Fortnite: Best Trios Of Chapter 2 – Season 5

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Fortnite: Best Trios Of Chapter 2 – Season 5

Which trios stood out as the best last season?

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 5 marked the first competitive endeavor of 2021, which offered over $3M USD in prize money. Epic Games decided to make trio events the standard throughout the year instead of bouncing between multiple different formats. As usual, Season 5 also offered an entirely new game for players to familiarize themselves. After launching in December, Fortnite competitors had two months to find teammates and practice for the game's flagship Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) competition.

Countless trios emerged in the Zero Point season across all of Fortnite’s regions. However, a select few solidified themselves as the absolute best. Some showed consistency throughout the season, while others popped off at the right team in the FNCS Finals. Let’s take a look at the cream of the crop as we prepare for another exciting competitive season.

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GUILD Hen, Chapix and  Wave JannisZ

FNCS winners Hen, Chapix and JannisZ formed later in Chapter 2 – Season 5 after some roster difficulties, but it ultimately paid off. The Euros won their second Trio Cash Cup together and then took first in FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 5 Qualifier 1. Hen, Chapix and JannisZ kept rolling with two more Cash Cup wins before claiming the Axe of Champions on the most crucial stage of the season. These three accomplished an unprecedented feat despite battling against some of the world's best players. Their performance took grit and determination, which are qualities of true winners.

GUILD TaySon, 100T MrSavage and apeks IDrop

The new team of TaySon, MrSavage and IDrop came out of seemingly nowhere in Season 5. All three players were in a weird position after TaySon left Mongraal and Mitr0 while MrSavage split with benjyfishy. It all worked out to an extent as the team dubbed MTI collected multiple top-ten Trio Cash Cup finishes before winning Heat A in the FNCS Semi-Finals. TaySon, Savage and IDrop settled for an eighth-place finish in the Grand Finals, which was not what most were expecting. Unfortunately, the team has now broken up, but they undoubtedly left their mark.

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Gamma Th0masHD, GUILD Flikk and GUILD Anas

ThomasHD, Flikk and Anas are undoubtedly the second-best trio in Europe. First combining in Chapter 2 – Season 3, these players have somehow improved with each passing season. Season 5 saw the Dirty Docks residents earn a Trio Cash Cup win, multiple top-five finishes and a second-place result in the FNCS Season 5 Finals. We've come to expect consistency out of Th0masHD, Flikk and Anas, and they never fail to deliver. It's only a matter of time before they claim their own Axe of Champions.

1% Acorn, G2 Jahq and LG Slackes

The NA East FNCS Season 5 Champions have been trending upward for a long time. It was never if, but when Acorn, Jahq and Slackes could string together the performance of a lifetime. Their Cash Cup results included a 3rd, 2nd, 2nd, 1st, and 2nd last season. That sort of consistency is impossible to ignore. All the pieces then fell into place for Acorn, Slackes and Jahq to end Season 5, where they overcame the relentlessness of fellow team Commandment, Edgey and Cented to claim their first major championship.

Commandment, NRG Edgey and FaZe Cented

My pick to win the Season 5 Championship came up a tad short, but it was still a remarkable run. Commandment, Edgey and Cented are one of the longest-standing teams in competitive Fortnite, and their efforts this season proved why. They rattled off finishes of 6th, 3rd, 1st, 4th and 17th in their Trio Cash Cup endeavors. Everything was trending toward an FNCS victory for these three, but they settled for second place to round out Chapter 2 – Season 5. Expect to see Commandment, Edgey and Cented remain in the mix for the rest of 2021.

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NRG Clix, FaZe Bizzle and SEN Bugha

Season 5 set up perfectly for Clix, Bizzle and Bugha after they joined together in early-February. Their Trio Cash Cups left a lot on the table, but none of that mattered with the Fortnite Champion Series on tap. These three dominated and won the first qualifier. When it came time for the FNCS Finals, this star-studded trio bounced back from a lackluster day one. Clix, Bizzle and Bugha won back-to-back matches and ended in fifth place. It wasn't what they wanted, but all three players proved themselves.

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BBG Bucke, BBG Khanada and G2 MackWood

The newly formed Season 5 trio of Bucke, Khanada and MackWood lived up to all expectations. Like the other NA East teams on this list, Bucke, Khanada and MackWood were amongst the favorites heading into FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 5. They grabbed a 2nd, 6th and 1st in Trio Cash Cups leading up to FNCS Semi-Finals, where they qualified with ease. Bucke, Khanada and MackWood then managed an outstanding effort over the two-day FNCS Grand Finals. They ultimately landed in third place, and there are no signs of them slowing down anytime soon.

100T Arkhram, NRG EpikWhale and 100T rehx

What more can we say about the back-to-back Fortnite Champion Series winners. Arkhram, EpikWhale and rehx continued to showcase precisely why they are among the world's best teams. Despite competing out of NA West, these three players don't mess around and have a firm grasp on their region. There was almost no doubt that the kings of NA West would retain their Axe of Champions in FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 5. Arkhram, EpikWhale and rehx are in a three-peat position if they remain at the same competitive level.

Season 6 provides another opportunity for trios to cement their legacy. The next Fortnite Champion Series is on the docket for April 22!

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