Crafting in Fortnite Season 6 – Everything You Need To Know

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Crafting in Fortnite Season 6 – Everything You Need To Know

We take a comprehensive look at the new crafting system in Fortnite.

After Fortnite's dramatic conclusion to Season 5, players have yet another new season to explore. There's a whole bunch of recent map changes. Plus a new crafting system, tameable animals, and more. Fortnite Season 6: Primal takes the players back to ancient times; where they'll have to craft weapons and befriend animals to survive in the wilderness.

Fortnite's Save The World has a unique crafting system where players have to craft new weapons and items to face hordes of zombies rushing towards them. The game has incorporated the same mechanic in the current season, where players can upgrade the weapons and customize them according to their playstyle. Season 6 brings in a fresh variety of weapons which falls into the class called ‘Makeshift'. These weapons' category is upgradable and typically have extra burst compared to the usual variant of the weapons.

For the players who love to jump onto the enemies' faces and spray them down these weapons might be a match in heaven.

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How does crafting work in Fortnite Season 6?

A screenshot showing the crafting menu in Season 6 with the requirements for crafting the Primal Bow displayed

Crafting is straightforward and requires the player to hunt down the bears, wolves and chickens to collect resources. Players can upgrade green Primal weapons to the blue variant using two essential items: Animal bones and Mechanical parts. The animal bones help the players convert them to their better primal versions, while mechanical parts help create the old, existing version of the weapons.

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Animals bones can be found by slaying wildlife on the island, whereas harvesting metal objects can easily find mechanical parts on the map. There are many ways to get the materials and upgrade the weapons to better survive in the matches.

There are exotic resources that can be used to create even more creative upgrades on weapons such as the bow. These resources include Stink Sack, Shockwave Grenades, Gas Can, and more, which could further create unique variations of the weapons.

The ‘Makeshift Bow', when upgraded to the blue variant, gives the player tons of customization options. They can make Primal Flame Bow, Primal Stink Bow or move to the mechanical side of things and craft Mechanical Explosive Bow or Mechanical Shockwave Bow to spice your gameplay and catch enemies off guard.

A screenshot showing a player holding a hammer surrouded by blue light, crafting an item

Once the player has the weapon and the essential resources, he/she can open the inventory tab and move to the crafting page and make weapons after a brief delay.

Is crafting a good addition to Fortnite?

While many gamers feared that the game might induce complicated weapon modding options in the future, the crafting system seems to fit perfectly with the current scheme of things. It's easy to understand, and players can upgrade their weapons without nearly as much hassle as last season. In Season 5 players had to find certain NPCs who then upgraded their weapons.

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This system is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. The developers could add more resources and variants to the current weapons over the season and make things very interesting.

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