Fortnite: All NPC Locations In Season 6

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Fortnite: All NPC Locations In Season 6

Find out where to locate all NPCs in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 6.

Fortnite’s latest installment is well underway after Epic Games released Chapter 2 – Season 6 early this morning. The update brought many new features, including a weapon crafting and animal taming option as the two most significant additions. All of Season 6’s fresh offerings will surely take center-stage in the minds of most players. However, there are some aspects from Season 5 that outlasted the Zero Point Crisis. The gold bar system is one of the few carryovers from the past, meaning players can still accumulate those resources for use in-game.

Non-player characters (NPCs) have also returned, and Epic is utilizing them similarly to Season 5. There are some minor tweaks this time around worth considering. Players can use NPCs to reveal the next storm circle and purchase rifts, amongst the many possibilities. You’ll want to know where you can find these characters, so let’s take a look.

All NPC Locations

Thanks to Twitter user meetlootllama, Fortnite players can visualize where to locate all NPCs this season. There are 47 in total spread across the vast Season 6 landscape. Some familiar faces have returned, and players can find all of the new Battle Pass characters, including Lara Croft and Raven. You’ll need to approach a few of these NPCs with caution. Raptor – located near Coral Castle and Zenith located south of Catty Corner – will attack without provocation.

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Other than those two, the characters offer a variety of quests, weapon upgrades and more. Additionally, we’ve noticed that some of them drop healing items for no apparent reason. It’s early in the season, and NPCs will likely interchange throughout the next few months. There is a lot to investigate in Season 6; NPCs are only one piece to the puzzle. They add a lot of value to Fortnite, and Epic Games has worked in more different ways to utilize them.

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