quests are now non-transferable from one game to another. While this change does not have meaningful implications on competitive Fortnite per se, Epic felt it was necessary to clarify. The blog post explained that “This also blocks quests from being carried over from core playlists into competitive playlists (tentatively v16.10).”

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Shockwave Bow Removed

Epic made the ultimate decision to remove the Shockwave Bow from competitive playlists and tournaments. The weapon itself is relatively easy to craft as it only requires two Shockwave Grenades and a Rare Makeshift Bow. Although Epic didn't explain, we can assume that the Shockwave Bow would unfairly affect end-game situations. The developers added that the Explosive Bow can still spawn on the map, but it's not craftable.

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More Changes to Come?

Three days remain until the Competitive Preseason concludes, and there could be more changes on the horizon. Professional players have taken issue with the inefficient crafting system, given the lack of mechanical parts and animal bones in specific points of interest (POIs). Some other concerns include the aggressive ‘Spire Guardian' non-player characters (NPCs) and the Bouncer removal, which lessened mobility options. Epic has been much more reactive to the community, so now is the time for players to voice their opinion. Head on over to the Reddit thread or tweet @FNCompetitive to inform the team of any worries.

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